Happy Easter

It was a great week!

It was a very creative week! Since we had an extra week this transfer, this whole week was planned on one piece of paper, and not a very big one (the size of an index card). I have come to appreciate the planners, no matter how small they are! 🙂 I keep saying, “Wow! I get to use a whole page today!”

We had a really great experience on Monday night, we were doing the same old same old, knocking on doors, and we came upon a little apartment building. no one answered until we got to the last door…well the last door didn’t answer either, however, a women came out of one of the other doors we had just knocked on, to walk her dog. It was a miracle! We started talking with her as she walked her dog, and we found out that she believed a lot of the same things that we believe! It was so great and we were so excited to bring the truth into her life. We left her with a Book of Mormon and asked her to pray about it. the next morning, we got a call from her and she told that she researched and she doesn’t believe it is true. It was so sad because we already loved her so much! It is so great to know that the Lord is not giving up on her.

We had lots of little tender mercies this week. the biggest one was on Friday, we were walking down the street and we had the feeling to go to a person house, we had tried a million times but no one has answered, but we went anyway 🙂 On the way to their house we saw one of our investigators driving! She pulled over and started talking with us. We had a great lesson with her on Tuesday and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. She loved it! It is such a comforting plan from our Heavenly Father! Anyway, it’s so much fun to see our investigators just around town!

The Women’s meeting was soooo amazing! I love every minute of it! I love hearing from the women leaders of the church! They have powerful testimonies and I loved hearing their stories and experiences they are really great role models! I want to be just like all of them!

I had a great Easter Sunday! The talks and lessons were good at church especially when the Primary sang in Sacrament meeting!

We had Easter dinner with the Jones, we had the usual spread of things. the little message we shared with them was about Jesus Christ and the resurrection, It’s so amazing when we can learn things from members when we share our message. We read a scripture about the resurrected and we mention the fact that Christ didn’t have to leave the nail prints in His hand when He was resurrected, but he left them out of love and remembrance for us. Sister Jones mentioned that He also left the nail print as a witness that He is the Christ! I felt the spirit so much! I am grateful that everyone around me have amazing testimonies! We also stopped by the Zukas’ for a few minutes to dye some eggs with them! it was so much fun!

It was such a nice day! Beautiful for Easter! I love being a missionary, and I love being in this area! I hope you all have a great week!

Loves yas! 🙂

Back to the MTC…

It was a great week!

First of all, Sister Hallsted and I are staying together another transfer! So that is super exciting!

We’ve started doing service at different place this week! On Tuesday, we when to a nursing home and we helped them the old people play bingo! The lady I was helping was so cute, she kept saying, “If you weren’t here I would have been lost!” It was pretty fun!

We had a cool lesson with someone later that night, he said he was at a standstill in his life right now and he didn’t know what to do. He also said that he felt something good when we came over! It was a cool experience, the sad part about it was that he told us he was busy and couldn’t commit to anything right now, he was really nice and I hope that he can meet with missionaries again someday!

On Thursday, we helped unload a truck at a food pantry that the Presbyterian church has. It was a lot of fun! there were a ton of people helping there! We people are selflessly serving, they are always happy and smiling! It was a great environment! At one point we were all in an assembly line passing boxes of food for the basement. Everyone in the line was friendly and asking where we were from and why were in NY, and they all commented on the green outfits we were wearing (Of course we wore green it was St. Patrick’s Day!!) It was the funniest thing ever (Warning: I will probably think everything is the funniest thing in this email…)

On Thursday night, we were looking in our area book, and we found a few people we wanted to try, so we planned to stop by the next day. the GPS led us to a house that looked like it was falling apart. We were a little confused but we knocked on their door anyway, no one answered. so we moved on and tried the house across the street. they answered the door and as we started talking with them, we realized that it was the person we had been looking for! She had just gotten home, so if we had gone just a few minutes earlier, she would have been gone! We have an appointment to see her next week and she seems really promising!

Later, there was an activity with the Branch. It was a Ping Pong Pizza Party! The Pizza was great, I didn’t get a chance to play Ping Pong, but it was fun to watch all the kids play!

