The most important news is first!

A BAPTISM!!! It was a little bit of a struggle planning everything, but it all worked out and now we are relived! She had to be dunked three times! There was an air bubble because we forgot to bring a safety pin to pin the bottom of her dress. The Elder baptizing her nearly drowned her trying to get the air bubble out! Thank goodness some one gave her a hair tie to be able to tie the bottom of her dress. It was quit an adventure! After she got out and changed she had a contagious smile on her face, Sister Hess and my cheeks hurt! She said that she felt different after she was baptized!

Danielle's Baptism

Danielle’s Baptism

The next day she was confirmed in Sacrament meeting. the spirit was so strong in the meeting! I am so excited for her! Her family was able to attend her baptism and her confirmation and they are proud of her! And they aren’t even members!

Well I guess the rest of the week was pretty dull compared to that! haha

On Monday

We went to the Zoo! I guess I sent pictures but I didn’t really tell you about it…Well the Zoo was really small but we still had fun! I think we talked to the penguins for like 15 minutes! We were trying to get them to go swimming but all they would do was stare at their door. On the way out one of the zoo keepers had a snake that we were able to pet! So that was cool!

On Tuesday

We had District Meeting. There were a lot of people there because we also had our Zone Leaders and STLs there plus our 4 companionships that are already there! However it was a lot of fun! We learned about our purpose and missionaries. We even sang primary songs! After the District Meeting, the Zone Leaders showed us some bizarre food. So you take a slice of bread, put peanut butter on it, then you at the hot dog, and you put hot sauce on it! They made us try it and it was actually pretty good!

Did I tell you?

That we do service on Thursdays? I don’t remember so I will tell you anyway. On Thursdays we clean a church not OUR church but A church. It’s really easy to clean, all we do is vacuum and clean the bathrooms. After wards they feed us lunch! It’s really nice to get to know everyone there!

Last week…

We picked up a new investigator! She’s the one that already prayed about Joseph Smith. She started reading the Book of Mormon a few days ago and she is already on Jacob! So cool!! She is super sweet too!

On Tuesdays

We also have a Book of Mormon class that is really cool! We talked about Alma 32 about the seed. We had a really great discussion.

On Wednesday

We had dinner with the Hogans , She is a member but he sis not. We ate food from their garden! It was really good food. and she is very sweet! On Sunday we had dinner with the Houghtons they are a crazy family however they were all smiling so that is a good sign!


I have been sharing a scripture in 3 Nephi 10:5 it says, “And again, how oft would I have gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings,” I compared it to a story that I heard once about a girl who was in the aftermath of a wild fire and she found a smoldering lump of something that was unrecognizable. She went over and lifted it up. When she lifted it all these chicks started running out. She then realized that the unrecognizable lump was the mother hen protecting her chicks. She compared that to the gospel and how Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for all of us so that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven. So he gathers us to protect us!

Well have a great week!

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