Bye Sister Nivaldo

It was a sad day today. 🙁

On Tuesday morning we got a call from our mission president saying that Sister Nivaldo was being transferred early to Carthage (not the jail…it’s a city in NY)! I guess one of the Sister there got her visa to go to Australia, and so since we are in a trio of course one of us had to leave to be the other sisters companion. Sister Stowell, sister Nivaldo’s new companion, when to Brazil for the first few months of her mission and speaks Portuguese so I guess it will be fun for them to talk to each other! So this morning, we left for the Syracuse airport at 6:30 to meet Sister Stowell, and drop off Sister Nivaldo. I am going to miss her a lot! But I can’t wait until I see her at the end of July at the temple!!!

We were able to talk with a few people at the Glass Fest this weekend! It’s kind of like a little city fair that they have every year, a ton of people go and so we decided that we would try to talk with people on the street. It was a little intimidating because there were so many people! A lot of them weren’t too interested but one was really excited to hear what we had to say and loved it! He gave us his contact information and said he would respond so hopefully we will be able to teach him more!

We also had a really good lesson with one of our investigators. He is Jewish and doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, but he wants to believe. For a while he was totally against the Idea that Jesus Christ is our Savior and he kind of thought we put Christ higher than God, which is not the case. When he prayed it didn’t really sound like he knew who he was praying to and he hasn’t really progressed very much. However, we still felt like we should see him so we have continued to do so. The other day we had an amazing lesson, the spirit was strong and we were really trying to listen to the Spirit to know what to say that will help him! At the end of the lesson, he prayer and it sounded like he was talking to God, and at the end he closed the prayer in the name of Jesus Christ! It was amazing and every other time since then, he has progressed little by little, and I am excited to see his progression.

That was the biggest miracle that we had this week! Experiences like this brings me joy and encourages me to find more people who are prepared!

There were some awesome talks on Sunday, some of the members who have sons or daughters on missions spoke about their experience and service! It was so cool to hear other missionary experiences!

I hope you all have a great week! I love all of you and hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!


Trios are Cool

It was a pretty good week!

We had district meeting on Tuesday in Elmira, It’s a pretty big district! I feel like I’m in a zone or something! It’s fun because there are two sets of sisters in this district!  It was a good meeting, we learned more about how we can help people fully repent.

On Wednesday we had lunch with a member and his friend who is from Brazil! Sister Nivaldo was able to talk with him in Portuguese about the restoration and such! He was very nice and he even gave us some Brazilian treats!

One of the members here has a photo studio in their basement and so when we went over to have dinner with them, he took our pictures! It was fun but I wasn’t looking my best especially since it was windy outside and our hair looked bad from walking around all day

We helped out at a Food Pantry in town, it was fun! We were able to meet lots of people and help them get their food. I guess that was all there was too it, we get to go back there again this Thursday as well!

On Saturday, we went over to a less active’s mother-in-law’s house, because she has a terminal disease, so we prayed with her. She is a super sweet nice lady and she wants us to come and do service for her house. We are excited to go back!

We had a really cool experience on Sunday night, we started tracting and everyone was either answered their doors or they were outside. Last person we talked too was interested in what we had to say. He said that he had studied different religions over the years, and he believes in God and aliens…anyway, he said we could come back next week!

That’s about all this week! I hope you have a good week!


Hope that Summer will Come

Hello everyone! It was a pretty good week.

On Monday nights we have a family home evening with some of our investigators and some members. It was really fun! This week it was our turn to give the lesson! We taught about faith, and read part of Alma 32. Then we gave each one of them some seeds to plant. If they read their scriptures every day, then they get to water their plant! So it’s like a real life experiment as Alma talked about in the chapter. It was lots of fun 🙂

We had ZTM on Wednesday and we talked a lot about how we can prepare people for baptism and how we can plan the baptism so that everything goes smoothly. It was a good meeting. Towards the end we talked about how we can make the Sabbath day more special while we are out in the mission field and what our experience has been. Before my mission, when I went to church, I would just have a special feeling on the Sabbath. I just thought that I was having this special feeling because it’s a day of rest, and I was surrounded by my family. While I have been on my mission I have realized, that it wasn’t because I was with my family or we that were able rest that day. The special feeling was there because of the Sacrament. It is because of Jesus Christ and His Atoning sacrifice that we can be cleansed from sin. It is amazing that each Sunday we can partake of the Sacrament and be made new again. that is why I have that special feeling on that day. I am so grateful that I am a part of this restored gospel, and that we can have all of these amazing blessing!

We had dinner with a member on Thursday. They have a tradition that every time a new missionary come to the area, that missionary (Or in this case missionaries) have to relate a random object to the gospel…it was hard, I don’t even remember what I said! It was a cool way to show that everything can point to Christ!

We helped a member in the Branch plant some roses. It was a lot of fun! The ground is very rocky here! It’s funny! The only reason I know how to garden is because of the Scriptures!

