Cooperstown Comes Alive

Our week was full of adventures and Miracles!

On Tuesday, we did our usual service at a food pantry here is Cooperstown. While we were there we met a man who knew who we were right away and he asked if we still live in the same apartment…we were a little bit confused because usually people don’t really know where we live, but we said yes. Then he explained that a few years ago he lived in the apartment across the hall from the sisters! I guess one day he heard the Sisters singing (Usually we sing songs before we study in the morning) and so he left a note on the sister’s door telling them that they sing beautifully. Soon after the sisters started teaching him! fast forward until now: He gave us his number and told us to call him to set up a time to meet. We were finally able to get a hold of him last night and we are meeting in the park by the lake this week! So exciting!

The family we have been meeting with are great (The family that the Elders found in their record a few weeks ago)! This week we were able to see their farm. They have cows, pigs and chickens. It was a lot of fun! On Sunday after church, the Young Women’s president (Sister Beauchat) and a few of the Young Women, came over to meet the two teenage daughters! It went so well! I am so grateful for Sister Beauchat! She is so missionary minded and she is so excited to have more girls into YWs! She invited the teenage girls to Girls camp this summer and made them feel more welcome to come to church!

Our investigators have been inviting us to some of their church’s activities (Along with us inviting them our ours 🙂 They are both on Thursdays. During the day, we went to an Episcopal study class, it was very interesting, we learned a lot about the Sermon on the Mount. In the evening we went to a Quaker Prayer meeting. We literally all sat there in silent prayer, and if someone wanted to say something, they would just break the silence and started talking. It startled me the first time someone started talking, but all in all it was a very peaceful experience! I really enjoyed it!

We’ve met some really nice people here is Cooperstown! Some of them even invited us over for dinner! They are all really sweet and I love them all so much!!

On Saturday, we went to a new part of our area that we didn’t know was part of our area…It was so much fun! We called it our Exeter (that’s the name of the city) Adventurer…it sounds cool 😉 We knocked on a haunted house. We didn’t know that it was haunted until after when we talked with the next door neighbor. He told us he used to live in that house and creepy weird things would happened! I think he told us about 20 times not to go near that house, we reassured him that we wouldn’t every time! That was the first part of our adventure…

The second part of our adventure, was that we found Mexico. There was just this one street where the house looked like they were from Mexico. It was a really cute little town! It only had one stop light and a small church and an old looking gas station! Everyone there seemed so nice and friendly!

As always church was amazing! The lessons were really great! There seemed to be a lot of talk about faith. Faith is one of the most important things to have! In one of the talks someone mentioned this cool domino effect: Our thoughts turn to actions, our actions become habits, our habits create our character, and our character determines our destiny! It’s interesting that what we think really determines what we will become. And if we have a lot of faith, we will become stronger!

Sister Hallsted is going to the temple tomorrow! So that means I get to go to Utica again! I’m going to be in a trio with three sisters from three different areas! It’s going to be so much fun!

I hope you all have a great week!

Loves yas!

Spring is Here!

Hello Everyone!

It was such a good week! The weather has been nice these past couple of days, it was so warm on Saturday and Sunday I didn’t even have to wear a cardigan!

We had the most epic miracle on Monday night! It was just a normal night except we forgot to bring a GPS. Sister Hallsted knows her way around pretty well so we weren’t too worried about getting lost, but then we did. Eventually we made it to the main road! And we drove passed a place we had tracted before! So we stopped and talked with a family we had already talked with before, they told us that we could come back another time. Then we went to the next door, a women answered, we taught her and they said we could come back. Then we went to the next door, it was a family, we taught them and they said we could come back! By then it was time for us to go home! When we put our trust in the Lord and have faith, miracles will happen! And these miracles help us to strengthen our testimony in Jesus Christ!

