Happy Conference

Hello everyone!

Yesterday it was snowing and right now it is snowing, therefore, Sister Hallsted and I have been listening to Christmas Music! I think it’s appropriate since it didn’t snow on Christmas 🙂

It was a pretty good week! We met some of the nicest people this week!

We met a cute sweet old couple! The Wife has been reading a lot of religious book. Surprisingly, the theories in the books point to what we believe! It’s amazing to see how the light of Christ works in people’s live. Something they have never heard in this life sound familiar to them. I am so very grateful for the restored gospel in my life! It’s because of the restored church that we have the full truth and light. Not only does the gospel sound familiar to us, we also know that it is true, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Anyway, they were both really nice and instantly loved us, it wasn’t very hard to show them love as well 🙂

Lately we have found people that are really searching for truth. They might not know that they are, but the questions that they have asked really show that they are searching for truth, peace or Joy in their lives. Well, the Gospel can answer those questions! I just cannot express to you how much I am grateful for the gospel!

Recently, I have loved teaching the Plan of Salvation to people. It really is a hopeful plan. A perfect plan from our Heavenly Father. He gives us every opportunity to learn of Christ, and to repent and come closer to Him, in this life! And for those who will never have that opportunity on earth he has a backup plan for that, so every child of God will learn of Christ and have the opportunity to except Him. I have loved seeing the light that comes into people’s eyes when they recognize that Heavenly Father is truly a merciful Father. He desperately wants all of us to return to live with Him someday! I am forever grateful for the strengthen testimony I have gain on my mission, and the strength that I will continue to gain through the rest of my mission and my life!

General Conference was so great! I loved all of it, I especially loved the very last talk! It was such a great was to close the conference! I really can’t pick a favorite because they were all so so good!

On Saturday, we watched conference at a member’s house. It was so fun to watch it at someone house with a nice comfy couch 🙂 On Sunday we went to the church for it, and we had a luncheon in between sessions, It was a nice conference weekend, even the weather was telling everyone to watch conference! (It was snowing!)

One funny story this week:

We helped people play bingo at a nursing home. One lady that I was helping kept asking me where my husband was, I kept explaining to her that I don’t have one, but she just looked at me like I was crazy! She was so nice though! I love her already! 🙂

We got random stuff from people, sister Hallsted and I both got pink flamingos from a new investigator. It was very sweet of her 🙂 I LOVE NY!!!

Well, that’s about all this week!

loves yas! Bye Now!

Happy Easter

It was a great week!

It was a very creative week! Since we had an extra week this transfer, this whole week was planned on one piece of paper, and not a very big one (the size of an index card). I have come to appreciate the planners, no matter how small they are! 🙂 I keep saying, “Wow! I get to use a whole page today!”

We had a really great experience on Monday night, we were doing the same old same old, knocking on doors, and we came upon a little apartment building. no one answered until we got to the last door…well the last door didn’t answer either, however, a women came out of one of the other doors we had just knocked on, to walk her dog. It was a miracle! We started talking with her as she walked her dog, and we found out that she believed a lot of the same things that we believe! It was so great and we were so excited to bring the truth into her life. We left her with a Book of Mormon and asked her to pray about it. the next morning, we got a call from her and she told that she researched and she doesn’t believe it is true. It was so sad because we already loved her so much! It is so great to know that the Lord is not giving up on her.

We had lots of little tender mercies this week. the biggest one was on Friday, we were walking down the street and we had the feeling to go to a person house, we had tried a million times but no one has answered, but we went anyway 🙂 On the way to their house we saw one of our investigators driving! She pulled over and started talking with us. We had a great lesson with her on Tuesday and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. She loved it! It is such a comforting plan from our Heavenly Father! Anyway, it’s so much fun to see our investigators just around town!

The Women’s meeting was soooo amazing! I love every minute of it! I love hearing from the women leaders of the church! They have powerful testimonies and I loved hearing their stories and experiences they are really great role models! I want to be just like all of them!

I had a great Easter Sunday! The talks and lessons were good at church especially when the Primary sang in Sacrament meeting!

We had Easter dinner with the Jones, we had the usual spread of things. the little message we shared with them was about Jesus Christ and the resurrection, It’s so amazing when we can learn things from members when we share our message. We read a scripture about the resurrected and we mention the fact that Christ didn’t have to leave the nail prints in His hand when He was resurrected, but he left them out of love and remembrance for us. Sister Jones mentioned that He also left the nail print as a witness that He is the Christ! I felt the spirit so much! I am grateful that everyone around me have amazing testimonies! We also stopped by the Zukas’ for a few minutes to dye some eggs with them! it was so much fun!

