This week was really great!

And it went by really fast!

On Tuesday

We had district meeting. It was so fun to see Sister Abbott! We talked about finding. We did a fun role play with phones. One companionship would step out side the room at call another companionship and set up an appointment with them as if they were potential investigators! I had a fun time, and just like I said last transfer, I am excited for this district!

We are going to have a BAPTISM this Saturday!

I am so excited! It was really funny because Sister Hess and I have never had a baptism before, so we didn’t exactly know how to make it happen. On Thursday morning, Sister Hess said, “Don’t we need to do an interview for Danielle?” so we called our district leader and he walked us through it. At first he asked if we had filled out the record, we both looked at each other and said, “What record?” We were majorly lost! However it all worked out in the end! Her interview was on Saturday, She passed and is getting baptized next week! Advice to all future missionaries! Read chapter 12 of PMG! It will help tremendously when you are planning a baptism!

I got to see Sister Abbott more than once this week, in fact we played volley ball earlier today! I was also able to see her last night when we went to a fireside about fasting. It was really good and it reminded me how fasting really does bring blessings and miracles! Afterward we had cookies (No Bake Cookies…yummmm!) and we talked for a while!

We have had great lessons with our other investigators as well! We were also able to pick up two new investigators! One of them even prayed about Joseph Smith before we even got there! I am glad that I am able to feel the spirit everyday! I am also glad that we can invited to that same spirit into the lives of those that we teach. A lot of our investigators don’t want us to leave because of the feeling we have when we are in their home!

We had dinner at the Drakes house again.

They are still doing awesome and I am grateful to have the chance to meet them! I am grateful to be in this area and I am excited for the things that will happen here!

Well It went by really fast!

However I haven’t been able to stop smiling since I got here! Sister Hess is so great! Our friendship has grown in just one week! It’s amazing, the people that Heavenly Father puts in our path.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!!

My Companion is Also My Cousin

So this week was long and I’m not sure if I can remember everything that happened!

As you know, I got transferred to Binghamton (We actually live in Vestal). I was only in Cortland for one transfer (6 weeks)! I thought it was very strange that I was only there for one transfer. Come to find out, there were a lot of missionaries that pulled one transfer areas! I guess there were a lot of changes because there were 21 new missionaries coming into the mission! Lots of new missionaries= lots of trainers…

On Monday

We had dinner with Bobbi Jo, we had spaghetti, with big chunks of tomatoes. It was so good! I am glad I was able to go to Cortland to meet some wonderful people! Sister Moss even told me that I should come back some day, her daughter, Ellie, even wrote me a “Life Plan” It consists of going home, meeting my future husband at college, coming back to see Ellie, having a baby, coming back to see Ellie, and so forth! It was really cute!

On Wednesday Morning

We woke up at 5:45 so that we would be ready for the Binghamton sisters to pick us up at 7! We finally got everything ready, the sisters arrived, we packed our stuff in the car, I hardly had a moment to hug Sister Chandler, and then Sister Hess and I were off to Vestal (Where we actually live).

As we drove back I asked Sister Hess if she knew a John Hess in her family history, she thought for a while (her response later was “When people ask me about my family history, I usually don’t know anything”) and then she said yes! Later, on the computer, we went to family search and we found out that we were not only related to John W. Hess, we were also related to the same wife, Mary Ann Steed (because it was back in the early days of the Church when they practiced polygamy)! We figured out that Sister Hess is my cousin 4 times removed. Sister Hess was able to link my family tree to her family tree because she did have that side connected on There are miracles everywhere!

When we got into our apartment I think I was in heaven! It was the first “normal” looking apartment I have been in since I came on my mission! No more leaky ceilings or really hot apartments! I think I will like it here!
We had lunch with Sister Mcdaniel, she is very involved in the missionary work in the area. Her son is on a mission is Southern Germany right now. It is interesting because in each area I’ve served I’ve managed to find someone who has served/is serving in Germany and Brazil.

