This week was really great!

And it went by really fast!

On Tuesday

We had district meeting. It was so fun to see Sister Abbott! We talked about finding. We did a fun role play with phones. One companionship would step out side the room at call another companionship and set up an appointment with them as if they were potential investigators! I had a fun time, and just like I said last transfer, I am excited for this district!

We are going to have a BAPTISM this Saturday!

I am so excited! It was really funny because Sister Hess and I have never had a baptism before, so we didn’t exactly know how to make it happen. On Thursday morning, Sister Hess said, “Don’t we need to do an interview for Danielle?” so we called our district leader and he walked us through it. At first he asked if we had filled out the record, we both looked at each other and said, “What record?” We were majorly lost! However it all worked out in the end! Her interview was on Saturday, She passed and is getting baptized next week! Advice to all future missionaries! Read chapter 12 of PMG! It will help tremendously when you are planning a baptism!

I got to see Sister Abbott more than once this week, in fact we played volley ball earlier today! I was also able to see her last night when we went to a fireside about fasting. It was really good and it reminded me how fasting really does bring blessings and miracles! Afterward we had cookies (No Bake Cookies…yummmm!) and we talked for a while!

We have had great lessons with our other investigators as well! We were also able to pick up two new investigators! One of them even prayed about Joseph Smith before we even got there! I am glad that I am able to feel the spirit everyday! I am also glad that we can invited to that same spirit into the lives of those that we teach. A lot of our investigators don’t want us to leave because of the feeling we have when we are in their home!

We had dinner at the Drakes house again.

They are still doing awesome and I am grateful to have the chance to meet them! I am grateful to be in this area and I am excited for the things that will happen here!

Well It went by really fast!

However I haven’t been able to stop smiling since I got here! Sister Hess is so great! Our friendship has grown in just one week! It’s amazing, the people that Heavenly Father puts in our path.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!!