It was such a nice day! Beautiful for Easter! I love being a missionary, and I love being in this area! I hope you all have a great week!

Loves yas! 🙂

Back to the MTC…

It was a great week!

First of all, Sister Hallsted and I are staying together another transfer! So that is super exciting!

We’ve started doing service at different place this week! On Tuesday, we when to a nursing home and we helped them the old people play bingo! The lady I was helping was so cute, she kept saying, “If you weren’t here I would have been lost!” It was pretty fun!

We had a cool lesson with someone later that night, he said he was at a standstill in his life right now and he didn’t know what to do. He also said that he felt something good when we came over! It was a cool experience, the sad part about it was that he told us he was busy and couldn’t commit to anything right now, he was really nice and I hope that he can meet with missionaries again someday!

On Thursday, we helped unload a truck at a food pantry that the Presbyterian church has. It was a lot of fun! there were a ton of people helping there! We people are selflessly serving, they are always happy and smiling! It was a great environment! At one point we were all in an assembly line passing boxes of food for the basement. Everyone in the line was friendly and asking where we were from and why were in NY, and they all commented on the green outfits we were wearing (Of course we wore green it was St. Patrick’s Day!!) It was the funniest thing ever (Warning: I will probably think everything is the funniest thing in this email…)

On Thursday night, we were looking in our area book, and we found a few people we wanted to try, so we planned to stop by the next day. the GPS led us to a house that looked like it was falling apart. We were a little confused but we knocked on their door anyway, no one answered. so we moved on and tried the house across the street. they answered the door and as we started talking with them, we realized that it was the person we had been looking for! She had just gotten home, so if we had gone just a few minutes earlier, she would have been gone! We have an appointment to see her next week and she seems really promising!

Later, there was an activity with the Branch. It was a Ping Pong Pizza Party! The Pizza was great, I didn’t get a chance to play Ping Pong, but it was fun to watch all the kids play!

Sunday, was really great! The talks in Sacrament meeting were awesome, they were about prophets to get us pumped for General Conference! The lessons were great! (Both about the Atonement) And after church we had a fun Mock MTC for the youth! they went through the whole experience! They got their mission calls, a name tag, a companion, etc. The Branch President was even their Mission President for the day! Sister Hallsted and I were in charge of one of the workshops, we taught them about how they can use social media to share the gospel. They have already planned a to have a competition to see who can get the most likes on their gospel centered post! Afterwards, they got to go “tracting” (some of the branch members and us were in the classrooms, and the youth knocked on the doors and we answered and gave them a real experience!) It was a lot of fun!

Well, I think that is about it for this week!

Love you all!

Loves yas! 🙂

Smells like Disneyland…

It was a great week!

We’ve had so much fun finding people this week. We have two new investigators, they are newlyweds and they seem really interested.

We had Zone Conference this week. We learned about prayer, I think it’s a pretty important thing to do, I would be completely lost without it! We also did a lot of Role Plays…Zone Conferences are exhausting, however they really help me to focus on how to teach better and to be a better missionary. Meeting really do bless our missionary work! 🙂

On Tuesday night we had a Relief Society Birthday dinner! It was a lot of fun! We learned about how to prepare for General Conference. (I guess in NY people don’t have a huge breakfast as they watch… 😉

Some of our investigators invited us to a St. Patrick’s Day dinner at a Catholic church in town. We ate corned beef and cabbage. New York really gets in to all the holidays…everyone has a clover leaf on their door! It’s so much fun to see!

We found a cool little place to go tracting. When we found it, we were near a river and it was very foggy. Both Sister Hallsted and I decided that it literally smelled like Disneyland 😉 (I guess because of all the fog and water??). Anyway, we found a bunch of apartments that weren’t even on the map! It really seemed magical. We went back their last night and so many people said we could come back! So it must be Disneyland because we are pretty excited about it! 🙂

I am excited for the new video that the church has put out for Easter! It’s #Hallelujah It’s an amazing video so be sure to check it out!

We had a great Sunday yesterday, we helped teach the Sunbeams and we taught Young Women’s! In primary we taught about fish! It was a very interesting lesson, we mostly just talked about different stories for the bible that have to do with fish (Jonah, the fishermen, Moses, etc…) and colored pictures of fish! It was a lot of fun!

We taught about how the Savior can help us in our trials, it was a great lesson, and I really felt the spirit in the lesson! It is so much fun to teach them!

Well, that’s about all this week, I hope you had a good week too!

Loves yas! 🙂

Hello Spring!


