Funny Story

A couple weeks ago, we had to pick up the Elders to go to Walmart (It was a p day) and they have a steep driveway and so we had to wait for them to get something and I didn’t want to turn the car off all the way because it was hot. So I turn the engine off but left the air on. Well they got back in the car and I started backing out. When we got to the middle of the road, the car wouldn’t go and I couldn’t figure it out! Everyone was trying to tell me what to do and then one of the Elders said “The car isn’t even on!” I forgot to turn the engine on! Luckily no one hit us! Now every time I drive the Elders anywhere they say something about how I turned the car on this time! Sometime I say “At least I turned the car on!” If they make fun of my driving! HAHA! I thought you would find that funny!

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