Prayer Works

It was a really great week!

We were able to go to the Missionary Broadcast on Wednesday. It was really cool because it was on my one-year mark of being in New York! It was a really nice broadcast, there were a lot of good talks about missionary work, and it just made me excited for missionary work!

We had a lot of lessons this week! We made a lot of goals and we were able to reach a lot of them! I know that the power of prayer is real! We were able to use what we learned in the missionary broadcast as we taught. We had one lesson where our investigator started crying! And I know it wasn’t what we said, it was totally the spirit!

We had lots of other lessons this week, with our investigators and the less active members that we see. Nothing to out of the ordinary happened! We just seem to be helping people with their concerns and overcoming them!

The Elders had a baptism on Saturday so we went. It was a really great baptism and the person being baptized was really happy! You can tell that she was excited to be baptized!

It was a really cold week! There was a lot of snow, but the good news is, most of the snow was more south of us! I heard that NYC got a lot of snow. we still went out and did service at our investigators house, we fed their sheep. It was a lot of fun!

Well I guess nothing too crazy happened this week! a less active who recently started coming to church frequently, brought her friend to church and we were able to have a lesson with her, so that was fun!

For dinner on Sunday we had it at the Bruneau’s, and two of our investigators were there. It was a fun night! although a crazy night as well! Today will also be crazy! We are going to Utica tonight, because Sister Frisby is going to the temple tomorrow! So I will be hanging out with the Utica Sisters up there 🙂 then we go back to Utica on Thursday, for a Zone meeting! It will be a crazy week!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Loves yas! 🙂

Funeral Potatoes

This week has been pretty fun!

I guess I only have to tell you about one less day today! 😉

After we email last Wednesday, we had our District Meeting, It was about finding people. Well, our phone kept ringing. Another set of missionaries were calling us, they called about 5 times when we realized it was probably important, so we left and answered the phone. they had been calling because one of the members they see (whose husband is not a member) Mother-in-law was in the hospital and she wanted some missionaries to help comfort her children. The problem was, we were in Oneonta, and our area was a half hour away! We had a meeting with the branch later and a dinner appointment, but we had just enough time to get to the hospital, say a prayer with the family and provide comfort and go back to Oneonta for our dinner appointment. So we got a ride to our area…never done that before!

The family at the hospital was really nice and the member was really grateful that we came. Sister Frisby prayed with the family members, it was a very sweet experience! Right as we were about to leave the non-member husband expressed a lot of thanks and was really impressed that we would come all the way to the hospital just for him and his family! I hope that everything went well from them and they were comforted! It’s was just an unusual situation and very awesome!

That was about the most interesting thing that happened this week, besides the same old same old 🙂

On Thursday we helped the less active we see put her Christmas Tree down. It was kinda fun! She is a really sweet lady!

We had a really cool lesson on Thursday, it was one of those lessons were, you’re not sure if what you planned was right for them but you teach them anyway and the whole lesson was driven by the spirit and you’re not even sure what it was about, but it was awesome!

We taught both Young Women AND Gospel Principles on Sunday, it was fun, especially the Young women’s lesson. We did a fun activity about the gifts that our Heavenly Father has given us, we put random items in a bag (a phone, Christmas tree lights, a remote, a lizard stuffed animal, a map, a manual, etc.) and told them that they represented spiritual gifts from our Heavenly Father, like prayer, scriptures, the earth, our bodies, the commandments, the Spirit, etc. It was a really fun activity! I really enjoyed teaching the younger girls just because of the things they say, it kinda reminds me of myself when I was a little Young Women 🙂 (Example: “One time I was making spaghetti and it called for two table spoons of salt but i put in two cups…it was really salty” They just make me laugh 🙂

After church on Sunday, there was a little farewell get together because one of the members of the branch is going to Utah on his mission! So we had typical “Utah” food! It was a lot of fun! All I have to say is funeral potatoes and green jello! 🙂

Yesterday, we had a great night! It was pretty cool out and one of our investigators, told us they don’t want to meet with us anymore so we were a little sad, however we were determined not to get discouraged! So we went out to find someone who had moved, we knew approximately where they moved to so we tracted that street and we found her! We had a great lesson with her and her friend, she seemed excited to learn! We made an appointment to see her this week!

So we’ve had our ups and our downs this week (But mostly ups!)

Later as we were walking on Main Street, and I was looking in one of the windows because there was a quote I wanted to read. Well since we are in Cooperstown, (aka, the baseball capital of the world) I could have guess that it was the famous quote from Babe Ruth “Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back” I think that this quote can really relate to missionary work and life! So don’t get discouraged when you fail! You just have to get back up on your feet and move on 🙂 So that’s your inspiration for the week! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Loves yas!