This branch is amazing! We had one of the best testimony meeting I think I have ever been in, in my whole life! It all started when one of the members of the Branch presidency bore his testimony of a missionary experience he had. He told us this story the other day when we had dinner with his family, as if it was a normal thing to happen, but this time he was very emotional. It set the stage for the rest of the meeting. By the end, everyone else was crying, I was crying, Sister Hallsted was crying… It was a very good meeting! there were others who bore testimony of missionary work and amazing experiences they have had this week. I love the spirit so much!

As we, the missionary (us and the elders and some of the branch missionaries), fasted this week for missionary experiences, we noticed that members were having amazing experiences. On the other hand, we didn’t have the most successful week. It’s amazing to see how the Lord’s hand is in everything! His work is always progressing even if we don’t see the results. So never give up! Always share what you believe even if it is simply being a good example.

We were at another family’s house for dinner this week. We asked them if there was anyone they knew that we could share the gospel with. At first they didn’t think of anyone, but as we continued to talk, each of them thought of a name of someone they could share the gospel with. I’ve only heard stories about that happening, I didn’t think it would actually happen when I was there! It was great!

As I said before, we didn’t have the best week. Someone even called the police on us! (Don’t worry, it’s happened to other missionaries before) They called because we knocked on their door too late at night…We won’t be doing that anymore! 🙂 But really don’t worry, everything worked out and we didn’t go to jail! 🙂 (I kind of made me feel like Alma and Amulek! :))

Sister Hallsted and I had a really great conversation last night…in our sleep! she asked me if we could get hot dogs. then I said, not right now! I am glad we did not go sleep shopping in the middle of the night!

Cooperstown is still pretty great! We fed the sheep this week, my nose didn’t bleed, lots of tender mercies! We are going to have a great upcoming week!

I guess it’s suppose to be in the 60’s this week! Wednesday it’d going to be 65!! Yay! Zone Conference is also this week! It’s going to be a great week!

Loves yas! 🙂


This week was pretty good

This week I (And Sister Hallsted) have been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy, to reach our goal of finishing it by Easter. It’s such an amazing book! I love it so much! My testimony of it has definitely been strengthened since I have been on my mission!

We had a great lesson with someone we found this week. She is so amazing and loves to pray all the time! Or second visit with her was amazing! The spirit was so strong, especially when we read from the Book of Mormon. It’s such an amazing book, I don’t know how I would have a strong testimony of the gospel without it!

On Tuesday, we had our apartment inspected by a couple that works in the mission office, luckily we were obedient and cleaned our apartment the day before so it was all clean! 🙂

Later on Tuesday, we had the opportunity to hold a baby lamb! (where we feed the sheep at our investigators house) It was so cute and I just loved it! Every time we go over there it always reminds me of how Jesus Christ loves each one of us and just wants to comfort and keep us safe. I know that he is always there for us no matter what! He loves us so much!

We also had a very exciting lesson this week! We have been teaching his family for a few weeks now, and the kids (Teenagers) had their friends over and the mom invited the kids and their friends to hear the lesson! It was pretty epic! I’ve never taught a lesson to a large group of people! It was pretty awesome because a few of the kids were actually very interested, and they asked really good questions, I was very impressed! We had a member with us (who is in YW so she works with the youth) and she invited them to come to a mutual activity. They all seemed very interested in coming so I hope that they do!

Yesterday was super nice! It was 56 degrees out! And everyone was out for a Sunday walk or they were home. We had been struggling to know where we should go this week, and finally on the last day of the week, we found the place to be. And we are super excited to find people there!

Another funny story:

the other day, we both had to go to the restroom, and since we were out and about, we stopped in a grocery store to use restroom. On the way into the store, we saw one of our investigators that we haven’t been able to get into contact with and we were able to talk with her! Heavenly Father really does guide us to where we need to be, even when we need to use the restroom! 🙂

Well, I hope you all have a great week!

Loves yas! 🙂

Miraculous Week…

It was the most miraculous week of my entire mission, so far.

We had so many miracles, we picked up at least one new investigator every day this week, except one! It was so amazing, and we generally found them all between 8 and 9 o’clock! I someone had told me this at the beginning of my mission, I would have thought they were crazy! The Lord really does bless us when we pray, and strive to find the answer. It just reminds me of the scripture that is repeated multiple times in the Book of Mormon ” Inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land;” (2 Nephi 4:4) It’s such a great promise, and we should each strive for it 🙂 We had some really amazing and fun (And sometimes funny) experiences this week! And we were able to meet a lot of families.

