We are dumb. We are really dumb. For reals!

This is my looooooonnnnggg week in a nut shell:


We went to the Library and realized it was a holiday, so we went to the Church to do emailing for about 45 minutes each! So that was a crazy day…


We had a really good District Meeting! It was about humility, we learned about how we need to be teachable and denote everything to God, but what I really learned was that, to have humility you need to be confident in the gospel and be confident to do what the Lord asks us to do! I really needed to hear that!

After District Meeting, we exchanged with the Plattsburgh Sisters for Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday we went to the Dewights’ and read the 1 Nephi 20-21 with them. They really enjoy reading The Book of Mormon! Later we chatted with another investigator and shared a scripture with her, she likes to tell us her problems and we reassure her with a scripture! The Sister I was teamed with is great! She is always positive and is always willing to do stuff! Then we had dinner with the Whites (We had pizza!)


We got up in the morning and I had the most exhausting workout ever! My companion for a day is over there smiling and having a good old time and I’m just plain exhausted, I need better work outs…

After that we had a good study! and we went on a hunt to find Sister Wells! We found her and she made really good tuna fish sandwiches! We talked with her for a while and taught her the restoration, she told us her conversion story, it is really cool to hear people’s conversion stories! It strengthens my testimony!

After that we went to our other investigators house and tried to help her understand prayer and why we pray and that we need to act on our answer when we receive an answer! We shared 1 Nephi 3:7, she was really touched by it!

Then we went to the church and had a mock Facebook lesson with the other Sisters. It was really good to see how a Facebook lesson works! I had never done one at that point! Then we exchanged back!


We spent the morning packing, cleaning the apartment, trying to wash the car, trying to find mink oil for my companion’s boots, going on Facebook, and eating food (breakfast and Lunch) and then we finally left to pick up the Sister’s in Glenville, and we ate dinner at Wendy’s.

We left our car at the mission office and we were pick up by the Albany van. Guess who was inside!?! My MTC companion! She jumped out when she saw me and immediately hugged me! It was a great reunion! I also saw another Sister who was coming from Carthage. She said when she goes to the military base there they have to take their name tags off… Interesting.


We woke up at 5:30 so everyone could shower! Then we had breakfast and I visited with my MTC companion for a while! Then we headed over to the church and had an introduction of Return and Report! After we went over safety, health, getting reimbursed for things, and car safety, we split into to groups, the trainer and the trainees. We talked about concerns and conquerors (With the assistants to the president). It was cool to see the change in so many people! We are all growing up! I also learned to work hard, and to work as hard as you can even if you feel like you can’t! Next we meet with president Wirthlin and he told us to set a goal to do at least one Role Play a day and to meet ten new people a day! So I am striving to do that!

At lunch we all chose a scripture about Light and we blew out a candle after we read it aloud, I chose Isaiah 60:19:

“The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee: but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory.”

I really like this scripture, because even if the sun died we would still have light!

After (I got my package) we packed up in the car, we left for home! Well about 20 minutes out I look at my companion’s GPS and it was blank and I asked, “Why is your GPS blank?”

“I don’t know…” she said.

We tried turning it on, but it was no use her GPS was gone, and dead! So we called the Assistants, and they told us to call the Saranac and Plattsburgh Elders (They were in the same car together). Well they were going the complete other direction! So we asked some random people how to get to Glenville, so we found a radio shack and asked the guy to pulled up a map for us. Well he was nice enough to print the map out for us!

Now we would have gotten to Glenville just fine, but I’m really bad at reading maps, and we ended up in Schenectady. Sister Fiefia told us that she could get us home, but all she could find was Union Street! Here are some of our wacky quotes that came up!

“We are dumb. We are really dumb. For reals!”

“Guys we really need a Liahona right now!”

“That’s suppose to be your GPS!”

“Alright, who’s not being righteous?”

At an intersection, while we were on the phone with the Elders, Sister Fiefia told Sister Peterson to turn while Sister Boerup was telling her to stay straight!

Sister Fiefia thinks I’m hillarious… I’m not sure why… I told her all about primary and she just finds me hillarious!

So we finally made it to Glenville at about 8pm and we still have to drive for two hours home… but we finally made it!


If a missionary were….

