Daylight Savings Fail

Daylight Savings?

As you know, daylight savings was on Sunday, so my companion got up at 6:30 and showered (I was still in bed… we don’t exercise on Sunday so every other week, I sleep in and the other weeks my companion sleeps in). Soon, I woke up and my companion was still in the shower. I looked at the phone and it said it was 7am. I was severely confused, thought to myself, knowing that it was daylight savings, “That’s odd. It doesn’t look like it 6 in the morning,” A few minutes later my companion came out of the bathroom and I asked her, “Did the phone change the time automatically?”

She said, “Yeah,” then thought for a minute and doubted herself, “It should have…” She then looked at the clock in the bathroom it read 7:05am. So she check the clock on the stove, still 7:05. We realized that it was 8am!!! So I showered quickly and got ready. Luckily we made it to church on time!


We (I mean my companion) got pulled over! Well, we had a headlight out so we explained to the officer that we couldn’t fix it until we got it approved by our mission office. But they were closed on the weekends. He was really confused because for one, we had to get a headlight repair approved and for two, he couldn’t understand why my companion’s license was from Utah but the car was registered in NY. He also didn’t know what a TiWi was (it’s a device that can track out speed and aggressiveness, if we speed too much, we don’t have a privilege to drive anymore). So my companion told him that it usually stops us from getting pulled over and the officer said, well I guess it doesn’t stop the headlight from going out! So we’re safe! She didn’t get a ticket, so I don’t have to drive yet! YAY!!

Just follow…

So there was an investigator who was living at a rehabilitation center (because she had pneumonia) finally moved into her own place! That was great except that meant we lost her… Well finally after asking around we found where she lived… except we didn’t have here apartment number. So we figured it would be on the bottom floor (because she is in a wheelchair) and we guessed it was the first door, so we knocked. No answer. We came back the next day. No answer. So on our third try (Yes this was like Nephi when he went to get the plates) And we got an answer! Except it wasn’t her, it was another lady. So we asked her where our investigator lived, well it was one apartment down!

Meeting tip

I learned that we have better meetings when we sit at a table. We are more focused, Ward correlation only took 45mins instead on an hour and a half. It was great!


I am excited for Conference! Also there is a new video coming out on March 28th it’s like the #becauseofHim video but it’s called #becauseHelives! Just go to to see it. I am so excited for it!