On Monday night we were able to actually have a lesson with the “Family across the street” (That’s what I’ve been calling them 🙂 with the mom and the husband, it was a really great lesson, because they have been looking for a church that involves children, (Because they have three sons). They seem like really friendly people, and I am very glad that I met them!

We had a really great experience on Wednesday. We had a lesson planned with a returning member of the church, going there we thought it would just be her. Well, her friend was there, and she seemed really open to the church. When we told her about the Book of Mormon, she really wanted to read it because she likes reading, it was amazing to see the glow in her face as she felt the spirit from the things we taught.

on Wednesday night, we went to a house that we had previously knocked on, and she let us in. She was really friendly (like everyone else in Cooperstown) and she took us on a tour of her whole house. We also told her that we sometimes sing to the old people in the nursing home so she requested us to sing to her. So we did! She took a video of us and later posted it n Facebook (that information will come in handy later 😉 We found out that she is a mother and has her two kids living with her, they were not there that night, but she told us that we could come back on Sunday to teach them about Jesus.

We didn’t think we would find any investigators on Thursday because we were leaving to go to Hamilton that morning. Well just as we were about to give up and eat lunch at home (Instead of in the car) we passed by one of our investigators houses, and decided that we would stop by. the women let us in right away and invited her kids to come join in the lesson. Well the kids were on winter break (Yep, just like spring break but in the winter…they also have spring break later too) So her kids had been sleeping in. It took a few minutes for them to come, but they finally did, and we were able to teach her kids about the church. the oldest was really interested about missions and he thought it was cool that we come out here to teach about Jesus. I just love teaching the gospel! Also we found out that she knew the investigator we saw on Wednesday, because she saw the video of us singing! so funny! Everyone knows everyone in Cooperstown…it’s not very big 🙂

Sister Hallsted and I actually went to Hamilton together and then we both worked in Hamilton with the two Sisters. On the way, we made lunch in the car, (Well I made lunch and Sister Hallsted drove) It reminded us of long road trips when our moms would make lunch for everyone while we were on the road. So much fun!

Our exchange was pretty good! I was with Sister Holden, she actually started her mission in Cooperstown! It was really fun to get to know her! AND she also lived in Germany when she was younger and knew what Schnitzel was!! That made me super happy for some reason… We ate at a cute pizzeria while I was with her. I believe they have one in every town in NY especially by Utica.

We had our talent show and chili cook off on Friday night, it was really fun because the missionaries sung a song for it! One of the Elders has an Ukulele, and so we sang a song about how we want to be like different people in the Book of Mormon! (It’s a popular song among missionaries…everyone knows it!)

Saturday was the most gorgeous day of my life! It was 50 degrees and beautiful! We went to the Farmers Market, I guess a lot of them know the missionaries so we wanted to support them (Also one of the members of the branch works there) It was really fun and a good atmosphere!

Sunday, was really great! It just seemed like the whole branch was so stoked for missionary work! I guess the branch mission leader told everyone the success we’ve been having; by the end of church everyone knew how our week went. Some members have invited us to bring our investigators to their house for dinner, and people have been volunteering to come with us to our lessons, It’s so great! I love it here! 🙂

We went back to that mothers’ house to teach her children! And of course one of the members came to the lesson with us and she also brought two of her kids (And cupcakes) it was really fun and they made a great connection! The work here is moving along fast here! I am so excited for this week, we have lots of plans to see you new and old investigators!

One quick funny story:

We went to the Jones house for dinner on Wednesday, and their son and daughter in-law were there (They live in the branch right now) and their year oldish granddaughter. Well, the baby likes attention and she started singing to us. She would sing to us by opening her mouth really wide and just say “maahhhhhh” It was the cutest thing in the entire world!! I was laughing so hard I was crying!

We also went to the young Jones house yesterday. And Brother Jones made Brazilian food because that is where he went on his mission! I was really fun because both Sister Hallsted and my dad’s went to Brazil on their missions!  It was really fun!

Well this is the longest email ever! I hope you enjoy it!

Loves yas! 🙂

I’m pretty sure I’m serving in Antarctica right now…

Because it’s so cold! Weird place to get transferred to… #NYAM (New York Antarctica Mission)

It was a pretty funny week 🙂

I had three bloody noses this week, (don’t worry I called the doctor after the third one 🙂 However, it has made me very grateful for a mother’s loving care, and reflect on my own mother’s sweetness.