Funny Story of the week:

On Friday, an Elder here had endoscopy and needed to be asleep, so we had to pick him up! He was really funny! First, when he got in the car, and every time my companion turned a corner, he said, “SISTER P!” Because he didn’t like her driving. Later, still in the car, we called our Mission Mother to tell her the results (It was on speaker phone). Well I was the one with the phone and the Elder was mad at me for not calling her yet. He reprimanded me and said, “SISTER TRAPANE!” So I hurried and dial the phone that was really hard because I was laughing so hard! While we were on the phone, Elder tried to say what he was diagnosed with but all he said was Distil (Which is not what that word is) and then he said “I don’t know how to say the next word, nor am I going to try and say it!” Well later he decided to give it a try, and it came out “Distil Esophalogielogie.” That was when I realized how loopy he was from the medication! Well his companion chimed in and explained what was going on. In the middle of his explaining, my companion said, “And the nurse said I will need… oh what’s the word… it starts with an I.” Elder continued, and said “He might need an operation.”

Elder 1, “Oh that’s the word, operation!”
Elder 2, “Yes, because operation starts with an I”
Elder 1, “It that what I said? Well the nurse said I might need- well she said- well what I got out of it was, I will probably need an operation with an O.”
Well we arrived at their house, and Elder Peterson was mad because he wanted to go to a buffet, he exclaimed, “I WANT FOOD.”
Elder 2 said, “Well we’ll go inside an eat,”
Elder 1 said, ” I want some little Mexican to come over and give me food and say here’s your food!”

Well after a nose dive, and a few slips they made it inside. As we drove away, we decided to go to McDonald’s and buy Elder some food. this was our phone conversation:
Elder 1: “Yo yo yo, What’s up?!”
Us: “Hi Elder, do you want anything from McDonalds?”
Elder 1: “MCDONALD’S?!”
Us: “Or we can go to Subway!”
Elder 1: “They want to know if I want McDonald’s or Subway.”
Elder 2: “Well tell them what you want,”
Elder 1: “McDonald’s.”
Us: “Well what do you want?”
Elder 1:”Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Big Macs good, McDoubles good, Quarter Pounder is good… you know what just surprise me. OH AND FRIES!!!

That’s when we realized if a missionary got drunk…  So we got him some food. It was really really really funny!!!

Ice Palace!

Well since that took up half the email, I’ll tell you about the Ice Palace (the local’s get mad if you call it a castle).

It was really cool! At night they light it up with different colors, it is very pretty. As part of the Winter Carnival, there are fireworks and a parade, the parade was on Saturday and it was as if Valentine’s day didn’t exist because everyone was excited about the parade. the parade was good, just like any other city parade, except our parade had ladies dancing with lawn chairs and it was during the dead of winter. Also on Saturday, we celebrated Valentine’s day by having breakfast at a families house that we teach, And we read “Beautiful” by Jenny Phillips, It is a really good book!



On Sunday evening we watch the fireworks (With one of the people we teach) they were really cool, they were behind the Ice Palace on the lake! Also on Sunday it was Alex’s birthday, he is turning eight and will be baptized next week! It’s so exciting! So we went to their house and had Cake!


Scripture Battle!

Yesterday, my companion and I made a get well card for one of our investigators children who was sick. He really liked dinosaurs so we put dinosaurs on his card.

Funny Story of the week:

This isn’t really a story…

But my companion and I are really crazy when we are trying to fall asleep. The other night we started saying good night and I love you in other languages and then we started other random words we know in random languages, like Stinktier! (Sorry I’m not good at spelling German!) and Alce (moose in Italian). Also, she keeps telling me Book of Mormon stories in her own voice, that means everyone in the scriptures says “Yo” “Guys” “Hey” “What’s up?” “Dude” and other modern day slang. What a character!

So I just remembered another real funny story:

We had a scripture battle with the Elders. We were dropping them of to an appointment and they left their food from the soup kitchen in our car (It was pasta). later we asked them if they still wanted it, The said no and we said ok it was pretty good anyway here is the rest of our text conversation:

