It was a pretty normal week!

We had enrichment on Tuesday night, we made pumpkin pies, they were really good! I’m not the biggest pumpkin pie fan but this pumpkin pie was very good!! We also made snowflakes out of paper, they looked nice, and sparkly!

On Wednesday

We were walking around a different part of our area. As we walked we saw a young mother out for a walk with her dog and her little toddler. We started talking to her and she seemed really nice and open, hopefully we will be able to go back and talk with her whole family!

On Thursday

We did you usual service, cleaning another church in the area, We had a lesson with one of the less actives, she served us hot chocolate because it was a bit cold outside. This time she didn’t bring the birds out!

We had a really great lesson with one of our investigators, (she almost wanted to stop seeing us last week!) She asked a lot of good questions, she is a little bit more open to us, and she was excited to come to church!

On Friday

We had dinner with a couple members of the ward at a church in Binghamton, they served Chicken and Biscuits, it seemed to be a New York thing to have because I never had it until I got to New York! It was a really good dinner.

After dinner we had a lesson planned with a potential investigator. Well the members that drove us to dinner, wanted to come with us so we headed to the lesson, on the way, she texted us and said that she wouldn’t be able to meet that night, so we decided to see one of out referrals that lives far away. You have probably heard me talk about them before because we have been trying them for the past couple of months but they have never been home! We’ve tried day time, night time, morning, evening, almost every time of the day!! However, this time there was a car in front of their house!! We knocked on the door they answered, we gave them the bible the ordered and they want us to come back!! It was really great!

A Funeral

One of the less active members of the ward’s son passed away, we wanted to support her, so we went to the funeral on Saturday. It was very interesting, there was a lot of Amens and random singing! Well, I guess that’s part of the culture of Binghamton! It’s great! It was a really great service! I’m glad that we were able to be there for support 🙂

After the Funeral, we helped a member of the ward clean her house, she hasn’t been feeling too good lately, so we helped her clean her kitchen and bathroom! She also gave us cupcakes that were really good!

Then we headed off to a baptism!

A women that on the the Elders were teaching got baptized. She had been coming to church with a member for a couple of months now. She new so much about the scriptures and church that everyone assumed that she was already a member! Well, as soon as we figured out that she wasn’t a member, they taught her lesson, and she was baptized! She is such a nice women!

Like I said earlier, one of our investigators came to church! It was really cool because she was able to see a confirmation! She loves the lessons and she loves the songs even if she doesn’t know them!

For a change…

We had dinner with the Kings on Sunday! They are a really nice family, the boys are a little crazy, but boys will be boys right? 😉 Sister King also teaches Relief Society sometimes and her lessons are always the best!! This week it was all about missionary work! I love missionary work!! It’s the best!

We had a little bit of time left so we still stopped by the Drake’s. We just wanted to share a scripture with them that would help them. In return, Sister Drake gave us brownies! 🙂

I can say that I was never hungry this week!

Everyone gave us food this week! We went to another investigators house, just as we were about to leave, she offered us some cake that she made. It was a really good chocolate cake! Another time, one of the recent converts gave us cake that she bought for her son’s birthday. It was pumpkin cake, I just love pumpkin so much! We got food at the funeral and all of the other times we got food that I mentioned in this email. Everyone is so nice here! I just love it here so much!

This week we are going to go on exchanges!

This time Sister Williams is coming to Vestal. Something cool about Sister William’s is that she shares the same birthday as me! So cool!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week! New York is pretty great! No snow yet..not sure if I’m sad or glad about that! 🙂

Loves yas!!

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