This Week Felt Like A Month

First of all…


And it’ almost April…


I went to Plattsburgh on Tuesday-Thursday morning on an exchange! We exchanged after district meeting, (BTW it was really good! But I’ll tell you that later!). As we travel to Plattsburgh (I was with my companion for a day), we played the question game. It’s a very stressful game! One person asks a question and the other person has to answer it in 3 seconds… It’s really hard! But Apparently I’m really good at it… Oh yeah, we were in the car with the Elders.

While I was in Plattsburgh, we taught a recent convert who was baptized last week. She was really great and you could feel the spirit so much in her home. We were able to teach her twice. We also had dinner with a couple who was also baptized recently. They made the BEST food! We had BBQ chicken and broccoli. It was tasty. We had dinner at a members house one of the nights. Their family: Their daughter think she’s a cat. and their son really likes shoes. We also saw a mother and her daughter, her daughter really likes to play video games, and she wanted to show us her Where the Wild Things Are video game. They were really cute. We had a really good Facebook lesson as well, I was able to testify of Christ even if I didn’t know the person previous! It was really great! I have learned to listen and act on the spirit more.

On Tuesday…

We learned more about family history at the Family History Center in Plattsburgh, it was really fun to learn about it since we are trying to use family history in finding and teaching people. My exchange companion was pretty great! She is totally the opposite of me in the morning…  She has a very positive attitude, ans she has a lot of faith in people.

District Meeting!

We talked about what we need to give up to be a more consecrated missionary. What I got out of it was that we need to give up our fears, and just do it. So I really took that to heart and just started doing it. Also in District Meeting, we were doing introductions. One of the questions was to compare your companion to an animal. My companion said I was a donkey. She says it’s because I’m stubborn and everybody loves me. And I was being nice to her by calling her a energetic puppy instead of a Velociraptor!

You might be asking yourself why I am writing so late. Well the answer is: We had a District Activity! We went to the Olympic Museum. And we had a potluck and played Liar’s Dice (Yes, we are missionaries and we played this game…) and Apples to Apples (BEST GAME EVER!)

That brings me to my next point.

On Monday (Not today, last Monday) we had our weekly game night. Well my companion was trying to shuffle the Uno cards, and she was about to win. When she put her last card down, the whole deck went flying, EVERYWHERE! Everyone just started laughing and laughing! We just couldn’t stop!When we got home, my companion saw a spider, so naturally she tried to kill it. Well it jumped. So she jumped about 3 feet and ran to the other side of the room. And I followed! At the time we had been texting the Elders, so at the end of one of the texts we asked them if they knew of any great ways to kill jumping spider. They told us to burn the house down! We thought that seemed reasonable! So… we didn’t actually burn the house down, but we did pray! And ever since then, we haven’t seen a single spider in the house!

Sister Peterson is cleaning cabinets... Don't worry, she is alright, she didn't fall or anything!

Sister Peterson is cleaning cabinets… Don’t worry, she is alright, she didn’t fall or anything!