Transfers and #creepystalkercat

I had a wonderful week!

BTW I like hashtags so that’s what this post will be made up of!!


We had a great district meeting! Our District Leader didn’t plan anything…but for good reason! He was trying to have us feel how are investigators feel when we don’t prepare anything! It was cool to see how much we really need to plan in order for the spirit to fully be there! Next transfer we are going to be in another district 🙁 So I won’t be in the same District as Sister Abbott! So Sad!! But I will still see her around!! 🙂


On Wednesday morning we had so much fun with Sister Savage!! We made chocolate suckers! They were Halloween themed! There was a witch one (Aka Elphaba) and a bat one she had other designs but we just stuck with those two! For lunch she served us tomato soup and fried cheese sandwiches (I’ve heard people call them that a lot…I guess it’s a NY thing haha). It was so good to have comfort food with fall in the air! At the end we made chocolate mustache suckers! We took selfies with them…obviously! We had so much fun!


On Friday We got to go to a Volley Ball game at the University! it was really fun! I forgot how much fun it is to be at school games!  It’s just like a a high school game! For some reason I thought it would be different…


Saturday was a busy day! In the morning we went to a service project in Ithica. We prepared food packets for children with out food. It was a fun process! There were four large bins of ingredients, Rice, dried veggies, vitamins, and soy. We would scoop the ingredients and put them through a funnel into a bag. Then they would weigh the bags to make sure there was a enough food, the bags would then get sealed and packed into boxes. We made over 300,000 meals! We also listened to classic songs from the 80’s 90’s and now (And sometimes even before the 80’s…) Doing service and rocking out to good music! So much fun!


The #generalwomensmeeting was so much fun! Especially since we had Olive Garden before! I have missed that so much! It reminds me of all the times we had it at home before or after the meetings! I loved all of the talks so much! I loved how they all talked about how Heavenly Father knows our worth and potential! I especially loved President Uchtdorf’s talk, and the story about Ava and her Great Aunt Rose. It was hilarious and it had a good ending. As a side note, I loved how he described the cat #creepystalkercat. We can be happy now and forever! Faith leads to Hope, Hope leads to Confidence and Confidence leads to Happiness! “Now is part of eternity”


We had a General Authority come and speak with us On Sunday. It was Elder Clay and his wife. They were actually from New York and he was the Stake President over in Syracuse. He also lived in Binghamton for a while and was baptized in the Binghamton Branch (Yes before it was a ward!) And so was Sister Clay. They talked a lot about the Sabbath Day. and I really enjoyed it! We also had the Stake President come and speak with us also. He gave us two steps of understanding the Atonement more. 1. Allow others to make mistakes and change 2. Avoid negative labels. I really enjoyed Sacrament meeting this Sunday!


As always we had dinner with the Drakes except this time we had the other Elders with us! (Soon we will have 3 sets of Elders in this ward!!!) We had enchiladas! They were sooooo goood! Some how I liked the bell peppers in it…#whathappened?! We had a fun “family picture” and then we went to a fireside! 🙂

Fun family photo with the drakes...and the dogs

Fun family photo with the drakes…and the dogs


On Sunday night we had the opportunity to go to really cool fireside about the Joseph knight and Josiah Stowell homes. I wasn’t too sure about how that connects with the church history but it does’t and I would love to go there and learn more about it, since this church history sight is actually in our mission! The Restoration of the Priesthood site and the Sacred Grove are so close yet so far away!! It also mentions Broome County in the Doctrine and Covenants and that is the county that we live in!!

One more thing…


On Saturday we had transfer calls! Sister Hess will be leaving me!! But she isn’t going to far just to Liverpool (Not in England, in NY!!! It’s by Syracuse…I’ve been there before for Zone meetings!) We have become best friends! We both can’t wait to hang out when she gets home (I keep forgetting that she goes home after me!) When she gets home I will already be in school at UVU so I’m going to take the Front Runner up to Ogden and she is going to show me around!! We already have a list of movies we want to watch and places we want to go! She is my best friend!! I’m going to miss her so so so much!

This is how we feel about transfers...

This is how we feel about transfers…

Loves yas!! Have a great week!