Winter is Finally Here!

Hello all!

Most of the time when I sit down to email, I don’t remember a single thing that happened that week! Another good reason why us missionaries have planners…I don’t know how I’m going to live without them!

I’ve been a missionary for a whole year now! I think I had a pretty good day to celebrate! We met with a potential investigator at a little cafe, he bought us Hot Chocolate of course, and we had a pretty good lesson with him, we plan to meet with him and teach him about the gospel.

later that day we met with a less active. she gave me a little pin that she had crocheted, she makes little things for all the Sister Missionaries even before she meets them! I thinks it’s very sweet!

We helped another investigator feed her sheep again. It was a gorgeous day! There was a little bit of snow on the ground and the sun glistened on the creek behind the sheep barn. It was kind of fun to feed the sheep, I don’t really know why! I guess when you are serving other, you feel good. And it always reminds me of the scriptures and how Christ asked his disciples to “Feed my sheep” and I was, in fact, literally feeding sheep! Not only that, but I was also helping our investigator come closer to Christ. In turn our investigators smile helped me to feel the spirit also.

That night, we were able to see an investigator that I have never met before (you know the holiday season is crazy! people were with family etc. etc.) The spirit was very strong and I knew that God loved her and her family! She has totally fallen in love with the gospel! She loves that families can be together forever! I am excited to see her again.

Nothing to exciting happened the rest of the week, it’s was pretty much the same old same old, helped a member make goodies, got the oil changed in the car, fed sheep again, went to church. It was a great meeting today! The lesson in Relief Society was great! We listened to “His Hands” I love that song! After church we had a Branch Lunch, there was a lot of good food!

We had dinner at a member’s house on Tuesday night, for dessert we had Panetone (I don’t know how to spell it) I was quite surprised because I haven’t met a lot of people who have heard of it before! It turns out that the husband went to Italy on his mission! Which explains why he was very confused about my name…

We had a crazy snow storm yesterday! The wind was blowing and there was a lot of snow! It’s a dream come true! I have been waiting for lots of snow for the past few weeks!

Did I mention there’s a Stewart’s here? Well I guess that doesn’t mean much to you guys. But they have the best Ice Cream in NY! I haven’t been near one since I was in Lake Placid! I pretty happy about that!

Well, That’s about it this week!

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Loves yas!

Tracting in a Winter Wonder Land

It’s been a great week!

The Lord is blessing us so much in this area! So many people have been letting us in! More people have been letting us in because it’s been between 0-10 degrees outside for the past few days!

The different ways we have found people this week (or so…):

We were trying people who could be potential investigators and we met a lady who said she knew a little bit about Mormons because her friend was LDS, then she said she attended another church and was involved in it a lot, but she liked learning. Somehow our discussion turned into a lesson about the Book of Mormon. All of a sudden she was listening really intently, and she seemed more interested! It was really cool to see how the spirit can touch people’s lives!

There is a trailer park near where we live, we had gone there a million times before trying to see people that Sister Frisby had tracted before I got to Cooperstown, but for some reason, I was had the impression to go there, I thought to myself, “We been there a MILLION times already!” Obviously it was the Spirit, because we were able finally able to see someone, that we had tried a million times! She already has a Book of Mormon, read it, and has a testimony of it! So excited to go back and teach her! Sometimes the Spirit tells us to do crazy things, but if we listen to and act on those “crazy” prompting, we will be blessed and it will only add to this crazy adventure we call life!

A few days later…

We went to the same trailer park…I don’t know what it is about that trailer park. And we tried to contact another person that had been hard to get a hold of. Well, the person we were looking for moved, but the two people that were there let us in! We taught them a lesson, and they wanted us to come back! It’s so exciting to see the Spirit work in people’s lives!

Anyway, on Sunday…

We had dinner with the Jones family. Their son is leaving for the MTC soon! It’s really nice to have Sunday meals, it makes Sundays feel less weird 🙂

On New Year’s eve…

We went to Pizza Hut (Because apparently it’s a whole sit down restaurant in NY) with the Zvirzdin family! We got some yummy pizza. This family feeds us every week, usually on Thursdays! they are very nice!

We went to bed at 10:30, if there were any fireworks or celebrations, we slept through it, didn’t hear a thing it was great! earliest I’ve ever went to bed on New Year’s!

On New Year’s day…

We were helping one of our investigator’s outside when all of a sudden it started snowing hard! I guess all the snow last year was used up last February so it couldn’t snow until the first! 😉

Time flies by so fast!! I’ve been out a year! A WHOLE year…nay I don’t think that’s possible, it’s more like two months right? 😉 My mission so far has been great! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord in upstate New York! I have really grown and been blessed to serve here! Thank you for all of your support!

Love you all!