NY Rain, Transfers and Giant Cake

So this week was really fun!

On Tuesday…

We were hit by a huge rain storm! It lasted only 15 minutes! That morning, the sky was clear and sunny, but after lunch it started to rain. It was just sprinkling a little bit, so we thought it would be ok to walk in, and sometimes it’s fun to walk in the rain! (We had our umbrellas of course!) Well we walked down the road (Maybe 50 ft from our apartment) and it started pouring! So we ran under a big tree for protection, to wait for it to settle down. But it didn’t! At this point the road was practically a river, so we decided to run back to our apartment. Well my companion ran through a giant puddle, and her shoes were all wet. Five minutes after we got into our apartment, the rain stopped. So we went out again. And the sky was clear and sunny. 🙂

On Wednesday…

While we were at one of the community lunches we help out with, one of the other volunteers offered us a cake (it was donated to them by the store). It was a giant cake! Almost as big as a Costco cake. Well, I was trying to be polite and not take it, because someone else might need it. But my companion heard the conversation and she ran over and told the lady that we would take the cake. Well, it was good. It’s all gone now. We took it to District Meeting and bible Study AND gave some to the Elders and it’s still wasn’t gone! However there was just enough for us to enjoy and not get sick. I am grateful that we were able to use the cake somewhere. 🙂

On Thursday…

We had District Meeting! It was the last District Meeting that our District Leader would do because he is going home. BTW my companion and I are both staying in Lake Placid, however my exchange Sister is being transferred to Auburn with my old companion, isn’t that cool? Anyway, back to District Meeting… For district meeting, we learned about different people in the scriptures who we wanted to be like. I participated, and used the example of Nephi (he’s the best!) and how he persevered and was obedient. We also did a fun role play where the Senior couples were in different corners of the room and us as young missionaries had to OYM them (OYM means “open your mouth” from a scripture somewhere in the scriptures… so it basically means to talk with everyone you see…We do this a lot in Lake Placid…). So we did that, and it was a lot of fun! Then we ate cake and signed everyone’s books (BTW I have a book too!).


During my personal studies I have been reading about Alma and Amulek and the sons of Mosiah. I have really loved reading about them and about how they have done missionary work. I love how they persevere and are diligent in their work. It makes me excited about missionary work!

On Sunday…

We spontaneously taught Liz in Young Women’s. We taught about how to strengthen your testimony and how we need to do the simple things in life, like reading your scriptures or praying going to church. Because if we stop doing those things we start to loose faith and our testimony will die, and we will fall away! So be sure to do those things! 🙂

That’s all for this week!

Spiders Everywhere!

The weather in New York is not too hot, usually it’s between 45-80 the past two weeks but it always feels hotter because it’s so humid. Sometimes the weather is bipolar like Utah, but I think Utah still wins!

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning…

We had another Sister with us. On Tuesday we all met at the Lake Placid meeting house (Us, the Plattsburgh Sisters and the Norwood Sisters, all the sister in our zone) to start our exchange. Well the Norwood Sisters were really fascinated about our church building, because it is so small. As they discovered it they found the font, well they wanted to see the font so we opened it up for them to see, and we found 13 spiders crawling around. It was gross! So obviously, we took pictures. Then an Elder came to the rescue and smashed all of them. I’m glad we found it then and not later.

Nothing to exciting happened. We had a few lessons, we did service, and we went tracting. It was really fun because it was like having a sleepover.

One day we were outside, my companion was writing in her Book of Mormon so we could give it to someone. As we were waiting for my companion to finish, we saw a guy fall down. There were a lot of trees in between us and the guy who fell down, and he was quite a bit away from us so we couldn’t run down to help him. He got up pretty fast and went on his way. The exchange Sister was concerned for him so she shouted down to the man and asked if he was okay. He said he was, but now he’s embarrassed because we saw him fall.

Also when we went to one of the soup kitchens we go to, my companion was serving some soup and a little girl came up and asked what it was. She told her what it was and said “It’s good I think,” And the little girl responded and said, “Don’t trust people that say I think,” I thought it was funny!

During our exchange we have been trying to use The Book of Mormon more and share the importance of it. We’ve challenged a few people to read it. I hope they do!

On Friday…

We had ZTM (Zone Training Meeting). It was about teaching skills and how we teach better. I learned a lot from the meeting and I feel like I have already been able to use what I learned from ZTM. I am very grateful for it. I also gave the opening prayer, and I spoke loud and confidently. My companion even noticed!

