State Yard Sale and a Few Thoughts


OK it’s not that exciting. On Friday (the 24th aka Pioneer day) I heard fireworks, I couldn’t figure out where they were and the trees were too high but I heard them! On Friday, we woke up to noise. Why was is noisy at 6:30 in the morning? Well I guess once a year there is a garage sale on Rout 90. It’s a really long street in NY and I guess we live on part of that street. There were people everywhere.

This week we had a wonderful ward picnic.

We had chicken (the pieces were HUGE it was a whole half a chicken!). We played Uno. Just like all those times in Placid (game night)! For a few weeks now I have been craving no bake cookies… I don’t know why, but I have, and someone brought them. They tasted so good! I really feel like I am getting to know the ward here, so that’s good. And of course as we were about to leave it started raining… Lovely NY!

This week was my first District Meeting with senior couples.

It was a bit crazy. We had a get to know you game where we each asked a question and then we all had to answer it. Apparently my patronice (Idk if that’s right…the thing from Harry Potter) is a zebra, and my companion thinks I’m a turtle. After a debate about where our district lunch will be (It’s this week, so your hear about it next week) we got to our training. Sister Gilstrap (I just follow her everywhere) and her brand new trainee gave the training. It was about helping members feel comfortable teaching with us. We did a pretty awesome role play where we had a “member” (another missionary) with us. It was easy to see that having members at lessons really does help investigators make friends in the ward or branch. We want to implement that more! Next week my companion and I are giving the training, for the first time ever! It’s gonna be fun!

A few other thoughts:

Remember That investigator that we found a few weeks? Well we went to her house on Tuesday to teach her. She said she forgot that another appointment came up, however we were able to meet her family. We haven’t been able to meet with her since. Both my companion and I know that she is prepared, and we know we have done some good even if we are not the ones who bring her to baptism.

I had my first ever phone lesson! He lives far into our area so most of the time we just have a phone lesson unless we can meet at a members house. He said that he has had a hard time getting work off on Sundays. I was able to tell him my story of getting Sundays off while working at WalMart. I hope that it will help him too! I am excited to see him at church one of these days

We met with a less active this last week, she is really getting into the Book of Mormon. She even wants to meet with us once a week so that her Niece can read with us! That’s awesome!

We have invited a 10 year old girl and her sister to church. They are always really excited when we come over! We haven’t started teaching yet because we need permission, however we will probably start teaching her this week. I hope she comes to church one day!


This week we had two dinner appointments! One was with an older couple. He use to be a seminary teacher. It made me think of my time in seminary, and how much I loved it. We had stroganoff, my favorite! It was pretty good. On Friday we had dinner with another couple at a Chinese restaurant. It was pretty good.

Next week we have an exchange… I am going to Hamilton.  It’s gonna be awesome!

I hope you have a great week!