Nothing to out of the ordinary happened on Tuesday, except we got chase by a dog…at least it was friendly! 🙂

We had District Meeting on Wednesday! We learned more about the 42 points (In Chapter 3 of PMG there are 42 different points that we teach ex. 1. God is our loving Heavenly Father 2. The gospel blesses families 3. dispensations and prophets etc.). So for District Meeting we played a little game that helps us to memorize all of them! We had to recite one of them and the pass a ball (or in this case a crumpled piece of paper) to another person and they said the next one, and it went on and on! Once I mixed up the words and I said, we can be cleansed through sin, instead of we can be cleansed from sin through Jesus Christ…this is why we practice them! Also for all my missionary friends, there are 42 days in a transfer so you can study one a day! (Sister Hallsted taught me that 🙂

On Saturday, we saw a couple members of the church in a nursing home. One is recovering from a broken knee and she goes to our Branch. She kept telling us about how she was converted to the gospel! You can tell that she is so grateful for the Missionaries who found her and for the gospel! It’s super sweet! The other is recovoring from a hip replacement, she goes to the Greene Branch (Right next to Binghamton)! We sang to both of them! they are both super sweet and we love them!

We had a wonderful day on Sunday! Once again the Fast and Testimony meeting was awesome! (Oh yeah, it was fast Sunday because of General Conference and Stake Conference) I love hearing the testimonies of other people, they are all from the heart and I felt the spirit from all of them!

As we were walking around town on Sunday afternoon, we saw one of our investigators, she was just out for a walk saying hi to all of her friends around town, and she saw us and was overjoyed! we walked with her to her friend’s house and talked with them for a while! After that we walked with our investigator back to her house and she told us to come back to teach her on Wednesday! We didn’t even have to ask if we could stop by another time! It was so cool!

That night we had a lesson with one of our investigators, he has been going through some health issues and hasn’t been about to come to church, he agreed to have a priesthood blessing. Priesthood blessings are so amazing! I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves us so much, that He gave us multiple ways to have communication with Him!

I am so grateful for Spring!!! I love it so much!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Loves yas!

Longest week of my life!

It was a very exciting week!

Last week, after General Conference the Elders gave us an old record that they found in their area book. Well the family was actually in our area so they gave it to us. Since it was on our way home, we went right away! We were able to meet the mom and some of their kids and we made an appointment for Wednesday the next week! Fast forward to Wednesday: They are the nicest people! they even gave us dinner! We had duck, I’ve never had that before so that was fun! Didn’t really taste much different from turkey. We had a good lesson with them, the Dad really wants to be baptized, but his family is still unsure. We already love them! It was such a miracle that we found them! 🙂

We were supposed to have our exchange this transfer next week, but the Sister Training Leaders (they are in Utica), asked us if we could do it on Thursday instead. They told us that they might have bed bug problems so we weren’t allowed to sleep in their apartment, so we got to sleep in the mission home! More on that later 😉 Sister Hallsted went with Sister Pange and I went with Sister Collette!

In the morning we did service at a library, and we painted cans! The kids do fun projects at the library, and so next week, they are planning seeds, so we helped the teacher prepare for that, by painting cans for the kids to plan their seeds! I remember when I was little and went to the library to do fun projects like that! 🙂

A lot of our appointment fell through that day, so we tracted a lot! It was also raining. But what other time in my life can I share the gospel with people in the rain? It was a lot of fun and we met some pretty nice people! I learned a lot from Sister Collette, she is super friendly and nice to everyone! She is also going home with Sister Hallsted!

So that night we slept in the mission home! That morning we ran; it was a nice change of scenery! Sister Rogers is the best and she had breakfast laid out for us when we came down for breakfast! Then we had ZTM! It was really great! We role played a lot. I love role playing! It really helps to get us thinking and find different ways to teach! After lunch, we had a bunch of workshops. It so much fun and I learned a lot! 🙂

Saturday was the most amazing day ever! The hand of the Lord was literally in everything that we did, even down to 8:30 at night!

First we went to the hospital twice this week (I think I’ve been to the library more on my mission than any other time in my life! one of the members of the Branch, Sister Crews, had a sister in the hospital, so we went to visit her! It was a nice visit!

