What’s the Purpose of Life?

It was a pretty good week!

We did a lot of walking, and we got lots of exercise!

We had our Zone Conference on Thursday and we talked about finding and how we can approach people differently that just say, “Hi were missionaries…”  We saw some pretty funny role plays…especially the one about moving to NY because they were pretending to be a cat breeder. NY is a pretty good place to breed cats!

It’s fun to try and talk to people using these the new approaches we came up with as a Zone. For the past couple days, I have been asking people what the purpose of life is. One time I asked a lady that was walking and she just laughed and walked away, but I asked another man the same question and he told me that his dad always told him, it is to paint smiles on peoples face, I thought that was a cool answer!

We met another family while we were OYMing on a trail in Painted Post. We asked if we could share more of our message and they immediately stopped and sat down on a bench to listen to us. We taught them the Restoration afterwards, the little boys got all excited and said, “That was a great story!” They said we could come back next week, and the cool thing is, they live 5 minutes away walking distance so we don’t even have to use any miles to get there! We are excited to see them this week!

On Wednesday morning, we helped to do “Meals on Wheels” If you’ve never heard of it, it’s this service activity to deliver meals to the elderly in the community, I think, But I didn’t really know what I was doing I just did it. It was great!

One of our investigators came to church for the first time since I’ve been here! She seemed to enjoy it and I hope she comes again next week! We also sang with the youth in Sacrament meeting Spontaneously, so that was fun too!

Sunday night was fun, we walked all around town knocking on doors and talking to people on the street…somehow I enjoy that now.

I’m still working on my proud watch tan line and trying to avoid the mosquito, and talking to everyone I see! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!

Loves yas!

Crazy Sister Missionary :)

Once again… Crazy week!

Elmira was fun on Monday and Tuesday! The other sister thought I was the most hilarious person ever…not entirely sure why. They are the best! We went to Wendy’s for dinner on Monday night. We had some good lessons with people and we ate at subway with a member on Tuesday night. Ok, it was more fun than it sounds 😉

We had an adventure on Wednesday. Sister Wright and I had to leave Horseheads by 5:45 in the morning (but we didn’t actually leave until 6) so that we could get to Ithaca to pick up the Elders there and then head to Utica and get there by 9:30. But the Elders were slow so we didn’t get there until 9:45, and we also got stuck in traffic when we went through Cortland (my old area!).

When we got to Utica Sister Wright went to a trainers meeting, and I with a few other missionaries cleaned the Utica building. It went by pretty fast. Afterwards we had a little devotional thing. We went around the room introducing ourselves. I literally didn’t know anyone (for the most part) It was weird, mostly because I wasn’t freaking out about not knowing anyone in the room. We had a good discussion about the Spirit and experience we’ve had on our mission from following the Spirit. Then we had lunch and I meet my new companion, Sister Christensen. I also saw Sister Johnson from my MTC district! That was fun! I still feel like I just came out! I said good bye to a few other people, it was weird to think that I might not ever see them again…or at least on my mission!

Then it was time to go. We got Sister Christensen’s things and she said her good byes and then we left it took three hours to get back! Sister Christensen is pretty great! She is pretty quiet and she loves movies! We are getting along pretty great!

No one is going to believe this (especially my companions), but I’ve turned into a crazy missionary! And I’ve stopped every single person I pass on the street, to talk to them about the gospel. It’s been pretty great! We’ve gotten a lot of appointment set up for this week with lots of new people and others that we have already been teaching. And I’ve successfully started to get a watch tan line 🙂

We had a great lesson with one of our investigators this week. Last week she told us that she was going to pray to know if the church is true, and I was excited this week to find out if she got an answer! And she did…it just wasn’t what I thought it would be. She said she felt good about going to her church so she didn’t want to come to our church anymore. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer! So I read from the book of Mormon with her, and as I was reading the scripture she stopped me and said, “You’ve changed my mind” And she went on to explain that she wanted to think about our church some more. I helped her to understand that it wasn’t me that changed her mind, it was the Spirit! I was such a cool experience!

I love being on my mission so much and I am so grateful that I still have 6 weeks left! I am excited for this transfer!


