So Much Stuff I Can’t Fit It In This Post!

On Monday night…

We had a tour of the Olympic center! It was really fun! Do you remember the movie “Miracle”? Well, that’s where the game actually happened! It was really cool to see all the Olympic things there! I don’t really remember a lot from the tour as the guy was talking a lot… but he was cool!

The names on this plaque were the names of the USA figure skating team that died in an airplane crash. It's sad... :(

The names on this plaque were the names of the USA figure skating team that died in an airplane crash. It’s sad… 🙁

On Tuesday…

We went to Plattsburgh and got our headlight fixed… It is really hard to fix a headlight in a Subaru… or any new car for that matter! And then we had a safety inspection, I guess when they register the car, they don’t do a safety inspection with it… And that took a while… so then we were late to district meeting! So we walked in to district meeting, they had already started and we awkwardly sat down. However, District meeting was really good! (As always) It was about having a better personal and companionship study! We started with role playing a lesson, then, as a district, we discussed how to make study effective. We then had personal study time for ten minutes and then comp study for ten minutes (For the person were we teaching in the role play) and then we taught the lesson again… I could really feel the spirit! I LOVE district meeting! It’s like in Harry Potter, when Dumbledore tells all the students that their brains had rotted away over the summer and now it’s time to fill them up again.

Also on Tuesday…

We had Branch FHE, TWO OF OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME! (The ones who are looking into being baptized) And so did the Episcopalian Minister and his wife, and also a friend of one of the members! IT WAS EPIC! It was about the Plan of Salvation. Each room was decorated as each stage of life (Pre-earth life, earth life, spirit world, and the three kingdoms, Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial) It was really fun! Our investigators really enjoyed this experience!

But before Branch FHE, the Evans brought us “fluffernutters” Because my companion  has never had them before. So they had to introduce us to them. It was really nice of them!


For once we actually finished it! I’m so proud of us! We have also had a lot of promptings this week…but mostly on Sunday.

On Saturday evening…

(When we were planning for Sunday) I had the impression that we should teach the Mitchell’s, they are member in our branch, we decided to practice teaching them the restoration. Well as we started, they kept getting distracted and both, Sister Peterson and I, thought it was pointless to be there. However, something in the back of our minds were telling us to stay, so we did, well by the end of the lesson, we had totally changed subjects, BUT we did answer some questions for them that will really help them talk to their friend about the gospel

Second Story!

So we were suppose to do 12 week on Sunday night, but we had a strong feeling to go visit one of our investigators.We were there until 9:50! Of course we were talking about the gospel and about the atonement, and I think she really needed it! Well, our District Leader usually calls us on Sunday nights, so after we didn’t answer the second time, he called the senior couple to see if they’ve heard from us. So then they called us! But we didn’t answer, again, because we were still in the lesson. So they texted us to see if we were all right. Well I think they almost call our mission president, but we called president first (If we get in late, after 9:30, we need to call him) then we called the Couple Missionaries and then the Elders! I am grateful that there are people watching out for us to make sure we’re alright, I am also grateful for spiritual experiences!

Well, we almost crashed three times this week…

Once because a car in the other lane wasn’t paying attention, I’m glad my companion is a safe driver. Oh, yeah, once when my companion spaced out for a moment, I’m glad I’m a good backseat driver! 🙂 and once because were were in the car with the Elders, and there was one driver and three backseat drivers! :/ I think one of the Elders is a new driver.

We had a birthday for relief society 170 years… I think. It was fun, but there was a lot of chit chat. But we had food! 🙂 Then we had district conference. We drove with the White’s to Malone.  It was fun and we talked about being pulled over. I guess when I got pulled over, the police officer was trying to get me for my registration… not speeding.

Well… that’s all folks! See you next week!