AT ZTM we did a fun role play:

Two companionships got together. Two missionaries were the missionaries, one was the investigator and one was the observer. We were given a paper that told us what our investigator’s name was, and a little bit about him and that we were going to teach the Law of Chastity. So we started teaching. It was a little awkward at first because we were teaching the Law of Chastity, however, the investigator totally changed what we were talking about. I have to admit, I was a little frustrated because he was changing the lesson. Little did we know, the objective of the investigator was completely different for that lesson we were teaching. The investigator wanted to know why there were so many different churches. We did the role play a second time. This time my perspective was a little different, I wasn’t focused on teaching just the Law of Chastity, I was focused on the needs of the investigator, because of this the spirit was able to be present during the lesson. We were willing to change directed if the spirit directed us to. It was a great exercise!

This week we ran into two people (random people that I don’t even know) who have asked me why I don’t say much. So I guess I need to talk more when we meet random people. Sometimes it hard because I just don’t have anything to say. So I guess I need to find something to say. 🙂

On Sunday…

We taught Gospel Principles. I can definitely see a different in our teaching skill since ZTM on Friday. We were able to be more balanced. It wasn’t just my companion giving the lesson, it was both of us.

This week, we picked up a new investigator! She was taught by the missionaries before. She lives up the street from us and we saw her out cleaning her windows so we talked with her. We stressed the importance of praying and reading The Book of Mormon. She is very sweet and she likes to write poetry too.

Dinners and Calling Home

We had dinner four times this week!

Once with the Thompson’s, once with the King’s and twice with the White’s! On Tuesday, there was a miss understanding about dinner. On our side we thought we were going to drive to the Thompson’s house (they live about 45 minutes away!). On their side, they thought we were meeting them at a restaurant is Saranac Lake! We Sister Gass and I don’t really know any of the restaurants in town so we thought it was were the Thompson’s live. Luckily and we were passing Saranac Lake we saw the restaurant! We were slightly confused. Anyway we called the Thompson’s and in the end everything worked out!

On Wednesday…We had dinner with the White’s. They were having a BBQ for the branch because their friend (who used to go to church in Lake Placid) were coming to visit. We didn’t know them but it was fun to be with the branch.

On Thursday…We had lunch with the King’s. we ate sandwiches and they talked about the church an how awesome it is. And also how they are trying to help others come to church. They are really nice.

On Sunday… It was Mother’s Day, so we went over to the White’s to Skype and call our families! It was really fun! They also had us over for dinner! We ate hot dogs (from the grill!) they also had veggie straws! I love those things so much!

Well other things that happened this week:

On Tuesday…

We had a district meeting. It was about teaching simply. Teaching simply and simply testifying is more powerful than deep doctrine. I also noticed that in my personal study one day, I came across this scripture:

“And according to his faith there was a mighty change wrought in his heart. Behold I say unto you that this is all true.” (Alma 5:12)

I really liked how Alma said: “Behold I say unto you that this is all true.” He wasn’t telling them another fact for them to know and he wasn’t giving them knowledge. He was testifing to them, that they might know in their hearts that it is true. I also noticed that when we try to teach more simply, we are more aware that they don’t know a lot of big words, and we are more able to explain those big words! And also, teaching doesn’t seem so hard now that we teach more simply.

This week we have ZTM so that will be exciting.

As a mission, we are trying to use Facebook for effectivly, so now we are starting to do Facebook Hashtag Events for the church members in the New York Utica mission. So this last week we did #Scripturepower! So that is the picture you see on Facebook of me with a Book of Mormon. I am super excited for these events! I know that they will help the mission as a whole.

On Saturday…

We had a relief Society Activity, we learned more about gardening. I might want a garden when I get home, and we tied another quilt. We also talked about the book Daughters in My Kingdom I really like this book and I hope to read it one day.

On Sunday…

We taught Young Women’s. We talked about how we can receive personal revelation. Even I learned a lot and I was teaching it. The young Women that we have, is really amazing. She has so many insights. She would make a good missionary. I really like the Pattern’s of Light videos from Elder Bednar. I really liked how he compared receiving revelation in three ways. I also liked the question that we posed: I know I am receiving personal revelation when_______” I really like the answers everyone gave. they were: When I receive answers to my prayer, I feel happy, I have a feeling like I know that it is right.

Well we also got to call home yesterday. It was so fun! The best part about calling home is just hearing the voices of your family. I love it so much! I also appreciate the White’s for allowing us to use their stuff to call home.

