Hot Wings and Hamilton

For the past week…

The only thing that I have been talking about is our mission conference that will be held tomorrow. Since our mission is so big, there will be two mission conference, one on the west and one on the east. So sadly I won’t be able to see some old companions, however I will get to see my MTC companion (I haven’t seen her since February), and my first companion! I will be singing in the choir! I’ve never been to a mission conference before, and I am excited for what it will be like.

On Wednesday…

My companion and I gave our first training together… well, it was my first time. We discussed hope. We will have a successful mission only if we have hope. We did everything from reading scriptures (2 Nephi 31:20 and the story of Job) to singing primary songs (“I Hope They Call Me on a Mission”). It was a lot of fun! I don’t know how our training touched the other missionaries in our district, however, I do know that I felt the spirit. It’s always a good sign when you can feel the Spirit.

After our district meeting in Auburn we had our district lunch and Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ve never been there before, however my companion said there is one Idaho. I don’t know if there are any in Utah but I’ve sure never seen one before! Or maybe I’m just blind… If there is, you should go! I think I got the hottest wings out of everyone. It was a lot of fun to get to know our district.

We finally got back to Homer…

Just to turn around and leave again. We headed off to Fabian (halfway in between Homer and Hamilton) to meet the Hamilton Sister for our exchange. Obviously Wednesday was crazy! My companion took a Sister (My MTC buddy!) back to Homer/Cortland and I DROVE with the other Sister back to Hamilton. We exchanged for a day. I saw so many wonderful people! That night we walked down to the church… or more of the building that the church is in. The Hamilton chapel is in a medical office building. It has one hallway. It was smaller than Lake Placid. I told my companion for a day that the church is a spiritual medical office.

My companion for a day was really great! She is from Texas (You could obviously tell… Texan Pride everywhere!) I would complain about the humidity… she would just laugh. She also served in Lake Placid. So I got her all caught up on life there. We shared stories about Lake Placid, pictures of Lake Placid and places in Lake Placid.

I met the Branch President and his family. They were really nice! Even though would be leaving the next day and probably not coming back, they still took the time to get to know me! They also know where Eagle Mountain is… We ate taco salad. It was good!

While I was there, we had two Facebook lessons! In one day! We used the computers at the College. It seems like every city in New York has a College (BTW it rained the whole time I was there! But what else in new? ;).

From this exchange I realized how confident I am now! I was able to testify and teach these people that I have never met before, I am so grateful for this exchange and the opportunity to share the gospel.

On the way home from Hamilton…

We stopped at the Moss’ and picked up farm eggs. They are a lot yellower than the ones from the store… and they tasted better!

Along with a college in every town… there are also ice cream stops in every town. In Groton (a city in our area) there is a cool ice cream stop in a caboose of an old train. We got a banana split, but they called it a banana boat. So far none of my companions have made banana boats while camping. They all think it sounds good so, they are going to have to make them.

We taught Relief Society on Sunday.

I felt inadequate teaching all these married women with children , about “Filling our Homes with Truth and Light” (Cheryl A. Eslpin). However, I did feel the spirit, so that was a good sign! In preparation for the lesson, I learned that I need to keep a strong testimony and share it with my future family.

On Sunday, right after church, we had dinner with the Huchinson’s. They are a nice couple in our ward. When we got to their house they had only started preparing dinner, so we helped them make it. Sister Chandler made the cornbread for the taco soup, and I helped Sister Huchinson make chocolate pudding. It was really good pudding, nice and chocolaty! During dinner, I found out that Sister Huchinson is very musically talented and she enjoys theater. I told her that I was in Pirates of Penzance at my high school and we talked about it for a while, because she did a production of it too, and loves it.