  • Elder: Well then we both win! 🙂
  • Sisters: Thanks for helping us get fat!
  • Elders: Yeah, welcome to the mission field…
  • Sisters: And your making Sister Peterson even fatter!!!
  • Elders: D&C 64:10
  • Sisters: Forgiveness, yes. But it doesn’t say anything about revenge.
  • Elders: D&C 98 23-24
  • Sisters: D&C 54:5
  • Elders: D&C 49:18-19
  • Sisters: Jeremiah 8:15
  • Elders: Alma 28:6
  • Sisters: 2 Nephi 4:31
  • Elders: 2 Nephi 4:27
  • Sisters: Jeremiah 8:22
  • Elders: Jeremiah 8:21
  • Sisters: Jeremiah 8:18 and 20
  • Elders: Jeremiah 9:18
  • Sisters: Isaiah 35:10
  • Elders: 1 Nephi 5:3
  • Sisters: 1 Nephi 15:3
  • Elders: 1 Nephi 15:10
  • Sisters: Matthew 22:18
  • Elders: Matthew 22:12 last sentence
  • Sisters: Proverbs 31:26
  • Elders: Ecclesiastes 1:2
  • Sisters: Matthew 7:3
  • Elders: Well… Dang got us there.
  • Sisters: Moroni 8:30

I know you will probably not find that funny, but we did! So just humor us!

More funny!

We were helping a lady shovel her sidewalk one day and she wanted to give us money for shoveling her walk, but we don’t except money from people. She insisted for so long, so Sister Peterson said, “Jesus didn’t accept money for what he did!” and the lady objected “Well Jesus didn’t shovel snow in a skirt!” We just started laughing!

Spiritual Story of the week:

Yesterday, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting, it was about missionary work. I dissected D&C 4:2 it says,

Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.”

I talked about how each thing (heart, might, mind, and strength) has a Christ like attribute, found in Preach My Gospel (Chapter 6 to be exact) So to serve with all your heart, you need Charity and love and hope. To serve with all you might you need to be diligent and obedient. To serve with all your mind, you need have virtue and knowledge. To serve with all your might you need to be patient and humble. And if you do these thing you will be able to stand blameless before God in the last days. It was a really good experience to give a talk! And now we get to teach YWs every second Sunday!


My Trip Down the Stairs

Funny Story of the Week:

Earlier this week I fell down the stairs. Seconds later, my companion comes bounding down the stairs to see if I’m okay. I guess she figured I was when she saw me laughing. It was really funny, but my bum hurt for a few days. Oh well… It’s better now!

Another Funny Story of the Week:

One day we were calling an investigator who lived in a care center. When the operator answered the phone we asked if we could speak with Judy. The phone rang longer than normal, and another nurse answered the phone. She asked who was calling we said The Sister Missionaries. Without even letting us finish she said, “OK I’ll put Fred on.” Sister Peterson and I look at each other and said, “Who’s Fred?” So Fred came on the phone and we ask him how he’s doing, he says great but they make him exercise and he didn’t like that. And then my companion says, “Well that will help you get better.” After continuing the conversation for a while, Fred asked, “Now, who is this again?” We once again, introduced ourselves. Fred obviously thought we were Nuns. He thanks us for calling and hung up.

My Compadre:

My companion is the strangest companion I have ever had! She makes weird noises and facial expressions. If she saw me writing this she would probably deny all of that but deep down inside she knows that she is weird, and I love her! BEST TRAINER EVER! On the plus side, she makes yummy smoothies and she, too, has a fetish for ICE CREAM. So we buy a lot of ice cream!

We are suppose to have district meeting last Tuesday, but there’s always a storm coming… so hopefully we will have it on Tuesday… However, we attempted to have District Meeting over Facebook, but the was a fail because everyone was talking at the same time, and one of the Elders (Who is waiting for their visa to Brazil) was using a Senior missionaries Facebook account, because his wasn’t set up yet, and it was really weird because it was weird, we always forgot that it was Elder Evans instead of Sister Gerber. So we were all like, “Would Sister Gerber say that?” but it was fun.


I’m so excited! There’s going to be an Ice Palace (I’m gonna feel like Elsa!) and a snowball fight. It’ll be epic! Then we’re going to a potluck dinner at the church. We are making Oreo balls to bring! (Since everyone else decided they would bring chips).


I got a super cute Valentine’s Day package from Grandma. It was just a bag of Godiva Chocolates 😉 to share with my companion. It had a note on it that said: “A ‘special sweet’ Valentine for ‘our missionary.'” I ate all of them! (JK! I didn’t… there are a lot left over)

Other Stuff

I have to thank my Best Dad Ever so much for teaching me how to blow up tires! We had to fill our tires the other day and I am glad I knew how so we didn’t have to pay money to have someone else do it! 🙂

Tonight we have dinner at the Episcopal Church. They serve dinner to the missionaries and foreign workers in the area every Monday night. Then we are going to the singles game night. Before I came here they started a singles game night so that we could get more people interested in the church. I am very glad we have it!