Adventures in Ithica

It was a very eventful week!

We had our Zone Conference on Tuesday. It was very fun! We learned about the doctrine of Christ and how that applies to our purpose as missionaries. Then we did some role plays (We ALWAYS do role plays!) We just taught the lessons very simply to each other without using any cheat sheets or anything like that. I love teaching with Sister Hess because she has an amazing spirit and testimony. BTW transfer calls are on Saturday and she swears she is leaving! I keep telling her to stop saying things like that. but if she is leaving I will miss her a lot! Back to Zone Conference, I learned a lot and I am excited to continue teaching people and being a missionary!!!

After ZC we went of EXCHANGES! I went to Ithica with Sister Wood (Sister Abbott’s trainer) and Sister Thompson (she was in Cortland before I got there) Came to Vestal with Sister Hess.

I had quite an adventure with Sister Wood!

We rode to Ithica with a Jolley’s (a senior couple) and they dropped us off at the apartment. We went in I put all my stuff down and we were about to leave when we realized that the car was at the Jolley’s house! So we started walking there (mine you it’s about 3 or 4 miles to their house!!) However on the way we saw the Elders and we begged them for a ride to the Jolley’s. So we got there and Sister Jolley just told us to go in and have ice cream so we did! And, yes we had to break into their apartment to get the ice cream. Their key was hung on a nail just above their back door…in plain sight! BTW they are headed back home now so I can tell you all of that!

I pretty sure we had a giggle fest on Tuesday night!

We just couldn’t stop laughing at want each other was saying! So I had a great time with Sister Wood! And I learned a lot from her. We also took pictures by graffiti of a gorilla…

Saturday was also a pretty busy day!

First of all we watched the dedication of the restoration site in Pennsylvania. all of us missionaries came to the church and watched on the computer. It was nice to watch! Then we had lunch with a member. She is a very sweet. We came back to the church for a baptism of someone that the Elders are teaching. He only had to be dunked once! For dinner we went to the Ward Chilly Cook off! they were all very good!  It’s always fun to have a full day!

On Friday we had a car fast!

So we tracted a bit and we for 2 people who seemed interested! We are excited to go back and teach them! We were also able to see on of our other investigators. She is a really sweet lady and she has “adopted” us! I might loose count of how many “moms” I have in NY…

On Sunday I realized it was my 8th months mark!

It’s super crazy! One more month and I will be half way through!!! I can’t believe it!

On Sunday night we had dinner at the Drakes!

Just like last week and the week before that… Well it was fun! The Elders came this time. Sister Hess made a really awesome cake It was delicious!!

This morning we went to the Drakes house again to do our laundry! It was free! We talked with Sister Drake and said hi to the boys before they left for School! We also ate pancakes that Sister Drake made!

Well that’s my week! have a good week yourselves!



It was a pretty slow week this week!

However, I did hold a tarantula this week! There is a less active member in the ward who has a lot of creepy critters and she let us hold a tarantula and take pictures! I was really scared but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

According to Sister Hess

Wednesday was a really weird day. We didn’t have any plans. Too me, it was like being in Placid again! No set appointments ever (ok sometimes…)! But to Sister Hess it was weird because that has never happened before. We sent out a text to the members and less active members asking if there was anything we could do for them that day. A lot of them said no thanks because it was the first day of school. A Sister from the ward actually invited us to dinner…So we asked for help and instead we got dinner! For the rest of the day we tried to see potential investigators, OYM, and see some less active members. BTW it was the hottest day of the year! We finally found someone that was home, she is a less active and she has 3 sons that are younger! It was really fun! Well we were running out of things to do so we decided to got to the Drakes and teach them a lesson. After that it was time for dinner, We went to a a hibachi place with a member! She is one of those that demands us to get dessert! Well that was our day!

On Friday

(Yes, a little bit weird this week) we had district meeting! We had a guest speaker come. He had a great story! Our district leader knew him from another area so after district meeting we had lunch together (Since the Elders were our ride home) It was super fun! Well district meeting was about our purpose again. That seems to be the theme this transfer. As always it was pretty great!