We saw one of our investigators on Wednesday night, She has a baptismal date and she is progressing a lot! She even came to church on Sunday! We saw her after Sacrament meeting and she looked so happy. she had one of those smiles that would make anyone smile just by looking at her! I am so excited for her and I hardly know her!

We also so another investigator, He is from China and is really progressing, he loves to meet with us and is very smart. Some times it is hard to understand him, however I am grateful for the spirit and being able to know what to say even if it’s hard at first to understand at first!

We also met with some recent converts in the Ward. They have 5 children all under the age of 5 (Sister Hess said “It sounds like a TV show!”) The oldest gave me about 50 hugs! she is so love-able! They are excited to go to the temple!

We had dinner with the Pettengil’s they are an older couple in the ward. One of the first things they asked me was if I could sing. Obviously they are the choir directors so of course I’m in the choir now. I think they like to try and recruit as many missionaries as they can! 😉

On Sunday nights

We go to Sister Drake’s house for dinner. She has two little boys and has been having the sister missionaries over for Sunday dinner for a long time. She is very nice and I already feel at home at her house! Her sons like Harry Potter so I fit in well! 😉

One more thing:

SISTER ABBOTT IS IN MY DISTRICT!!! So I will be able to see her tomorrow! I am so excited! I have loved all of my Companions!
Sister Hess is really great! She is from Ogden. Oh and she is only a month younger than me. So she graduated with me! She reminds me of me when I lost my trainer! However she talked more than I did! She is really great at taking over this area! She says things that really help those around her and she always has a smile on her face! However, it is really weird to think that she has heard all of the new songs on the radio and seen all the new movies before she came out. I always forget that she had come out after me until she mentions a song I haven’t heard before…

Well that’s all for this week!

Destiny, Binghamton and the Cutest!

Monday was a really fun day!

We went to Destiny Mall! It’s the biggest mall in the US…or something like that. For lunch we went to Fridays (Out of all places in NY, we went to Fridays…). Then we walked around a bit, we found a really cool store called “Salt of the Earth” They sell shirts, note card, mugs, and other things that have scriptures on them. It was pretty cool! We also went to the Disney store (of course) and Forever 21 (they have cheap earrings). We came home a lot later than we thought, so I wrote letters in the car!

That night we had dinner with Sister Roberson. She made Chicken Divan (chicken, cream of mushroom, rice, broccoli, in a crock pot). It was good!

On Tuesday…

We had a pretty good lesson with the older lady whose brother is LDS she has a strong belief is Christ! She is super sweet! We went back on Thursday to continue teaching her and she left a note on her door saying that she had a doctor’s appointment come up, so she couldn’t meet with us. It was the cutest! We are meeting with her again on Tuesday.

District Meeting…

Was on Wednesday, and two of the Elders from our District are leaving on Wednesday, so our District Leader decided to make a tombstone for them because they are “dying” from their mission. It was pretty funny! We talked about the importance of the Sacrament and how we can make it more meaningful in our lives. Then we took pictures!

After district meeting, we changed into our service clothes and headed off to the Carman’s house (or should I say farm). We helped Sister Carman stack hay in the barn. It was kind of fun! Afterwards she served us sandwiches and ice cream.

That evening Sister Chandler taught the Young Women how to make potato donuts (duh, she’s from Idaho!). They were really good! Nice and moist. One day I will make them! 🙂

On Friday…

We helped Sister Mundy clean her house. There were Lego’s everywhere. Sister Chandler sang to her, she started crying, so it must have been good! That night we had dinner with the Roberson family… not the same one as Monday. We made homemade pizza, mine had pepperoni, spinach, feta and Parmesan. They were really tasty! They have a very nice family, I am glad that I was able to meet them.


As we were driving away from the Roberson’s, President Rogers called us, so we answered. He asked to speak to my companion and he said, “I would like to extend a call to you to be a trainer,” trying so hard to keep calm, she said, “Um… ok, I can do that.” Then he told me that I would be getting transferred to Binghamton, (it’s near the Pennsylvania border in the Owego Zone/Stake), and be companions with Sister Hess… so we will see if we are related… As soon as we hung up my companion rolled down her window and screamed, but don’t worry we were in the middle of nowhere. 🙂

On Saturday…

We were supposed to have a service project a half hour away. When we got there, they told us it was cancelled. Well the Fulton missionaries were there with their bishop. So the bishop took us to McDonald’s. When in doubt go to McDonald’s!

