Chocolate Snow

New York is very pretty and very cold! Burrrr!

Let me explain the title… there is a lot of “chocolate” snow here. Meaning there’s dirt roads and the roads are brown like chocolate milk.

On Wednesday, after our long 5 hour drive from Whitesboro to Lake Placid, we ate dinner at Five Guys, which was weird because I didn’t even know they had that outside of Utah. On Thursday we had dinner with the Branch President and his family, the Evans, they were fun. Then on Friday we had dinner with the Stevens, she made a very good soup, and he read us a Japanese picture book that wasn’t even a book at all, they were like large flashcards with a picture on the front and the words that go with that picture on the back! It was very cool (and no they aren’t Japanese either…). On Saturday we had dinner with the Whites and we had pizza from some yummy pizza place and taught their family the restoration. They were a nice family.

Everyone has dogs. At least one. So I got use to them quickly.

I mostly study the Book of Mormon and Preach my gospel and it’s really great… I’m learning a lot! We already taught five investigators at various times. I’m getting a hang of this teaching thing! We have taught the restoration and the Plan of Salvation. It’s so much fun! We also went tracting the other day. No luck, but the sky was pretty 🙂 So that’s a plus!

I get to see my MTC companion when we go to Return and Report after we have been out for a month, so that will be super duper fun! I also love my new companion, she laughs at everything I say. I’m not sure why. 😛 And she also makes yummy crepes! We get along very well.


My companion. Just to let you know, she doesn’t look like this normally, I just didn’t have another one.

Yesterday, we moved houses. The other house we were staying at was temporary housing, so yesterday we moved. We have like an entire house! We have a bedroom, a spare bedroom/study full bathroom, a kitchen, a large living area, a laundry room and a coat closet.

Outside our new apartment

Outside our new apartment

New York is so pretty! I also think it’s cool that I am in the city were the Olympics were twice! There is a cute little main street (It kinda reminds me of Park City) where there are a lot of cute shops… and yeah it’s cool! We also pass the Olympic Center is Saranac Lake quite often. The other Elders in our area live in Saranac Lake, so that means they go to the same branch as us!  Anyway, They are really cool and they take Single’s Game Night very seriously! Every Monday, there is a Singles Game Night at the church. They play Uno, Ping Pong, Chess and other board games, and Old Maid. Well last night at the end of Old Maid, it was me and another Elder, and we kept passing the Old Maid back and forth. It was really funny!


More MTC Time

So first of all, my quest was found:

I found Building 12M, where my Dad stayed when he was here 30 years ago! During our exercize time one day, we decided to take a walk around the grounds and discover everything. And I wanted to find 12M. So we were searching for it for about 20 minutes and finally gave up because it was dark. We headed back to the others side of our building. Right as I got to the door, my companion says, “Look, it’s 12M!” So literally it’s the building behind mine! (Our building is 5M Erastus Snow…Snow for NY)

Second of all, here is another story about Friday:

On Friday, my companion got sick. So we went to the doctors office and she was told to rest all day! Fortunately, a package from Mom came the day before (although by the time I got the note that I got the package, the Post Office was closed). So I was able to pick it up at the Post Office! We went back to our room, and I opened the package! I also got Dad’s package like the day before… so everyone thought I was super cool cuz I had German Chocolate and a cool picture that Dad painted! (BTW, Dad, everyone likes your Painting of the Arch… I swear Sister Abbott Stared at it for 5 mins…)

After I opened the package I studied and found the answer to our investigators question which was: How are we saved by grace, if we have to work for it? I remember a lesson I had in Seminary about that. So I studied that for two hours and realized that I the Atonement is Grace! That answer would have never come if Sister Abbott didn’t get sick! So even though getting sick is bad (And I would never wish it upon anyone), you can still find blessing in everything!


​This is were I keep all my letters. Dad’s hand-painted card is on the shelf.

On Sunday, my companion and I Sang “I Stand All Amazed” as a special musical number. It was really great! Even if I was really nervous to sing the Alto part. We also got to say hello to the new MTC presidency at the devotional on Sunday! That was cool even though I’m leaving tomorrow.

Welcome Letter

MTC Time

My companion is from Idaho. She is amazing! And she’s like my new best friend! She also likes to write and she taught me how to say “I’m sorry” in Japanese (and no she is not Japanese :P)  I have made so many great friends here…
The food here is great! You would be proud of me, I haven’t even eaten one doughnut, even if they are sitting right in front of me at breakfast!

The Temple

A few weeks ago, on December 6th, I had the opportunity to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and take out my own endowments. I wrote this on my Facebook page:

“Eleven years ago today I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Today I had the amazing opportunity to go through the Oquirrh Mountain temple and receive my endowments, Not only am I one step closer to my mission, but I am also one step closer our Father in Heaven.”

It is amazing how much dedication and time people put into temples, from the time spent designing and building beautiful temples to the talents that people have in creating the temple inside and out. Even the time that we spend in the temple to take out our own endowments or the endowments for people who have passed without the blessing of the temple. Since my first time going through I have been able to go through the Manti, Vernal, and Timpanogos Temples.

My testimony of temple work really grew when I was about thirteen, I was involved in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Celebration, in preparation for it the youth group I was in strived to attend the temple more often. At the end of May, after lots of practice and hard work, we were able to perform, I loved this experience! The testimony of the youth shown through their dedication in learning their dance steps or song lyrics. As I prepared myself for this event I wrote a poem. I recently stumbled upon this poem again just a few week before I was endowed. The title of the poem is The Temple (I know very unique title;) ) It reads:

I can see the Temple from my house
It’s so beautiful and pure
It’s like a painting against the mountains
It’s the most gorgeous scene to see

Being so close,
I just want to touch it
To feel the spirit rush though my body
Like wind rushing though trees

Just looking at the Temple
I feel comfortable
Like it’s a house
Because it is a house
A house of the Lord

I know this;
I will never lose my family
Because of the Temple
I will never lose them
Not even after I die

Those people who didn’t have this amazing opportunity
Through you and me
Can have this opportunity
By doing baptisms for the dead
I know there are spirits up in heaven
Shouting HURRAY!
For their baptism day

It puts a smile on my face;
A tear in my eye
When I think about the Temple
And a spirit it keeps inside

I never want to leave the Temple
I never want to say good bye
I never want it far away
I always want the Temple close to me

I am very grateful to have a temple so close, The first time I realized (In New York) I would be 3 hours way from the nearest temple, I had a little bit of anxiety because I have been always near a temple, I challenge each of you to place a picture of a Temple in your home, as a reminder of your goal to stay close to the temple at heart.