Other Stuff

We were able to see Danielle a few times this week! She is still doing great and she can’t stop talking about how she can feel the spirit so much more in her life now than she did before! She is still smiling big and I am excited for her to continue to progress!

Last night we had dinner and the Drakes as usual! They are really great! Sister Drake makes really good food! And she is like my “mom” in this area!

So on Wednesday it was the hottest day of the year, but yesterday I considered getting my coat out! The trees are changing colors and it smells like fall, and pumpkin flavored everything is coming! I am so excited!

We have a Zone Conference tomorrow! I am really excited for it! I will also get to see Sister Gass tomorrow! I am so excited!

Well this is about it for this week!

Funny Story

A couple weeks ago, we had to pick up the Elders to go to Walmart (It was a p day) and they have a steep driveway and so we had to wait for them to get something and I didn’t want to turn the car off all the way because it was hot. So I turn the engine off but left the air on. Well they got back in the car and I started backing out. When we got to the middle of the road, the car wouldn’t go and I couldn’t figure it out! Everyone was trying to tell me what to do and then one of the Elders said “The car isn’t even on!” I forgot to turn the engine on! Luckily no one hit us! Now every time I drive the Elders anywhere they say something about how I turned the car on this time! Sometime I say “At least I turned the car on!” If they make fun of my driving! HAHA! I thought you would find that funny!


 The most important news is first!

A BAPTISM!!! It was a little bit of a struggle planning everything, but it all worked out and now we are relived! She had to be dunked three times! There was an air bubble because we forgot to bring a safety pin to pin the bottom of her dress. The Elder baptizing her nearly drowned her trying to get the air bubble out! Thank goodness some one gave her a hair tie to be able to tie the bottom of her dress. It was quit an adventure! After she got out and changed she had a contagious smile on her face, Sister Hess and my cheeks hurt! She said that she felt different after she was baptized!

Danielle's Baptism

Danielle’s Baptism

The next day she was confirmed in Sacrament meeting. the spirit was so strong in the meeting! I am so excited for her! Her family was able to attend her baptism and her confirmation and they are proud of her! And they aren’t even members!

Well I guess the rest of the week was pretty dull compared to that! haha

On Monday

We went to the Zoo! I guess I sent pictures but I didn’t really tell you about it…Well the Zoo was really small but we still had fun! I think we talked to the penguins for like 15 minutes! We were trying to get them to go swimming but all they would do was stare at their door. On the way out one of the zoo keepers had a snake that we were able to pet! So that was cool!

On Tuesday

We had District Meeting. There were a lot of people there because we also had our Zone Leaders and STLs there plus our 4 companionships that are already there! However it was a lot of fun! We learned about our purpose and missionaries. We even sang primary songs! After the District Meeting, the Zone Leaders showed us some bizarre food. So you take a slice of bread, put peanut butter on it, then you at the hot dog, and you put hot sauce on it! They made us try it and it was actually pretty good!

Did I tell you?

That we do service on Thursdays? I don’t remember so I will tell you anyway. On Thursdays we clean a church not OUR church but A church. It’s really easy to clean, all we do is vacuum and clean the bathrooms. After wards they feed us lunch! It’s really nice to get to know everyone there!

Last week…

We picked up a new investigator! She’s the one that already prayed about Joseph Smith. She started reading the Book of Mormon a few days ago and she is already on Jacob! So cool!! She is super sweet too!

On Tuesdays

We also have a Book of Mormon class that is really cool! We talked about Alma 32 about the seed. We had a really great discussion.

On Wednesday

We had dinner with the Hogans , She is a member but he sis not. We ate food from their garden! It was really good food. and she is very sweet! On Sunday we had dinner with the Houghtons they are a crazy family however they were all smiling so that is a good sign!


I have been sharing a scripture in 3 Nephi 10:5 it says, “And again, how oft would I have gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings,” I compared it to a story that I heard once about a girl who was in the aftermath of a wild fire and she found a smoldering lump of something that was unrecognizable. She went over and lifted it up. When she lifted it all these chicks started running out. She then realized that the unrecognizable lump was the mother hen protecting her chicks. She compared that to the gospel and how Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for all of us so that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven. So he gathers us to protect us!

Well have a great week!