On Sunday…

We went to church. Everyone thought that my companion was leaving… NOPE it’s me! I didn’t think that people would care that I was leaving but they did. 🙂

After church we saw the 10 year old. We don’t get a lot of a lesson in sometimes because she is only ten, we try to take it slower so she will be able to retain what she is learning. At one point she went over to the screen door and said, “Momma! Can the Mormons see my room?” It was hard not to laugh. We explained that we were missionaries… I don’t think it has stuck yet. When we told her that we were leaving, she asked her mom if we could have lunch the next day, so we are going to have mac and cheese, grilled cheese, AND tomato soup… outside… on a blanket… under a tree… as a picnic. We’ll see how that goes! 🙂 She also gave both of us one of her Pokémon cards… and a bracelet she made for us 🙂 I will miss her a lot!!! She is the cutest!

Then we saw Sister Shutts, she gave me a PowerAde as a going away present. Then we saw Sister Wood. She doesn’t even know me (she is old and can’t remember very well). Bobbi Jo, the one who made my Zebra, is having us over for dinner tonight before I leave. Spaghetti!

Well… I think that is it!

Schnitzel, Oreos and Mission Conference

On Tuesday we had our Mission Conference!

I was really great! Before it started we were in the foyer waiting for everyone to arrive. I walked down the hall to get a drink, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone running towards me, I looked around and it was my MTC companion! She almost knocked me over! We talked for a while, and at one point I heard someone say “Lake Placid.” So of course I had to go over and ask them what they were talking about. Apparently they have closed the Sisters area of Lake Placid. It’s really sad, however they moved my companion that I left there and her companion to Horseheads (that’s on the west half of our mission) which means I was able to see her! Not only that, but I saw all of my companions! The only time that will ever happen because one of them is leaving in a week… Anyway I felt like Ammon when he is reunited with is brothers.

President Rogers had a really great training. He told us how to be great missionaries, He told us to be 100% missionaries, to study Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon, know the white handbook, Achieve our missions standards, and to help our investigators have a mighty change of heart. We also filled out a goal sheet, we put it in a sealed envelope that we will open at the end of our missions! I can see that President Rogers is called of God to be the mission president for this mission. He set higher mission standards (2 baptisms a transfer, 6 new investigators weekly, and 5 progressing investigators), I have already seen miracles come from that!

On Tuesday night…

We were able to teach that 10 year old girl I mentioned about before. She loves church and she always wants to go inside all the churches. She is very smart, and she understands what we are teaching her. She was even able to explain the Holy Ghost to her little sister. Her mother told us that we are her favorite people. I don’t think it’s just us, I think it’s the fact that we have the spirit with us, and she can feel that. Every time we go over there, she makes my companion and I so happy! Hopefully she will be able to come to church next week.

On Wednesday…

We taught an old lady. We started teaching her and she asked, “Does this have to do with the Mormon church?” We said yes and she lit up and said, “My brother is apart of your church. It’s nice to hear about it again.” At first I was a little doubtful because she has already heard our message, however I realized that her brother was probably praying for his family to be able to have their hearts softened, I started to become hopeful. I hope that we can continue teaching her!

That night we had dinner with a less active member of the ward. She found out that my companion and I both like fish so she wanted to have a “Fish Fry” with us. We ate fish that still had bones in it! It tasted good but it’s really hard to eat because there are so many bones!

Schnitzel Day and Oreo Day! Yay!

This week we had Oreos and Schnitzel in honor of my two German sisters who came to the US 2 and 3 years ago as exchange students! It was a lot of fun!

On Sunday…

We watched a conference for all the General Authorities about the Sabbath Day. I had already seen it at a Zone Conference, but it was good to see it again. This year they want us to focus on the Sabbath Day and how we can make it more meaningful in our lives.

