Adventures in Ithica

It was a very eventful week!

We had our Zone Conference on Tuesday. It was very fun! We learned about the doctrine of Christ and how that applies to our purpose as missionaries. Then we did some role plays (We ALWAYS do role plays!) We just taught the lessons very simply to each other without using any cheat sheets or anything like that. I love teaching with Sister Hess because she has an amazing spirit and testimony. BTW transfer calls are on Saturday and she swears she is leaving! I keep telling her to stop saying things like that. but if she is leaving I will miss her a lot! Back to Zone Conference, I learned a lot and I am excited to continue teaching people and being a missionary!!!

After ZC we went of EXCHANGES! I went to Ithica with Sister Wood (Sister Abbott’s trainer) and Sister Thompson (she was in Cortland before I got there) Came to Vestal with Sister Hess.

I had quite an adventure with Sister Wood!

We rode to Ithica with a Jolley’s (a senior couple) and they dropped us off at the apartment. We went in I put all my stuff down and we were about to leave when we realized that the car was at the Jolley’s house! So we started walking there (mine you it’s about 3 or 4 miles to their house!!) However on the way we saw the Elders and we begged them for a ride to the Jolley’s. So we got there and Sister Jolley just told us to go in and have ice cream so we did! And, yes we had to break into their apartment to get the ice cream. Their key was hung on a nail just above their back door…in plain sight! BTW they are headed back home now so I can tell you all of that!

I pretty sure we had a giggle fest on Tuesday night!

We just couldn’t stop laughing at want each other was saying! So I had a great time with Sister Wood! And I learned a lot from her. We also took pictures by graffiti of a gorilla…

Saturday was also a pretty busy day!

First of all we watched the dedication of the restoration site in Pennsylvania. all of us missionaries came to the church and watched on the computer. It was nice to watch! Then we had lunch with a member. She is a very sweet. We came back to the church for a baptism of someone that the Elders are teaching. He only had to be dunked once! For dinner we went to the Ward Chilly Cook off! they were all very good!  It’s always fun to have a full day!

On Friday we had a car fast!

So we tracted a bit and we for 2 people who seemed interested! We are excited to go back and teach them! We were also able to see on of our other investigators. She is a really sweet lady and she has “adopted” us! I might loose count of how many “moms” I have in NY…

On Sunday I realized it was my 8th months mark!

It’s super crazy! One more month and I will be half way through!!! I can’t believe it!

On Sunday night we had dinner at the Drakes!

Just like last week and the week before that… Well it was fun! The Elders came this time. Sister Hess made a really awesome cake It was delicious!!

This morning we went to the Drakes house again to do our laundry! It was free! We talked with Sister Drake and said hi to the boys before they left for School! We also ate pancakes that Sister Drake made!

Well that’s my week! have a good week yourselves!


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