The first one happened as we were leaving an apartment building we were tracting. I asked Sister Hallsted for a tissue but she had just used her last one 5 minutes before. So she suggested that we go to the last door we knocked on (she had just rejected us minute before that). When she answered, she immediately let us in and grabbed, tissues, a bag, a towel, some ice, etc. And she started helping me. I could obviously tell that she has the experience of a mother. Well, it was one of those nasty one that just bled and bled and bled. Eventually, they wanted to take me to the emergency room! That really freaked me out. But I prayed and prayed and prayed that my nose would stop, and it did, right as we were about to leave to go to the hospital.

The second one happened while we were at our investigators house, you know the one with the sheep? well, we were out feeding them when it started so we headed back in and she got me some ice, and she was being very mother like as well. I am grateful to know that when I am not close to my own mother, there is always a mother around to help.

Another funny story. We went to the hospital to sign up to be clergy (Basically to comfort people when they are sad and such) and we asked 3 different people where to go and finally made it to the hospital chapel to wait for the chaplain to talk with us about it. well we did and we got these fancy little badges with our name on it! It’s so hilarious!  I’m keeping mine for ever and ever!

On Saturday, it was so cold out that we weren’t allowed to go tracting, or be outside for long hours at a time. When it was time to go out to our appointment, my nose started up again. So we ended up having a lesson over the phone, and calling the doctor after 🙂

On our way to church on Sunday, it got as low as -21 degrees! Super crazy! I’ve never been in weather that cold! And this is why I bought a nice coat, for days like that! I must admit, it was kind of fun, because now I can say that I’ve been in really cold weather!

Since it was Valentine’s Day on Sunday, I wrote Sister Hallsted a poem…since we don’t have actual Valentines… 🙂

We had a really great lesson with an investigator this week! We haven’t been able to see her in a while because she has been out of town. It was really good because I felt like I really didn’t have to do anything. Words were literally placed in my mouth! It was the coolest thing ever! (for all you missionaries out there, It was just like the lesson with Jinx from the district…I love that show!)

Even in the cold, we found lots of people to teach! They are all really great people! One cool experience: When we knocked on the door, a man answered and he said, “Hi friends! you can’t come in right now because my wife’s not home but she will be home in a few minutes,” Obviously he met with missionaries before because he knew the drill. So we kept on knocking down the street, and we went back a few minutes later, and we were able to meet with him (his wife was home by then) and he already read the Book of Mormon and he loves it! Super cool guy!

So that’s about the most exciting week ever!

I love you all!

Have a great week!

Stay safe in the cold!

Loves yas! 🙂

The Town of Doors and Doorknobs


It has been a good long week!

Sister Frisby made it home safely and I love and miss her! And so does Cooperstown! It was raining all day the day she went home! 🙂

Sister Hallsted is amazing she is so “cute” (A term she uses all the time 🙂 And she is a great missionary! I love her so much and we are going to have a great time together!

Our first adventure was on Wednesday, we went to Oneonta to see a member, and we could not find her house! We were finally able to but all we had time for was to say hi. Then we had dinner with a cute young couple who have little baby girl. she is so cute!

On Friday, we found a cute little outside library, it was a little wooden box full of book you could add to or take from, so of course we had to stop and put a Book of Mormon inside 🙂 So that’s what the picture is from, that I put on Facebook!

Saturday, was one of the best days of my mission life! So many people opened their doors!

So remember how I told you that Sister Frisby and I both had a thought to see a family we had met a week before? Well, we were finally able to get in on Saturday! Sister Hallsted and I both could picture her in the temple! She is an amazing women and she has an amazing story! We are so excited to continue seeing her!

Sometime we run into rejection, but that doesn’t bring us down! We were so excited to meet the family across the street that we didn’t even want to go in for lunch! But our stomachs thought otherwise.

On the way home from lunch, we talked with a lady on the street, she said she had met with missionaries before and she would love for us to come back! So many miracles happened all one day! I couldn’t stop smiling!

Sunday was pretty great we had dinner with the Jones’ again, this time it was the younger and the older Jones’ 🙂 it was very fun!

On Sunday night we committed someone to be baptized, it was a very awesome lesson! We read from the Book of Mormon, that book is amazing! I love it so much! The spirit is so strong when we read it!

so basically I had the best week of my life so far, I’m sure there will be better, but thus far it is the best!

thanks for all your support, I love you all!

Loves yas! 🙂


Utica Fun

Hello everyone!

This week, Sister Frisby went to the temple. That meant that I got to go with the Utica Sister for a day! They are both really sweet Sisters, and I love them! In the morning, we went to a library and helped sort movies and we helped with prepare an art project for the kids place. It was a lot of fun! We had a lot of appointments later that day, so I was able to meet a lot of people! It was a really fun day, and I loved getting to know the Sisters there! 🙂

I met up with Sister Frisby on Wednesday morning and we drove back to Cooperstown. It was a fun little trip. later that day we fed sheep at our investigators house. It was fun!

