This Week Felt Like A Month

First of all…


And it’ almost April…


I went to Plattsburgh on Tuesday-Thursday morning on an exchange! We exchanged after district meeting, (BTW it was really good! But I’ll tell you that later!). As we travel to Plattsburgh (I was with my companion for a day), we played the question game. It’s a very stressful game! One person asks a question and the other person has to answer it in 3 seconds… It’s really hard! But Apparently I’m really good at it… Oh yeah, we were in the car with the Elders.

While I was in Plattsburgh, we taught a recent convert who was baptized last week. She was really great and you could feel the spirit so much in her home. We were able to teach her twice. We also had dinner with a couple who was also baptized recently. They made the BEST food! We had BBQ chicken and broccoli. It was tasty. We had dinner at a members house one of the nights. Their family: Their daughter think she’s a cat. and their son really likes shoes. We also saw a mother and her daughter, her daughter really likes to play video games, and she wanted to show us her Where the Wild Things Are video game. They were really cute. We had a really good Facebook lesson as well, I was able to testify of Christ even if I didn’t know the person previous! It was really great! I have learned to listen and act on the spirit more.

On Tuesday…

We learned more about family history at the Family History Center in Plattsburgh, it was really fun to learn about it since we are trying to use family history in finding and teaching people. My exchange companion was pretty great! She is totally the opposite of me in the morning…  She has a very positive attitude, ans she has a lot of faith in people.

District Meeting!

We talked about what we need to give up to be a more consecrated missionary. What I got out of it was that we need to give up our fears, and just do it. So I really took that to heart and just started doing it. Also in District Meeting, we were doing introductions. One of the questions was to compare your companion to an animal. My companion said I was a donkey. She says it’s because I’m stubborn and everybody loves me. And I was being nice to her by calling her a energetic puppy instead of a Velociraptor!

You might be asking yourself why I am writing so late. Well the answer is: We had a District Activity! We went to the Olympic Museum. And we had a potluck and played Liar’s Dice (Yes, we are missionaries and we played this game…) and Apples to Apples (BEST GAME EVER!)

That brings me to my next point.

On Monday (Not today, last Monday) we had our weekly game night. Well my companion was trying to shuffle the Uno cards, and she was about to win. When she put her last card down, the whole deck went flying, EVERYWHERE! Everyone just started laughing and laughing! We just couldn’t stop!When we got home, my companion saw a spider, so naturally she tried to kill it. Well it jumped. So she jumped about 3 feet and ran to the other side of the room. And I followed! At the time we had been texting the Elders, so at the end of one of the texts we asked them if they knew of any great ways to kill jumping spider. They told us to burn the house down! We thought that seemed reasonable! So… we didn’t actually burn the house down, but we did pray! And ever since then, we haven’t seen a single spider in the house!

Sister Peterson is cleaning cabinets... Don't worry, she is alright, she didn't fall or anything!

Sister Peterson is cleaning cabinets… Don’t worry, she is alright, she didn’t fall or anything!


So this week was pretty grand!

We have two investigators that are really great! They are an old couple and we teach them about 3 times a week, we try to only be there for a half hour…but we have a member with us, who is a good friend of the couple. she likes to talk for a while, but she is starting to become a great teacher! Sometimes we read The Book of Mormon with them, or we teach them about the commandments (That’s what were are focusing on when we teach them) They are really starting to remember the things we teach them! For a long while they didn’t remember anything we taught them! It’s amazing to see the change in people!

I had my first Zone Conference!

It was really fun! We started off by doing a role-play… we were all back in the MTC! Well it was really weird because I haven’t changed much since I was in the MTC… But I could see from other missionaries, that one day, I will look back and realize that I have grown! I am excited for that, but I am still living life one day at a time! We also talked about doing family history, and how we can use that in finding people! We now have My Family booklets we can use!

On Friday night…

We were doing our normal “Daily Planning.” We were trying to think of ideas of how to find people, it was then that I realized, we forgot to pray! So we stopped what we were planning and we prayed! Soon after we prayed I had the idea that we should call all the people on our phone that we don’t know. So, we planned time the next day to do just that! Well the next day, when it comes time to call people… I realized, I DO NOT like calling people on the phone! However, I knew we needed to do it! So, we called about half the people on our phone, with great success! We got 1 “I’ll call you back.” 2 “Call us in a few days.” 1 about service, and 1 appointment! I am grateful for the spirit, and I am grateful that we can receive promptings. We just need to pray and always remember to pray.