Then we went to a nearby town, and we had the most amazing lesson with a man who has similar beliefs to us! He has already read the Book of Mormon, I guess he met some Mormons while we was away and he read the book while we was in a tent! It was a great lesson and he wants us to come back! After dinner, we saw one of our investigators and he said he did some research on our church. Thankfully, he looked on to find things.

Later that night, we didn’t really know what to do, so we prayed for direction. Both of us thought of a person that we should try. They have never really been home when we try them, but as we got up to their door we saw that their lights were on and you could clearly tell that they were home. We knocked but they didn’t answer. It was sad that they didn’t answer, but it was cool to see how The Lord leads us to certain place, because He knows that they need the gospel. but it is their choice to accept or reject it.

We had Stake Conference on Sunday, all the speakers were great!

That night we had a interesting experience. We talked with a man who did not like the church and I think he was trying to shake our faith. He was getting really nitpicky about the church and the things it teaches. Every time he said something he waited for us to react as if we what he was saying would tear us down, but it did not! We hardly got a word in edge wise. They two things that came to my mind was that I know this is the true church and that the man was still a child of God, no matter how mean he is, God still loves him. we bore shorts testimonies and then we left. I hope and pray that one day his heart will be softened! I am so grateful for the testimony that I have and that it cannot be shaken at all!

So that is about all that happened this week! And next week will be even better! We have so many plans already! 🙂

Love you all! Thank you for all your support and prayers! I really do appreciate them!

Loves yas!

Happy Conference

Hello everyone!

Yesterday it was snowing and right now it is snowing, therefore, Sister Hallsted and I have been listening to Christmas Music! I think it’s appropriate since it didn’t snow on Christmas 🙂

It was a pretty good week! We met some of the nicest people this week!

We met a cute sweet old couple! The Wife has been reading a lot of religious book. Surprisingly, the theories in the books point to what we believe! It’s amazing to see how the light of Christ works in people’s live. Something they have never heard in this life sound familiar to them. I am so very grateful for the restored gospel in my life! It’s because of the restored church that we have the full truth and light. Not only does the gospel sound familiar to us, we also know that it is true, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Anyway, they were both really nice and instantly loved us, it wasn’t very hard to show them love as well 🙂

Lately we have found people that are really searching for truth. They might not know that they are, but the questions that they have asked really show that they are searching for truth, peace or Joy in their lives. Well, the Gospel can answer those questions! I just cannot express to you how much I am grateful for the gospel!

Recently, I have loved teaching the Plan of Salvation to people. It really is a hopeful plan. A perfect plan from our Heavenly Father. He gives us every opportunity to learn of Christ, and to repent and come closer to Him, in this life! And for those who will never have that opportunity on earth he has a backup plan for that, so every child of God will learn of Christ and have the opportunity to except Him. I have loved seeing the light that comes into people’s eyes when they recognize that Heavenly Father is truly a merciful Father. He desperately wants all of us to return to live with Him someday! I am forever grateful for the strengthen testimony I have gain on my mission, and the strength that I will continue to gain through the rest of my mission and my life!

General Conference was so great! I loved all of it, I especially loved the very last talk! It was such a great was to close the conference! I really can’t pick a favorite because they were all so so good!

On Saturday, we watched conference at a member’s house. It was so fun to watch it at someone house with a nice comfy couch 🙂 On Sunday we went to the church for it, and we had a luncheon in between sessions, It was a nice conference weekend, even the weather was telling everyone to watch conference! (It was snowing!)

One funny story this week:

We helped people play bingo at a nursing home. One lady that I was helping kept asking me where my husband was, I kept explaining to her that I don’t have one, but she just looked at me like I was crazy! She was so nice though! I love her already! 🙂

We got random stuff from people, sister Hallsted and I both got pink flamingos from a new investigator. It was very sweet of her 🙂 I LOVE NY!!!

Well, that’s about all this week!

loves yas! Bye Now!