Destiny, Binghamton and the Cutest!

Monday was a really fun day!

We went to Destiny Mall! It’s the biggest mall in the US…or something like that. For lunch we went to Fridays (Out of all places in NY, we went to Fridays…). Then we walked around a bit, we found a really cool store called “Salt of the Earth” They sell shirts, note card, mugs, and other things that have scriptures on them. It was pretty cool! We also went to the Disney store (of course) and Forever 21 (they have cheap earrings). We came home a lot later than we thought, so I wrote letters in the car!

That night we had dinner with Sister Roberson. She made Chicken Divan (chicken, cream of mushroom, rice, broccoli, in a crock pot). It was good!

On Tuesday…

We had a pretty good lesson with the older lady whose brother is LDS she has a strong belief is Christ! She is super sweet! We went back on Thursday to continue teaching her and she left a note on her door saying that she had a doctor’s appointment come up, so she couldn’t meet with us. It was the cutest! We are meeting with her again on Tuesday.

District Meeting…

Was on Wednesday, and two of the Elders from our District are leaving on Wednesday, so our District Leader decided to make a tombstone for them because they are “dying” from their mission. It was pretty funny! We talked about the importance of the Sacrament and how we can make it more meaningful in our lives. Then we took pictures!

After district meeting, we changed into our service clothes and headed off to the Carman’s house (or should I say farm). We helped Sister Carman stack hay in the barn. It was kind of fun! Afterwards she served us sandwiches and ice cream.

That evening Sister Chandler taught the Young Women how to make potato donuts (duh, she’s from Idaho!). They were really good! Nice and moist. One day I will make them! 🙂

On Friday…

We helped Sister Mundy clean her house. There were Lego’s everywhere. Sister Chandler sang to her, she started crying, so it must have been good! That night we had dinner with the Roberson family… not the same one as Monday. We made homemade pizza, mine had pepperoni, spinach, feta and Parmesan. They were really tasty! They have a very nice family, I am glad that I was able to meet them.


As we were driving away from the Roberson’s, President Rogers called us, so we answered. He asked to speak to my companion and he said, “I would like to extend a call to you to be a trainer,” trying so hard to keep calm, she said, “Um… ok, I can do that.” Then he told me that I would be getting transferred to Binghamton, (it’s near the Pennsylvania border in the Owego Zone/Stake), and be companions with Sister Hess… so we will see if we are related… As soon as we hung up my companion rolled down her window and screamed, but don’t worry we were in the middle of nowhere. 🙂

On Saturday…

We were supposed to have a service project a half hour away. When we got there, they told us it was cancelled. Well the Fulton missionaries were there with their bishop. So the bishop took us to McDonald’s. When in doubt go to McDonald’s!

On Sunday…

We went to church. Everyone thought that my companion was leaving… NOPE it’s me! I didn’t think that people would care that I was leaving but they did. 🙂

After church we saw the 10 year old. We don’t get a lot of a lesson in sometimes because she is only ten, we try to take it slower so she will be able to retain what she is learning. At one point she went over to the screen door and said, “Momma! Can the Mormons see my room?” It was hard not to laugh. We explained that we were missionaries… I don’t think it has stuck yet. When we told her that we were leaving, she asked her mom if we could have lunch the next day, so we are going to have mac and cheese, grilled cheese, AND tomato soup… outside… on a blanket… under a tree… as a picnic. We’ll see how that goes! 🙂 She also gave both of us one of her Pokémon cards… and a bracelet she made for us 🙂 I will miss her a lot!!! She is the cutest!

Then we saw Sister Shutts, she gave me a PowerAde as a going away present. Then we saw Sister Wood. She doesn’t even know me (she is old and can’t remember very well). Bobbi Jo, the one who made my Zebra, is having us over for dinner tonight before I leave. Spaghetti!

Well… I think that is it!