We had a few dinner appointments this week…

One with the White’s and we taught Liz how to make Alfredo. It was fun! Well the sauce was a little thick, but it was good for the first try! (I would probably make it look like… I don’t even know what!) We also had dinner with Sister Baker on Friday! She is one of the oldest ladies in our branch, she it pretty much the pioneer of it. We ate chicken legs and help her fill our a My Family booklet. Also, Sister Lamb, who lives across the hall from Sister Baker, came in and started talking with us. she was also interested in family history, so we gave her a My family booklet too. She was very interested in it. 🙂

Sister Baker also asked us to type up her talk for her (so she can give it on Sunday). Well as I said she’s old, and it is hard to read her handwriting. So some parts were hard to decipher. Once I read, “a place for them to dance,” instead of “A place for them to dwell” and instead of “All things are numbered unto Him,” I read “All things are hummingbirds unto Him.” Well I am glad my companion and I both new that was wrong. Just to let you know, we didn’t come here to dance and we are not all hummingbirds.

On Sunday

My companion made me teach Gospel Principles (The missionaries teach this class, we trade off with the Elders every other week). She is always throwing me under the bus. Like I live there now… However, it’s a good thing that she does throw me under… I learn a lot that way, and one day I can do that to my trainee! I taught about prophets because General Conference is coming up soon. I’M SO EXCITED! We also taught primary (Sharing Time). Ironically enough… we taught about prophets. Those kids are really smart! I reminded me of my little Sunbeams and how much I miss them. 🙁 But I am glad I was able to teach them.

Tomorrow I am going to Plattsburgh!

I am going on an exchange again, but this time I will go to her area. I am super excited! I will tell you all about it next week.

So Much Stuff I Can’t Fit It In This Post!

On Monday night…

We had a tour of the Olympic center! It was really fun! Do you remember the movie “Miracle”? Well, that’s where the game actually happened! It was really cool to see all the Olympic things there! I don’t really remember a lot from the tour as the guy was talking a lot… but he was cool!

The names on this plaque were the names of the USA figure skating team that died in an airplane crash. It's sad... :(

The names on this plaque were the names of the USA figure skating team that died in an airplane crash. It’s sad… 🙁

On Tuesday…

We went to Plattsburgh and got our headlight fixed… It is really hard to fix a headlight in a Subaru… or any new car for that matter! And then we had a safety inspection, I guess when they register the car, they don’t do a safety inspection with it… And that took a while… so then we were late to district meeting! So we walked in to district meeting, they had already started and we awkwardly sat down. However, District meeting was really good! (As always) It was about having a better personal and companionship study! We started with role playing a lesson, then, as a district, we discussed how to make study effective. We then had personal study time for ten minutes and then comp study for ten minutes (For the person were we teaching in the role play) and then we taught the lesson again… I could really feel the spirit! I LOVE district meeting! It’s like in Harry Potter, when Dumbledore tells all the students that their brains had rotted away over the summer and now it’s time to fill them up again.

Also on Tuesday…

We had Branch FHE, TWO OF OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME! (The ones who are looking into being baptized) And so did the Episcopalian Minister and his wife, and also a friend of one of the members! IT WAS EPIC! It was about the Plan of Salvation. Each room was decorated as each stage of life (Pre-earth life, earth life, spirit world, and the three kingdoms, Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial) It was really fun! Our investigators really enjoyed this experience!

But before Branch FHE, the Evans brought us “fluffernutters” Because my companion  has never had them before. So they had to introduce us to them. It was really nice of them!


For once we actually finished it! I’m so proud of us! We have also had a lot of promptings this week…but mostly on Sunday.

On Saturday evening…

(When we were planning for Sunday) I had the impression that we should teach the Mitchell’s, they are member in our branch, we decided to practice teaching them the restoration. Well as we started, they kept getting distracted and both, Sister Peterson and I, thought it was pointless to be there. However, something in the back of our minds were telling us to stay, so we did, well by the end of the lesson, we had totally changed subjects, BUT we did answer some questions for them that will really help them talk to their friend about the gospel

Second Story!

So we were suppose to do 12 week on Sunday night, but we had a strong feeling to go visit one of our investigators.We were there until 9:50! Of course we were talking about the gospel and about the atonement, and I think she really needed it! Well, our District Leader usually calls us on Sunday nights, so after we didn’t answer the second time, he called the senior couple to see if they’ve heard from us. So then they called us! But we didn’t answer, again, because we were still in the lesson. So they texted us to see if we were all right. Well I think they almost call our mission president, but we called president first (If we get in late, after 9:30, we need to call him) then we called the Couple Missionaries and then the Elders! I am grateful that there are people watching out for us to make sure we’re alright, I am also grateful for spiritual experiences!

Well, we almost crashed three times this week…

Once because a car in the other lane wasn’t paying attention, I’m glad my companion is a safe driver. Oh, yeah, once when my companion spaced out for a moment, I’m glad I’m a good backseat driver! 🙂 and once because were were in the car with the Elders, and there was one driver and three backseat drivers! :/ I think one of the Elders is a new driver.