Sunday, was really great! The talks in Sacrament meeting were awesome, they were about prophets to get us pumped for General Conference! The lessons were great! (Both about the Atonement) And after church we had a fun Mock MTC for the youth! they went through the whole experience! They got their mission calls, a name tag, a companion, etc. The Branch President was even their Mission President for the day! Sister Hallsted and I were in charge of one of the workshops, we taught them about how they can use social media to share the gospel. They have already planned a to have a competition to see who can get the most likes on their gospel centered post! Afterwards, they got to go “tracting” (some of the branch members and us were in the classrooms, and the youth knocked on the doors and we answered and gave them a real experience!) It was a lot of fun!

Well, I think that is about it for this week!

Love you all!

Loves yas! 🙂

Smells like Disneyland…

It was a great week!

We’ve had so much fun finding people this week. We have two new investigators, they are newlyweds and they seem really interested.

We had Zone Conference this week. We learned about prayer, I think it’s a pretty important thing to do, I would be completely lost without it! We also did a lot of Role Plays…Zone Conferences are exhausting, however they really help me to focus on how to teach better and to be a better missionary. Meeting really do bless our missionary work! 🙂

On Tuesday night we had a Relief Society Birthday dinner! It was a lot of fun! We learned about how to prepare for General Conference. (I guess in NY people don’t have a huge breakfast as they watch… 😉

Some of our investigators invited us to a St. Patrick’s Day dinner at a Catholic church in town. We ate corned beef and cabbage. New York really gets in to all the holidays…everyone has a clover leaf on their door! It’s so much fun to see!

We found a cool little place to go tracting. When we found it, we were near a river and it was very foggy. Both Sister Hallsted and I decided that it literally smelled like Disneyland 😉 (I guess because of all the fog and water??). Anyway, we found a bunch of apartments that weren’t even on the map! It really seemed magical. We went back their last night and so many people said we could come back! So it must be Disneyland because we are pretty excited about it! 🙂

I am excited for the new video that the church has put out for Easter! It’s #Hallelujah It’s an amazing video so be sure to check it out!

We had a great Sunday yesterday, we helped teach the Sunbeams and we taught Young Women’s! In primary we taught about fish! It was a very interesting lesson, we mostly just talked about different stories for the bible that have to do with fish (Jonah, the fishermen, Moses, etc…) and colored pictures of fish! It was a lot of fun!

We taught about how the Savior can help us in our trials, it was a great lesson, and I really felt the spirit in the lesson! It is so much fun to teach them!

Well, that’s about all this week, I hope you had a good week too!

Loves yas! 🙂

Hello Spring!


This branch is amazing! We had one of the best testimony meeting I think I have ever been in, in my whole life! It all started when one of the members of the Branch presidency bore his testimony of a missionary experience he had. He told us this story the other day when we had dinner with his family, as if it was a normal thing to happen, but this time he was very emotional. It set the stage for the rest of the meeting. By the end, everyone else was crying, I was crying, Sister Hallsted was crying… It was a very good meeting! there were others who bore testimony of missionary work and amazing experiences they have had this week. I love the spirit so much!

As we, the missionary (us and the elders and some of the branch missionaries), fasted this week for missionary experiences, we noticed that members were having amazing experiences. On the other hand, we didn’t have the most successful week. It’s amazing to see how the Lord’s hand is in everything! His work is always progressing even if we don’t see the results. So never give up! Always share what you believe even if it is simply being a good example.

We were at another family’s house for dinner this week. We asked them if there was anyone they knew that we could share the gospel with. At first they didn’t think of anyone, but as we continued to talk, each of them thought of a name of someone they could share the gospel with. I’ve only heard stories about that happening, I didn’t think it would actually happen when I was there! It was great!

As I said before, we didn’t have the best week. Someone even called the police on us! (Don’t worry, it’s happened to other missionaries before) They called because we knocked on their door too late at night…We won’t be doing that anymore! 🙂 But really don’t worry, everything worked out and we didn’t go to jail! 🙂 (I kind of made me feel like Alma and Amulek! :))

Sister Hallsted and I had a really great conversation last night…in our sleep! she asked me if we could get hot dogs. then I said, not right now! I am glad we did not go sleep shopping in the middle of the night!

Cooperstown is still pretty great! We fed the sheep this week, my nose didn’t bleed, lots of tender mercies! We are going to have a great upcoming week!

I guess it’s suppose to be in the 60’s this week! Wednesday it’d going to be 65!! Yay! Zone Conference is also this week! It’s going to be a great week!

Loves yas! 🙂