The weekend was pretty good we had an amazing lesson with one of our investigators! The Spirit was so strong! Trios are awesome! I love teaching together. Sometimes it’s awkward to be in a trio. It’s hard to shower in the morning with three of us, but we make it work!

I hope you all had a great week and you are enjoying the warm weather…please send some over here we are cold! 😉


Happy Mother’s Day

This week I did a lot of things on my bucket list…

Although I didn’t know that most of them were on my list until they happened!

  1. On Monday night Sister Hallsted drove to Utica to drop her off at the mission home. And then I went with Sister Pange for Tuesday and Wednesday morning. While I was in Utica I we met someone named Flavia! I’ve never met someone with that name and it’s the main character’s name in one of my favorite books!
  2. On Wednesday, I met Sister Holden and we headed to Corning. On the way there we passed through a place called Chittenago. I guess L F Baum (The author of the Wizard of Oz) was born there. So they themed the town after the Wizard of Oz! they even have a yellow brick road and everything. It’s not to exciting. It’s just part of the side walk, but it was still really cool!
  3. I met Sister Saunders! I’ve been writing her for a few transfers (She was one of Sister Hallsted’s companions) I told her I was going to Corning and she asked me if I was going to be in a trio. I told that no one told me that I was going to be in a trio, but if I am that will be a surprise! Eventually I found out that in fact I am going to be in a trio!
  4. I have a Brazilian Companion! Her name is Sister Nivaldo! She is serving in Temple Square but she came to NYUM for 3 months and then she will go back. Sister Holden, my other companion is super awesome and I love both of them so so much!
  5. We have a red car…I was bored of all the other cars that I have had on my mission and now it’s bright red! We’ll never lose it now!

It was so nice to call my family! I can’t believe that the next time I see them it won’t be on Skype! It will be in person! I am so grateful that I was about to talk with them yesterday!

It’s a very nice area here and everyone seems so nice. It seems very family friendly and we are teaching a few families in the area! I am so excited to get to know all of them more!

I guess there is a story behind the name Painted Post. There used to be an Indian tribe that lived in this area and they were mad when the “White men” came and so they killed them and painted their blood on posts…

Well, I hope you all have a great week!

Loves yas!

Craziest Week of my Mission

This has been the most craziest week of my life!

Let’s start with Monday night: We picked up the Hamilton Sisters (Sister Fausett and Sister Howard) and headed off to Utica to drop off Sister Hallsted and Howard at the mission home for their temple trip the next day. Sister Fausett and I spent the night at the Utica Sisters apartment and worked with Sister Pange the next day. It was a great exchange! I found out that I know Sister Fausett’s cousins, they went to my high school! It was fun to get to know the both of them!

On Wednesday morning we picked up our companions and headed back to our areas. We also found out that the Cooperstown area is closing down for a bit. Hopefully it will reopen next transfer! Anyway, we had to clear out the entire apartment! So from then on, in between appointments, we cleaned and packed. I packed for a place that I don’t know where I am going!

On Wednesday afternoon, we had the craziest District Meeting ever, I guess on of the Elders got a call from President Rogers and he was asking how much luggage can pack into a Equinox (The kind of car we have) So the whole District was freaking out about where everyone was going! It was nuts! Well, District Meeting was really great! We learned how we can better study, not only on our missions but for the rest of our lives!

On Thursday, we had dinner with a few of our investigators! A sweet old couple and their neighbor, who we are also teaching. It was a great meal! At the end of our visit we exchanged addresses and said our good byes! The old couple were going on a trip the next day. the next day, us and the neighbor, went over and cleaned the dishes for them! I will miss them but definitely keep in touch!

We basically cleaned and packed all day Saturday! I still can’t believe that we were able to get it all clean! We just prayed the whole time that it would get done in time! That’s just another testimony builder on my mission, I know that Heavenly Father will answer all of our prayers!

I’ve been getting transfer calls for the past 15 months, by now it just seems like a very normal that happens to me, I get a new companion, I leave in just a few short days, etc. But I get the fact that it was Sunday, and we were leaving the next day and I still had no idea where I was going, sounds a little crazy…It wasn’t until Sunday that I realized just how crazy it sounds! The whole branch thought that was the craziest thing ever!

Sunday night finally came and we found out where I am going and who I would be with! I am going to be transferred to Corning with Sister Holden! Corning is in the Owego Stake (The same stake that Binghamton is in) and Sister Holden is going home next transfer with Sister Chandler! It will be fun to have most (Most likely all but one) of my companions home when I get home! 🙂

I will really miss the branch here! Everyone has been so nice! Their testimonies are amazing and they have all become my friends! I’ll definitely keep in touch with all or them! The area as well, we have met some pretty nice people in Cooperstown! I will definitely come again! Sister Hallsted is also awesome! We have done some pretty amazing work here! I am grateful for her example to me of faith! She has really strengthened my testimony!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! I’ll be writing again, but this time in Corning!

Loves yas so so so much!