We had an amazing ZTM on Thursday! It was all about planning! During the first half of the meeting, all I could think of was this family, who we only met briefly at their door. During a break that we had I told Sister Frisby that I was thinking of them, well guess what? She had been think about them as well! I think it gave me chills! 🙂 We later, planned a lesson and part of the meeting, and we both felt inspired to plan for this family. We prayed about a specific time to see them and we agreed on a time, and we were able to plan a lesson for them.

That night we went out and we went to the family’s house. We knocked on the door, no answer, we knocked again, no answer. We rang the doorbell. No answer. Just as we were about to leave, I felt like I should knock again. I thought it was a crazy thought, but I knocked again! And Guess what! Someone answered the door, we were able to teach a lesson, but we were able to get to know her more and we found out that her husband had met with missionaries before! I am so excited to go back and teach her. I know that we were inspired of God to go and see her, and I know that God loves all his children! I know that He is aware of us, and he loves us!

Well, I am going to miss Sister Frisby, but I am excited for her to see her family! I know she will do great things back and home and I wish the best for her! I am excited for my new companion; her name is Sister Hallstead! I only heard good things about her and I am excited to be companions with her! 🙂

Well, that’s about all this week 🙂

Loves yas! 🙂

Prayer Works

It was a really great week!

We were able to go to the Missionary Broadcast on Wednesday. It was really cool because it was on my one-year mark of being in New York! It was a really nice broadcast, there were a lot of good talks about missionary work, and it just made me excited for missionary work!

We had a lot of lessons this week! We made a lot of goals and we were able to reach a lot of them! I know that the power of prayer is real! We were able to use what we learned in the missionary broadcast as we taught. We had one lesson where our investigator started crying! And I know it wasn’t what we said, it was totally the spirit!

We had lots of other lessons this week, with our investigators and the less active members that we see. Nothing to out of the ordinary happened! We just seem to be helping people with their concerns and overcoming them!

The Elders had a baptism on Saturday so we went. It was a really great baptism and the person being baptized was really happy! You can tell that she was excited to be baptized!

It was a really cold week! There was a lot of snow, but the good news is, most of the snow was more south of us! I heard that NYC got a lot of snow. we still went out and did service at our investigators house, we fed their sheep. It was a lot of fun!

Well I guess nothing too crazy happened this week! a less active who recently started coming to church frequently, brought her friend to church and we were able to have a lesson with her, so that was fun!

For dinner on Sunday we had it at the Bruneau’s, and two of our investigators were there. It was a fun night! although a crazy night as well! Today will also be crazy! We are going to Utica tonight, because Sister Frisby is going to the temple tomorrow! So I will be hanging out with the Utica Sisters up there 🙂 then we go back to Utica on Thursday, for a Zone meeting! It will be a crazy week!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Loves yas! 🙂

Funeral Potatoes

This week has been pretty fun!

I guess I only have to tell you about one less day today! 😉

After we email last Wednesday, we had our District Meeting, It was about finding people. Well, our phone kept ringing. Another set of missionaries were calling us, they called about 5 times when we realized it was probably important, so we left and answered the phone. they had been calling because one of the members they see (whose husband is not a member) Mother-in-law was in the hospital and she wanted some missionaries to help comfort her children. The problem was, we were in Oneonta, and our area was a half hour away! We had a meeting with the branch later and a dinner appointment, but we had just enough time to get to the hospital, say a prayer with the family and provide comfort and go back to Oneonta for our dinner appointment. So we got a ride to our area…never done that before!

The family at the hospital was really nice and the member was really grateful that we came. Sister Frisby prayed with the family members, it was a very sweet experience! Right as we were about to leave the non-member husband expressed a lot of thanks and was really impressed that we would come all the way to the hospital just for him and his family! I hope that everything went well from them and they were comforted! It’s was just an unusual situation and very awesome!

That was about the most interesting thing that happened this week, besides the same old same old 🙂

On Thursday we helped the less active we see put her Christmas Tree down. It was kinda fun! She is a really sweet lady!

We had a really cool lesson on Thursday, it was one of those lessons were, you’re not sure if what you planned was right for them but you teach them anyway and the whole lesson was driven by the spirit and you’re not even sure what it was about, but it was awesome!