It has begun…

It has begun…

It all started on Sunday morning when we were in Branch Council. One of the members noted that Sister Holden and Elder Mortensen were leaving and they were saying good bye. Then some member, I don’t know who, said, “and so is Sister Trapane!” I looked around and gave them my best who-said-that! look. I couldn’t believe it! Sister Holden was still my companion and yet the branch has already started to tease me about going home! but I still love them 🙂

Second, we have a new program (well, kinda new it’s been around since December) in the church for returning missionaries called “My Plan” It’s a way for missionaries to prepare to go home. That showed up in my missionary portal last week! I’m not starting it until Thursday when I get my new companion! (Yes I’m that stubborn!) I don’t want to admit that this is my last transfer, It’s just too sad 🙂

Right, I guess I should tell you the important stuff, transfers! Once again it was the craziest week of my life! Sister Holden has already packed up and left me, mind you she packed at 1:30 yesterday. We were supposed to leave at 2:45 but that definitely did not happen. By the way I’m in Elmira right now with Sister Easthope, Munoz, and Wright. It was kind of fun to sleep in the Horsehead Sisters apartment. For some strange reason there are a TON of memories attached to this place! 4 of my companions have served here! (Sister Peterson, Sister Gass, Sister Frisby and Sister Holden) not to mention the time that Sister Hale got sick on exchange here… Anyway, It made my happy to remember them! Not like their dead or anything, although when a missionary goes home it’s as if they “die” and the companion sending them home “kills” them and since I’ve sent home three, I’m definitely a “trained assassin”, but that’s a side note!

Anyway, this week was also crazy because when Sister Holden left, I still didn’t know who my new companion was going to be. not until after I had dinner with a member, taught three lessons with Sister Easthope and waited for the other Sisters to get home. FINALLY The Zone Leaders called and told us what’s happening. My new companions name is Sister Christensen and she had been out for 2 transfers and she is coming from Watertown. Pretty sure I met her before, but I’m terrible and remembering who I’ve met…especially future companions 🙂

The Summary of this week:

Sister Holden and I ran around trying to see all of our investigators and many times and you possibly could before she left. One of our investigators is praying about getting baptized and will have the answer for us next week, she came to church on Sunday. Sister Holden finally got her suitcase out on Friday night, and barely packed anything before Sunday. The Elders asked us to make brownies for their investigator’s baptism on Saturday…they also made treats so I am still confused as to why we even made them (I brought the remaining brownies and cookies, along with a quech that a member made us to Elmira so we can eat them here). But the Baptism was great! And one of our investigators attended! Sister Holden gave a talk on Sunday, she is a very good speaker, and I loved her talk. We OYMed (street contacted) at a carnival this weekend and found ourselves in very awkward situations. But that’s ok because I found out that that is want I was signing up for when I submitted my mission papers. We’re trying to help people find the truth even if it means putting yourself in an awkward situation. or as our Mission President says, “Putting yourself in a position to be blessed” As we drove home from District Meeting this last week (And it was about finding and how member referrals are the best way to find people to teach) we got a call from a member and he gave us a referral! It was so cool and we taught her a few times this week! Sister Holden is also at the temple this day! I’m so excited for her!

Whew! I think that covers everything. I hope you don’t mind the craziness of this email! And I love you all! I am so grateful to be on my mission and I am going to make these last 6 weeks the best 6 weeks of my mission!

Loves yas! Bye Now!


Good week!

One of the members of the Branch gave us a bunch of talks on CD and there was a whole set of John Bytheway talks, So Sister Holden and I have been listening to them in the car all week. They are pretty good and have a lot of good information in them. We’ve even been able to use some of the scriptures and ideas from the talks in the lesson we taught this week. It just reminded me of this scripture in D&C 84:85 that says “Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.” Having the talks on all the time is like continual study and continually prepares us to teach.

One scripture that has been coming up in lessons in 1 Nephi 11:17 (BTW that’s Sister Hale’s favorite scriptures) It says: “And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.” It’s just so simple and powerful! All we have to remember is that God loves all of us, we might not understand why things happen, but we know that He loves us.

On Thursday Sister Holden got a migraine. She had never had one before, and I had never had one before so we were really concerned when she started having weird things happen with her vision, but she rested for a while and she’s still alive! 🙂 And she is still going strong her last few week!

On Friday we had lunch with Sister Gilstrap and her mom on Friday! Sister Gilstrap is a former missionary that served in this mission. I went on a few exchanges with her when I was in Lake Placid and Sister Holden was her companion at one point. It was very fun to see her again!

On Sunday afternoon, we sang at a nursing home with some of the members of the branch. It was fun! And as I looked at all the people listening, I saw some of them singing along and a few were even crying. It was a cool experience! (And it also reminded me of Sister Hallsted!)

I learned how to make pancakes this week! (Without using the pancake mix) It’s so easy! And I found myself asking “why do they even make pancake mix?” I guess that’s what happens when you really want pancakes but don’t have pancake mix!

I hope you all have a great week! Lots of love!