On Sunday evening we had dinner with the Moss’ again. They had been on vacation for the past few weeks. Well it was only the girls today because there was a stake priesthood meeting. We and a great time there. She had a cool book that had a lot of stories about early missionaries. She shared a few stories from it. It was fun!


Hot Wings and Hamilton

For the past week…

The only thing that I have been talking about is our mission conference that will be held tomorrow. Since our mission is so big, there will be two mission conference, one on the west and one on the east. So sadly I won’t be able to see some old companions, however I will get to see my MTC companion (I haven’t seen her since February), and my first companion! I will be singing in the choir! I’ve never been to a mission conference before, and I am excited for what it will be like.

On Wednesday…

My companion and I gave our first training together… well, it was my first time. We discussed hope. We will have a successful mission only if we have hope. We did everything from reading scriptures (2 Nephi 31:20 and the story of Job) to singing primary songs (“I Hope They Call Me on a Mission”). It was a lot of fun! I don’t know how our training touched the other missionaries in our district, however, I do know that I felt the spirit. It’s always a good sign when you can feel the Spirit.

After our district meeting in Auburn we had our district lunch and Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ve never been there before, however my companion said there is one Idaho. I don’t know if there are any in Utah but I’ve sure never seen one before! Or maybe I’m just blind… If there is, you should go! I think I got the hottest wings out of everyone. It was a lot of fun to get to know our district.

We finally got back to Homer…

Just to turn around and leave again. We headed off to Fabian (halfway in between Homer and Hamilton) to meet the Hamilton Sister for our exchange. Obviously Wednesday was crazy! My companion took a Sister (My MTC buddy!) back to Homer/Cortland and I DROVE with the other Sister back to Hamilton. We exchanged for a day. I saw so many wonderful people! That night we walked down to the church… or more of the building that the church is in. The Hamilton chapel is in a medical office building. It has one hallway. It was smaller than Lake Placid. I told my companion for a day that the church is a spiritual medical office.

My companion for a day was really great! She is from Texas (You could obviously tell… Texan Pride everywhere!) I would complain about the humidity… she would just laugh. She also served in Lake Placid. So I got her all caught up on life there. We shared stories about Lake Placid, pictures of Lake Placid and places in Lake Placid.

I met the Branch President and his family. They were really nice! Even though would be leaving the next day and probably not coming back, they still took the time to get to know me! They also know where Eagle Mountain is… We ate taco salad. It was good!

While I was there, we had two Facebook lessons! In one day! We used the computers at the College. It seems like every city in New York has a College (BTW it rained the whole time I was there! But what else in new? ;).

From this exchange I realized how confident I am now! I was able to testify and teach these people that I have never met before, I am so grateful for this exchange and the opportunity to share the gospel.

On the way home from Hamilton…

We stopped at the Moss’ and picked up farm eggs. They are a lot yellower than the ones from the store… and they tasted better!

Along with a college in every town… there are also ice cream stops in every town. In Groton (a city in our area) there is a cool ice cream stop in a caboose of an old train. We got a banana split, but they called it a banana boat. So far none of my companions have made banana boats while camping. They all think it sounds good so, they are going to have to make them.

We taught Relief Society on Sunday.

I felt inadequate teaching all these married women with children , about “Filling our Homes with Truth and Light” (Cheryl A. Eslpin). However, I did feel the spirit, so that was a good sign! In preparation for the lesson, I learned that I need to keep a strong testimony and share it with my future family.

On Sunday, right after church, we had dinner with the Huchinson’s. They are a nice couple in our ward. When we got to their house they had only started preparing dinner, so we helped them make it. Sister Chandler made the cornbread for the taco soup, and I helped Sister Huchinson make chocolate pudding. It was really good pudding, nice and chocolaty! During dinner, I found out that Sister Huchinson is very musically talented and she enjoys theater. I told her that I was in Pirates of Penzance at my high school and we talked about it for a while, because she did a production of it too, and loves it.