We taught both Young Women AND Gospel Principles on Sunday, it was fun, especially the Young women’s lesson. We did a fun activity about the gifts that our Heavenly Father has given us, we put random items in a bag (a phone, Christmas tree lights, a remote, a lizard stuffed animal, a map, a manual, etc.) and told them that they represented spiritual gifts from our Heavenly Father, like prayer, scriptures, the earth, our bodies, the commandments, the Spirit, etc. It was a really fun activity! I really enjoyed teaching the younger girls just because of the things they say, it kinda reminds me of myself when I was a little Young Women 🙂 (Example: “One time I was making spaghetti and it called for two table spoons of salt but i put in two cups…it was really salty” They just make me laugh 🙂

After church on Sunday, there was a little farewell get together because one of the members of the branch is going to Utah on his mission! So we had typical “Utah” food! It was a lot of fun! All I have to say is funeral potatoes and green jello! 🙂

Yesterday, we had a great night! It was pretty cool out and one of our investigators, told us they don’t want to meet with us anymore so we were a little sad, however we were determined not to get discouraged! So we went out to find someone who had moved, we knew approximately where they moved to so we tracted that street and we found her! We had a great lesson with her and her friend, she seemed excited to learn! We made an appointment to see her this week!

So we’ve had our ups and our downs this week (But mostly ups!)

Later as we were walking on Main Street, and I was looking in one of the windows because there was a quote I wanted to read. Well since we are in Cooperstown, (aka, the baseball capital of the world) I could have guess that it was the famous quote from Babe Ruth “Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back” I think that this quote can really relate to missionary work and life! So don’t get discouraged when you fail! You just have to get back up on your feet and move on 🙂 So that’s your inspiration for the week! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Loves yas!

Winter is Finally Here!

Hello all!

Most of the time when I sit down to email, I don’t remember a single thing that happened that week! Another good reason why us missionaries have planners…I don’t know how I’m going to live without them!

I’ve been a missionary for a whole year now! I think I had a pretty good day to celebrate! We met with a potential investigator at a little cafe, he bought us Hot Chocolate of course, and we had a pretty good lesson with him, we plan to meet with him and teach him about the gospel.

later that day we met with a less active. she gave me a little pin that she had crocheted, she makes little things for all the Sister Missionaries even before she meets them! I thinks it’s very sweet!

We helped another investigator feed her sheep again. It was a gorgeous day! There was a little bit of snow on the ground and the sun glistened on the creek behind the sheep barn. It was kind of fun to feed the sheep, I don’t really know why! I guess when you are serving other, you feel good. And it always reminds me of the scriptures and how Christ asked his disciples to “Feed my sheep” and I was, in fact, literally feeding sheep! Not only that, but I was also helping our investigator come closer to Christ. In turn our investigators smile helped me to feel the spirit also.

That night, we were able to see an investigator that I have never met before (you know the holiday season is crazy! people were with family etc. etc.) The spirit was very strong and I knew that God loved her and her family! She has totally fallen in love with the gospel! She loves that families can be together forever! I am excited to see her again.

Nothing to exciting happened the rest of the week, it’s was pretty much the same old same old, helped a member make goodies, got the oil changed in the car, fed sheep again, went to church. It was a great meeting today! The lesson in Relief Society was great! We listened to “His Hands” I love that song! After church we had a Branch Lunch, there was a lot of good food!

We had dinner at a member’s house on Tuesday night, for dessert we had Panetone (I don’t know how to spell it) I was quite surprised because I haven’t met a lot of people who have heard of it before! It turns out that the husband went to Italy on his mission! Which explains why he was very confused about my name…

We had a crazy snow storm yesterday! The wind was blowing and there was a lot of snow! It’s a dream come true! I have been waiting for lots of snow for the past few weeks!

Did I mention there’s a Stewart’s here? Well I guess that doesn’t mean much to you guys. But they have the best Ice Cream in NY! I haven’t been near one since I was in Lake Placid! I pretty happy about that!

Well, That’s about it this week!

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Loves yas!

Tracting in a Winter Wonder Land

It’s been a great week!

The Lord is blessing us so much in this area! So many people have been letting us in! More people have been letting us in because it’s been between 0-10 degrees outside for the past few days!

The different ways we have found people this week (or so…):

We were trying people who could be potential investigators and we met a lady who said she knew a little bit about Mormons because her friend was LDS, then she said she attended another church and was involved in it a lot, but she liked learning. Somehow our discussion turned into a lesson about the Book of Mormon. All of a sudden she was listening really intently, and she seemed more interested! It was really cool to see how the spirit can touch people’s lives!

