Food and a Lesson

It was a good week this week!

At district meeting this week, we learned about trusting in the Lord and your companion. To practice having trust in our companions we did a role play where we taught the first lesson but we had to go back and forth, one word at a time, with our companion. It was really hard at first because I would be trying to say one thing… but my companion wanted to say another! It was really fun, and I learned to trust my companion… not that I didn’t trust her before 😉 It really help us to become balanced when we teach!

On Thursday night, we were at an investigators house, it was about 6pm, and she asked, “What are you doing for dinner,” and we told her that we were just going to head home after that to eat there. Well we finished our lesson, and she sent us to the store to buy the ingredient. While we were at the store this is what happened:

We were finished shopping so we went to go check out, the guy at the register was asking us where we were from. We said Utah, and then he replied, “Usually they send you far away, right?” We wanted to chat with him for a minute, but there were people in line, so we quickly explained that that does happen quite often but not all the time. Well when we got back to our investigator’s house, we realized we bought the wrong ingredient. So she set us back to the store to get the right things. Well this was a tender mercy because we were able to see that cashier again and tell him more about our church. He seemed really interested so we gave him our number. I hope he calls!

Now back to dinner, we made chicken that was stuffed with ham, spinach, and Swiss cheese. It was really good! I also learned how to mince garlic. It’s a little scary…

The next day…

Friday, we also had a cooking lesson from Sister Pascerelli (No she is not Italian as her name suggest… but she is a fantastic cook!) She taught us how to make chicken curry. It was really yummy.

On Saturday morning…

I made pancakes! I wanted to make a “conference breakfast” even if we were not watching conference at 10am… and I was making it at 7am. My companion was going to make “conference food” on Sunday but we don’t have the ingredients. So we’ll make it tomorrow!

I really enjoyed conference this April…

I especially loved Elder Bednar’s talk about not being fearful. I love what he said about overcoming fears, “We can be blessed to hush our fears.” All we need to do to dispel our fears is to be centered on Christ. Because of Him, we can overcome any challenge! I also really enjoyed the Sunday morning session. Elder Causse’s talk about being excited about the gospel, and how we need to be excited to share the simple truths of the gospel, and be centered on Christ.! I really loved how Elder Holland talked about who the Savior will never leave you, even if you tell him to go away. He will always stay by your side to catch you if you are about to fall. Did you love the guy who spoke about National Geographic? I thought that was a pretty cool picture!

So Easter was really fun this year!

After Conference, we headed over to the Whites house for dinner. We had the usual set up, ham, potatoes, etc. (What else do you have on Easter?) And we played a board game with the girls. We played Harry Potter Clue! (That, by the way, I want when I get home 🙂 It was really cool! And we had red velvet cheesecake… Yup, that’s about it!

Well that’s all for this week!