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This week was weird!

First of all Sister Hess got transferred! I miss her so much already! However Sister Hale is pretty great! She drives now! We have gotten lost so many times… I’ll tell you about that later…

First of all, let me tell you about Sister Hale. Sister Hale is from California (Yay! Someone not from Utah or Idaho! I love all my companions but they’re all from Mormon country…) She has really pretty hair, thick dark brown curls! She wears glasses (also a first). She likes cool stuff like Harry Potter!! YAY!!

On Wednesday

Sister Abbott came to Vestal to work for the day while Sister Hess and Sister Mason (Sister Abbott’s previous companion) went to transfers. We had so much fun catching up and trying not to get lost. A few weeks ago we went tracting and found a couple people who were interested. So we decided to try them. One wasn’t home but the other invited us in! She is very nice and has great potential! Not only did we pick up a new investigator, but I was able to see how far Sister Abbott and I have come since the MTC! Our teaching skills have improved and we are a lot more confident!

Well Sister Hale and the sister she was with got lost getting to our apartment… So they were a little late. That also means we were late going to dinner… Sister Hale and I had our first adventure together!!! We got lost getting to the Hogan’s house for dinner!!! Lots of fun haha! However the drive was beautiful!

It wasn’t until Friday Night…

That I realized that it was Conference weekend! I was so excited! I couldn’t stop talking about it and it was hard to sleep! However I survived! It’s like Christmas!!!

We picked up the Elders before going to conference, good thing we left early because we got lost getting to their apartment! New York roads are confusing so even with a GPS! 🙂

This is what I LOVED about conference:

  • I LOVED the new Apostles testimonies! Anchor your faith in Christ. Weak things will become strong! I am excited to learn from them in future conferences!
  • I LOVED Elder Lawrence’s talk! I think if I had to pick a favorite talk it would be this one! It really helped me! It was so so so good!!!
  • Ponderize, I think I will do this every week! YAY!
  • President Monson’s talk was really good! Be a light of Christ! However it was a little scary at the end, it made my heart break a little! I hope he gets feeling better soon!
  • I Loved the talks by President Nelson and Elder Holland! I could just feel the spirit so much when they spoke!

I don’t even know what else to say!! They were all super super amazing! I just love conference!! So much!

We had a cool experience at Conference!

While we were watching the Saturday Afternoon Session, an investigator (I’ve never met her) texted us. She asked if we could meet her at the church at 5, Well we were already there so we invited her to come watch the rest of it, so she came! We found out later that she was listening to conference all day on her phone! She has a lot of potential and I am excited to teach her!!!

Well that’s about all that’s new this week!

Loves yas!

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