There is a trailer park near where we live, we had gone there a million times before trying to see people that Sister Frisby had tracted before I got to Cooperstown, but for some reason, I was had the impression to go there, I thought to myself, “We been there a MILLION times already!” Obviously it was the Spirit, because we were able finally able to see someone, that we had tried a million times! She already has a Book of Mormon, read it, and has a testimony of it! So excited to go back and teach her! Sometimes the Spirit tells us to do crazy things, but if we listen to and act on those “crazy” prompting, we will be blessed and it will only add to this crazy adventure we call life!

A few days later…

We went to the same trailer park…I don’t know what it is about that trailer park. And we tried to contact another person that had been hard to get a hold of. Well, the person we were looking for moved, but the two people that were there let us in! We taught them a lesson, and they wanted us to come back! It’s so exciting to see the Spirit work in people’s lives!

Anyway, on Sunday…

We had dinner with the Jones family. Their son is leaving for the MTC soon! It’s really nice to have Sunday meals, it makes Sundays feel less weird 🙂

On New Year’s eve…

We went to Pizza Hut (Because apparently it’s a whole sit down restaurant in NY) with the Zvirzdin family! We got some yummy pizza. This family feeds us every week, usually on Thursdays! they are very nice!

We went to bed at 10:30, if there were any fireworks or celebrations, we slept through it, didn’t hear a thing it was great! earliest I’ve ever went to bed on New Year’s!

On New Year’s day…

We were helping one of our investigator’s outside when all of a sudden it started snowing hard! I guess all the snow last year was used up last February so it couldn’t snow until the first! 😉

Time flies by so fast!! I’ve been out a year! A WHOLE year…nay I don’t think that’s possible, it’s more like two months right? 😉 My mission so far has been great! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord in upstate New York! I have really grown and been blessed to serve here! Thank you for all of your support!

Love you all!

Tracting in a NOT Winter But Still Wonderful Land

It has been such a good week!

Get ready for a long email!

On Tuesday…

We had lunch with the Bruneou’s. After lunch we followed Brother Bruneou to one of our investigators houses to have a lesson. Since Christmas was coming up, we read the signs and the birth of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon. We shared it with several other people this week also. Every time I read it, I still felt the joy of Christ’s birth, the story hasn’t and will never get too old! If you haven’t read it already, I encourage you to read it (Helaman 14 and 3 Nephi 1). It’s a great story!

A couple times a week…

… We help two of our investigators with whatever they need and then we have a lesson. this week, we helped feed their sheep! It was kind of fun because I’ve never done that before. the next time we went over we helped clean out their garage a bit. Then we had our lesson and she fed us some squash soup, it was very good!

We had District Meeting on Wednesday…

We talked about the Book of Mormon and then we role played answering questions about the Book of Mormon. Sister Frisby and I were teaching one of the Elders and he decided that he was going to be himself when he was being taught by the missionaries. It was a very cool experience because we used the same stories/scriptures from the Book of Mormon, that were used to answer his questions when the missionaries were teaching him! It was definitely guided by the spirit. The only way I can describe it is that my soul smiled

On Christmas Eve…

We went to the mall and wrapped presents as a service project! It was a lot of fun! Especially since I like wrapping presents! We met so many cool people and it really made it a memorable Christmas Eve!

We had dinner with the Zvirsdins…no Idea how to spell it 😉 they have us over every Thursday for dinner. They just get all the good Holidays! They gave Sister Frisby and I pretty necklaces for Christmas. And lots of Goodies!

That night…

We went out tracting. We decided to tape some of the #ASaviorIsBorn cards to some movies we had (Like Joy to the World, or other ones about Christ) as Christmas Presents. We were a little weary that no one would let us in, however, we were able to give one away to a lady who was very nice! She wished us a Merry Christmas and we went on our way. Yes, we may have run into people who didn’t appreciate us going around on Christmas Eve, however, I am grateful that we were able to see at least one person who was friendly, and who knows, maybe we made an impression on her!

Christmas was really fun! We went to the Bruneou’s for Christmas breakfast! We had french toast, bacon and sausage! Then we opened our presents. The Branch gave us a huge box of gifts! Most of them were really practical things like tooth paste, tooth brushes, hand sanitizer, food (Like oatmeal, cereal, can good, etc… and a giant box of Chocolates!) And I got lots of nice things from family! It was a really nice Christmas Morning!


We Skyped and called our families! It was very nice to hear everyone’s voice and to see their faces! It made me very happy! It made my Christmas special!

We went back to the Bruneou’s for Christmas dinner! We had ham, and lots of good food! To finish the night, we went out to work! We met a lady who used to do family history work at the Church, she seemed like a nice lady and we are excited to go back and talk with her again!

that’s about all of the exciting things that happened here in Cooperstown, NY! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and that you will have a good New Year!

Loves yas!