So this week was pretty grand!

We have two investigators that are really great! They are an old couple and we teach them about 3 times a week, we try to only be there for a half hour…but we have a member with us, who is a good friend of the couple. she likes to talk for a while, but she is starting to become a great teacher! Sometimes we read The Book of Mormon with them, or we teach them about the commandments (That’s what were are focusing on when we teach them) They are really starting to remember the things we teach them! For a long while they didn’t remember anything we taught them! It’s amazing to see the change in people!

I had my first Zone Conference!

It was really fun! We started off by doing a role-play… we were all back in the MTC! Well it was really weird because I haven’t changed much since I was in the MTC… But I could see from other missionaries, that one day, I will look back and realize that I have grown! I am excited for that, but I am still living life one day at a time! We also talked about doing family history, and how we can use that in finding people! We now have My Family booklets we can use!

On Friday night…

We were doing our normal “Daily Planning.” We were trying to think of ideas of how to find people, it was then that I realized, we forgot to pray! So we stopped what we were planning and we prayed! Soon after we prayed I had the idea that we should call all the people on our phone that we don’t know. So, we planned time the next day to do just that! Well the next day, when it comes time to call people… I realized, I DO NOT like calling people on the phone! However, I knew we needed to do it! So, we called about half the people on our phone, with great success! We got 1 “I’ll call you back.” 2 “Call us in a few days.” 1 about service, and 1 appointment! I am grateful for the spirit, and I am grateful that we can receive promptings. We just need to pray and always remember to pray.

We had a few dinner appointments this week…

One with the White’s and we taught Liz how to make Alfredo. It was fun! Well the sauce was a little thick, but it was good for the first try! (I would probably make it look like… I don’t even know what!) We also had dinner with Sister Baker on Friday! She is one of the oldest ladies in our branch, she it pretty much the pioneer of it. We ate chicken legs and help her fill our a My Family booklet. Also, Sister Lamb, who lives across the hall from Sister Baker, came in and started talking with us. she was also interested in family history, so we gave her a My family booklet too. She was very interested in it. 🙂

Sister Baker also asked us to type up her talk for her (so she can give it on Sunday). Well as I said she’s old, and it is hard to read her handwriting. So some parts were hard to decipher. Once I read, “a place for them to dance,” instead of “A place for them to dwell” and instead of “All things are numbered unto Him,” I read “All things are hummingbirds unto Him.” Well I am glad my companion and I both new that was wrong. Just to let you know, we didn’t come here to dance and we are not all hummingbirds.

On Sunday

My companion made me teach Gospel Principles (The missionaries teach this class, we trade off with the Elders every other week). She is always throwing me under the bus. Like I live there now… However, it’s a good thing that she does throw me under… I learn a lot that way, and one day I can do that to my trainee! I taught about prophets because General Conference is coming up soon. I’M SO EXCITED! We also taught primary (Sharing Time). Ironically enough… we taught about prophets. Those kids are really smart! I reminded me of my little Sunbeams and how much I miss them. 🙁 But I am glad I was able to teach them.

Tomorrow I am going to Plattsburgh!

I am going on an exchange again, but this time I will go to her area. I am super excited! I will tell you all about it next week.