He Lives Again!

Hello Everyone!

This is my very last email as a missionary so I guess I oughta make it a good one!

We sprayed our entire house with Permethrin this week! #nomorespiders

We had ZTM on Tuesday. It was weird because I had to bear my testimony since I am going home, I still don’t feel like I am going home. It was a bit anti-climactic because of that reason. ZTM was good though we learned about how having faith in Jesus Christ helps us to have faith to find people. Even if they are talking on the phone…

Then we went on exchange to Horseheads! I went with Sister Ferrin. She is pretty cool! She hasn’t been out very long, but she is a very good missionary and a good teacher. We saw a lot of miracles that day!

We didn’t have a lot of planed lessons with people, but we were still able to see so many people! We met an older lady who was watering her plants, (It’s been so dry here!) and we started talking with her. She didn’t seem to interested at first. The whole “I’m have my religion and you can’t change me” type thing, but we broke down some of her walls and were friendly with her. Even with her disinterest, I still felt like I should give her a Book of Mormon, so I did. She was extremely grateful that I would give her an entire book! She seemed very sincere in reading it. I hope she does!

For dinner we went to the Reeders house for dinner (the reason why I am saying this is because my companions will freak out…or at least the ones that served in Elmira) They made lots of Yummy food! We even saw all of their doll houses! They are about 7 or 8 of them that were set up. They even included a miniature Windex bottle and aluminum foil! It was so fun!

Later that night, we got back to the apartment before the other sisters did and we realized we didn’t have a key to the apartment, so we did the only logical thing. Talk to people. We talked to about 5 people in the ten minutes we were waiting for the other sisters to get back, it was pretty awesome!

The next day we had a few lessons, one with a little boy that was about 11 years old. We did an activity were we flipped to a random page in the Book of Mormon and read the verse we landed on. I don’t know, but sometimes that game is risky! There’s lots of war going on. But thankfully we didn’t land on any bad ones!

The whole time while I was in Elmira I kept noting that the grass was very yellow and crunchy and dead and that we need some rain, because no one has sprinklers here in NY. I even mentioned that we should have a service project where we go around with a hose watering people’s lawns.

Then it happened! On the way to Corning, it poured. It was a torrential down pour! When we go out of the car I felt like I was in the shower!

The rest of the week was spent trying to find people! We were finally able to find the family from the park again…I guess I was confused as to where they live (but what else in new? 😉 So we taught them about the plan of salvation. When we were explaining how Christ was killed by bad people the seven-year-old got really upset and said he wanted to punch the bad guys in the face! So we quickly told him how Christ came back to life. Then he got really excited and started jumping up and down with excitement and started yelling “He’s a live again!” He got even more excited when we told him that he would live again too, along with his grandma who had recently passed away.

Isn’t that how we should all feel? Excited that Christ lives again so that we can all live again with Him and Heavenly Father! I think that is want I have learned on my mission, to be excited about Jesus Christ and His gospel! And grateful for Jesus Christ and His Atoning sacrifice, so that when I make a mistake, no matter how much I regret it, my life isn’t over, and it’s the same for you! I am so grateful fo everything I have learned on my mission and I am grateful that i get to take it with me were ever I may go!

I love you all and am so grateful for all of your support while I have been gone these last 18 months. I am excited to see you but also sad to say good bye to all of the wonderful friends I have made out here in NY, but I know that I will see them again even if it’s after this life. And that is what Facebook is for 🙂

I hope you have a great week! and I’ll see lots of YOU next week!

#glassmuseumtoday #Palmyranextweek  #NYUM 🙂

Love you all so so so much!

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