My Companion is Also My Cousin

So this week was long and I’m not sure if I can remember everything that happened!

As you know, I got transferred to Binghamton (We actually live in Vestal). I was only in Cortland for one transfer (6 weeks)! I thought it was very strange that I was only there for one transfer. Come to find out, there were a lot of missionaries that pulled one transfer areas! I guess there were a lot of changes because there were 21 new missionaries coming into the mission! Lots of new missionaries= lots of trainers…

On Monday

We had dinner with Bobbi Jo, we had spaghetti, with big chunks of tomatoes. It was so good! I am glad I was able to go to Cortland to meet some wonderful people! Sister Moss even told me that I should come back some day, her daughter, Ellie, even wrote me a “Life Plan” It consists of going home, meeting my future husband at college, coming back to see Ellie, having a baby, coming back to see Ellie, and so forth! It was really cute!

On Wednesday Morning

We woke up at 5:45 so that we would be ready for the Binghamton sisters to pick us up at 7! We finally got everything ready, the sisters arrived, we packed our stuff in the car, I hardly had a moment to hug Sister Chandler, and then Sister Hess and I were off to Vestal (Where we actually live).

As we drove back I asked Sister Hess if she knew a John Hess in her family history, she thought for a while (her response later was “When people ask me about my family history, I usually don’t know anything”) and then she said yes! Later, on the computer, we went to family search and we found out that we were not only related to John W. Hess, we were also related to the same wife, Mary Ann Steed (because it was back in the early days of the Church when they practiced polygamy)! We figured out that Sister Hess is my cousin 4 times removed. Sister Hess was able to link my family tree to her family tree because she did have that side connected on There are miracles everywhere!

When we got into our apartment I think I was in heaven! It was the first “normal” looking apartment I have been in since I came on my mission! No more leaky ceilings or really hot apartments! I think I will like it here!
We had lunch with Sister Mcdaniel, she is very involved in the missionary work in the area. Her son is on a mission is Southern Germany right now. It is interesting because in each area I’ve served I’ve managed to find someone who has served/is serving in Germany and Brazil.

We saw one of our investigators on Wednesday night, She has a baptismal date and she is progressing a lot! She even came to church on Sunday! We saw her after Sacrament meeting and she looked so happy. she had one of those smiles that would make anyone smile just by looking at her! I am so excited for her and I hardly know her!

We also so another investigator, He is from China and is really progressing, he loves to meet with us and is very smart. Some times it is hard to understand him, however I am grateful for the spirit and being able to know what to say even if it’s hard at first to understand at first!

We also met with some recent converts in the Ward. They have 5 children all under the age of 5 (Sister Hess said “It sounds like a TV show!”) The oldest gave me about 50 hugs! she is so love-able! They are excited to go to the temple!

We had dinner with the Pettengil’s they are an older couple in the ward. One of the first things they asked me was if I could sing. Obviously they are the choir directors so of course I’m in the choir now. I think they like to try and recruit as many missionaries as they can! 😉

On Sunday nights

We go to Sister Drake’s house for dinner. She has two little boys and has been having the sister missionaries over for Sunday dinner for a long time. She is very nice and I already feel at home at her house! Her sons like Harry Potter so I fit in well! 😉

One more thing:

SISTER ABBOTT IS IN MY DISTRICT!!! So I will be able to see her tomorrow! I am so excited! I have loved all of my Companions!
Sister Hess is really great! She is from Ogden. Oh and she is only a month younger than me. So she graduated with me! She reminds me of me when I lost my trainer! However she talked more than I did! She is really great at taking over this area! She says things that really help those around her and she always has a smile on her face! However, it is really weird to think that she has heard all of the new songs on the radio and seen all the new movies before she came out. I always forget that she had come out after me until she mentions a song I haven’t heard before…

Well that’s all for this week!