We had a birthday for relief society 170 years… I think. It was fun, but there was a lot of chit chat. But we had food! 🙂 Then we had district conference. We drove with the White’s to Malone.  It was fun and we talked about being pulled over. I guess when I got pulled over, the police officer was trying to get me for my registration… not speeding.

Well… that’s all folks! See you next week!

Daylight Savings Fail

Daylight Savings?

As you know, daylight savings was on Sunday, so my companion got up at 6:30 and showered (I was still in bed… we don’t exercise on Sunday so every other week, I sleep in and the other weeks my companion sleeps in). Soon, I woke up and my companion was still in the shower. I looked at the phone and it said it was 7am. I was severely confused, thought to myself, knowing that it was daylight savings, “That’s odd. It doesn’t look like it 6 in the morning,” A few minutes later my companion came out of the bathroom and I asked her, “Did the phone change the time automatically?”

She said, “Yeah,” then thought for a minute and doubted herself, “It should have…” She then looked at the clock in the bathroom it read 7:05am. So she check the clock on the stove, still 7:05. We realized that it was 8am!!! So I showered quickly and got ready. Luckily we made it to church on time!


We (I mean my companion) got pulled over! Well, we had a headlight out so we explained to the officer that we couldn’t fix it until we got it approved by our mission office. But they were closed on the weekends. He was really confused because for one, we had to get a headlight repair approved and for two, he couldn’t understand why my companion’s license was from Utah but the car was registered in NY. He also didn’t know what a TiWi was (it’s a device that can track out speed and aggressiveness, if we speed too much, we don’t have a privilege to drive anymore). So my companion told him that it usually stops us from getting pulled over and the officer said, well I guess it doesn’t stop the headlight from going out! So we’re safe! She didn’t get a ticket, so I don’t have to drive yet! YAY!!

Just follow…

So there was an investigator who was living at a rehabilitation center (because she had pneumonia) finally moved into her own place! That was great except that meant we lost her… Well finally after asking around we found where she lived… except we didn’t have here apartment number. So we figured it would be on the bottom floor (because she is in a wheelchair) and we guessed it was the first door, so we knocked. No answer. We came back the next day. No answer. So on our third try (Yes this was like Nephi when he went to get the plates) And we got an answer! Except it wasn’t her, it was another lady. So we asked her where our investigator lived, well it was one apartment down!

Meeting tip

I learned that we have better meetings when we sit at a table. We are more focused, Ward correlation only took 45mins instead on an hour and a half. It was great!


I am excited for Conference! Also there is a new video coming out on March 28th it’s like the #becauseofHim video but it’s called #becauseHelives! Just go to to see it. I am so excited for it!


Prayer Yoga


This is what happened when we came out of the library… there was A LOT of snow!!!! so much that you couldn’t even see the building across the street!!! So I thought you would want to see…

This week was kind of the same old same old… except Friday…

On Friday, an eight year old boy was baptized! It was really exciting! We were able to attend and I loved seeing the excitement on his face. It was really great! AND one of our investigators (actually two… they are married…and old) came to the baptism! And they really loved it! I am so glad that they came, they are really progressing, and I can’t wait to see them tomorrow.

Also on Tuesday, we had a really good district meeting, about being centered on Christ, and how every lesson we have needs to be centered on Christ. No matter what lesson it is we can ALWAYS center it on Christ! I really love going to district meeting!!! They inspire me so much!!

On Saturday we got transfer calls. I was really scared that my companion would be transferred and I didn’t want her to go! Fortunately she will still be with me this transfer. Another Elder is going home, but his companion is staying and is getting a companion who went home awhile ago but is now coming back out.


On Wednesday, we did service and I talked to a random old guy who looked lonely. It was really awkward at first, but then we started talking about the weather (when in doubt, talk about the weather?) So yeah that’s cool…

On Sunday, we went to Sister Pascerelli’s house and we talked for about 3 hours… She is an older woman and she doesn’t talked to many people so she likes talking to us… and feeding us! She is a very sweet lady and she has the best accent. It’s like a thick back east accent!

I really don’t know what to talk about… We do prayer yoga now? Yes we do! My companion was getting down so we could say companion prayer and she raised up her hands above her head and brought them down, she was probably just stretching. But it looked like she was doing yoga so I asked, “Do we do prayer yoga now?” So that’s that!

So since this is the shortest email ever, here’s a little song I wrote:

The Missionary and the Foolish Guy

The missionary reads some scripture everyday
The missionary feels the spirit everyday
The missionary testifies of Jesus Christ
But the snow comes tumbling down

The snow comes down and the roads fill up
The snow comes down and the roads fill up
The snow comes down and the roads fill up
And we still go out and teach

The foolish guy smokes a cigarette all day
The foolish guy doesn’t take the sacrament
The foolish guy built his house on worldly things,
And the snow comes tumbling down

The snow comes down and the roads fill up
The snow comes down and the roads fill up
The snow comes down and the roads fill up
So we go to his house and teach