Happy Easter

It was a great week!

It was a very creative week! Since we had an extra week this transfer, this whole week was planned on one piece of paper, and not a very big one (the size of an index card). I have come to appreciate the planners, no matter how small they are! 🙂 I keep saying, “Wow! I get to use a whole page today!”

We had a really great experience on Monday night, we were doing the same old same old, knocking on doors, and we came upon a little apartment building. no one answered until we got to the last door…well the last door didn’t answer either, however, a women came out of one of the other doors we had just knocked on, to walk her dog. It was a miracle! We started talking with her as she walked her dog, and we found out that she believed a lot of the same things that we believe! It was so great and we were so excited to bring the truth into her life. We left her with a Book of Mormon and asked her to pray about it. the next morning, we got a call from her and she told that she researched and she doesn’t believe it is true. It was so sad because we already loved her so much! It is so great to know that the Lord is not giving up on her.

We had lots of little tender mercies this week. the biggest one was on Friday, we were walking down the street and we had the feeling to go to a person house, we had tried a million times but no one has answered, but we went anyway 🙂 On the way to their house we saw one of our investigators driving! She pulled over and started talking with us. We had a great lesson with her on Tuesday and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. She loved it! It is such a comforting plan from our Heavenly Father! Anyway, it’s so much fun to see our investigators just around town!

The Women’s meeting was soooo amazing! I love every minute of it! I love hearing from the women leaders of the church! They have powerful testimonies and I loved hearing their stories and experiences they are really great role models! I want to be just like all of them!

I had a great Easter Sunday! The talks and lessons were good at church especially when the Primary sang in Sacrament meeting!

We had Easter dinner with the Jones, we had the usual spread of things. the little message we shared with them was about Jesus Christ and the resurrection, It’s so amazing when we can learn things from members when we share our message. We read a scripture about the resurrected and we mention the fact that Christ didn’t have to leave the nail prints in His hand when He was resurrected, but he left them out of love and remembrance for us. Sister Jones mentioned that He also left the nail print as a witness that He is the Christ! I felt the spirit so much! I am grateful that everyone around me have amazing testimonies! We also stopped by the Zukas’ for a few minutes to dye some eggs with them! it was so much fun!

It was such a nice day! Beautiful for Easter! I love being a missionary, and I love being in this area! I hope you all have a great week!

Loves yas! 🙂

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