One night my companion wanted me to tell her a story, so this is what I said:

One day, there were two missionaries who were riding their bikes. then they come across this lady who is also riding her bike, so obviously, they said hi, introduced them selves and taught her the first lesson all while riding their bikes! She really loved it so she invited them to her house the next day. Well, as the story goes they taught her all the lessons, she had a baptismal date, she was ready, and then that week when she was riding her bike, she was hit by a car. She was hospitalized and she blamed it all on the Church and she sopped having lessons and was totally against the Church. Well a few years went by and she was riding her bike again (the obvious thing to do is ride your bike after you’ve alright been hit) and these two Elders come up by her and start talking to her so she said “Alright I’ll give it another try!” and so she does and she was baptized! And after one of the Elder missionaries got home, she married him (Because that happens a lot! And they lived happily ever after!

Well it’s raining REALLY hard right now!

We were walking to do our emails and these big, huge, ginormous drops of water start falling from the sky. So we started booking it down Main Street to get to the Library.

Top 6, Barkeater and Some Other Stuff

Top 6 Things that happened this week:

1.We got chased by a dog…TWICE!

Sooooo… One day my companion and I were trying to find investigators and we went passed a street sign that said “Barkeater.” Well she thought that was really funny, so we parked the car and went to go take a picture of this sign. Well, this big black dog starts barking and charging at us! We freaked out because we didn’t know what to do! At least we were smart enough not to start running. 🙂 Well as soon as the dog came to us, it was calm. So we pet it a bit to show that we were friendly. And then the owner called it back and it left.

The second time was not as exciting. We were tracting in a very rural part of town. We were walking up the hill and all of a sudden we heard barking. So my companion grabbed a stick off of the ground just in case AND she gets her camera out so she can document us being chased by a big black dog. So it starts running, but we stayed still hoping it would go back home. Well it didn’t but it did stop running! So we start slowly going down the hill and the dog spotted us and started running towards us! And then all of a sudden, when it was about 3 feet in front of us, it stopped.

I am very grateful that we didn’t get eaten by a dog! I know that is both those incidences, Heavenly Father was watching out for us so that we would be kept safe. Even though it was scary that dogs were chasing us, I know that I will be kept safe.

2. We had ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) about praying sincerely

I LOVED ZTM! I learned a lot, AND I bore my testimony at the end of the meeting (we always have a testimony meeting after big meetings). I am glad we learned about praying as it has helped me to realized how important prayer really is. That is how we can make big decisions and how we can receive revelation, and it is how we communicate with God.

I also met a sister there who had a nice camera! I was able to become friends with her because we have a similar interest. She came out here the transfer after me. So we will be in the mission together for a while! Maybe I will be companions with her 😉

3. We saw one of the best CES Devotionals EVER!

Did you see the Devotional last night? I don’t know if you watch them…if you haven’t, go watch it whenever it comes out on LDS.org It was really good! It was by Elder Broadbant. It was about having a “Perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ” And who our faith is better than you think. I really liked to visuals he used. When it comes out, I want it.

4. I can’t believe I graduated almost a year ago!

As we were watching the CES Devo, the person conducting was welcoming everyone and the seminary students who will be graduating soon. And I thought about it for a minute, and I realized that a year ago I was watching a CES Devo for the seminary senior testimony night! I couldn’t believe that I had graduated high school almost a year ago.


While we were at our usually service project at the community lunch in Lake Placid, we literally watched the lake melt. By the end of lunch… the ice was gone! Summer is finally here! It’s in the 70’s today. No coat, no boots, no tights, and no hat, not even a cardigan!

6. We watched Meet the Mormons:

As a way to try and find people, a member of our branch had the idea to show Meet the Mormons. I really like this movie! it’s the best movie ever. I’m glad we got to watch it twice. Some of our investigators came and they really liked it. I really like the Missionary Mom part, because I am on a mission and I can relate to it a lot. Also Salt Lake City looks super tiny because the mountains are actually real mountains. New York is so low that most cities in Utah are higher that the tallest mountain in New York. I also love the Candy Bomber just because I really like that story… even before the movie came out.

Other things I keep forgetting to tell you:

The dirt road in front of our house is literally like being on the Indiana Jones ride! It was worse at the beginning of spring when Sister Peterson was with me. Sometimes we would start humming the theme song!

There is sand everywhere. It’s like Lake Placid is a beach! I guess the sand makes the snow melt faster.