Horseshow and Strawberry Jam

A LOT of stuff happened this week!

I guess that’s what happens when you get transferred! So I will start with what happened in Lake Placid:

On Monday evening Sister Wiggins called and told me I had a package from Germany and was wondering if I was going to be at transfers and I said yes! So even though I was sad I was leaving Placid I was excited to go to transfers. I would get a package and I would be able to see my previous companions.

On Tuesday…

I packed for two hours straight! There were still a few things but I was tired and I need a break so we went to this Crepe Place on Main Street and we went to the horse show… but it was almost done by the time we got there… but I have a few pictures. Then we went to Sister Pascarelli’s house to say good bye. She loves the missionaries so much! She even put her famous mints in a bag for us to take on our 3 hour drive to Utica.

On Tuesday night, we had our Branch FHE and we made strawberry jam. It was a lot of fun! We almost took some home but it wasn’t quite ready yet. I was a little sad. However, when I started unpacking in Cortland, I found a jar of strawberry jam wrapped in my blanket! The Miskin’s had sneaked the jam into my suitcase as they packed it into their trunk!

On Wednesday…

I woke up at 4:45am to make sure everything was packed and ready to go. I signed our poster that all missionaries sign in Lake Placid. Left a note for my companion’s trainee. Played the Piano one more time. I finished just as the Miskins pulled up to our apartment.

Transfers was crazy!

There were so many people getting transferred. There were 21 new missionaries. I felt like I was in high school again it was so loud! I saw my former companion! I was going to be in her same district but then she had to get transferred back to the North Country. I also saw the one who was in my district at the MTC and she is one of my Sister Training Leaders!

After Lunch I got my stuff out of the Miskin’s car, I put it in the church. Went back in, found Sister Mason, located her stuff. Then we searched the whole Utica church building to find Elder Summers (our driver) so that we could locate the Owego van. Moved all of our luggage to the Owego van. Somewhere in all of this, Elder Medearis loaded his stuff. After a great game of Tetiris (Idk how to spell that game…), we loaded into the Owego van and we were off to Cortland so that I could move in and finally meet up with my new companion. Whew! That was a lot!

So I unpacked for a while…

And then we ate dinner. We were invited to go to the Young Women’s activity. We made Tortillas! They were really good! The church is much bigger that the Lake Placid church. I guess it’s like when Alice shrinks and everything is big to her.

On Thursday…

We had a yummy dinner with the Moss family. They are really nice! the spirit is so strong in their house, even if they had 8 crazy children running around the house. I guess there is always a family who pretty much “Adopts” the missionaries into their family. I am grateful for the members who do become friends with the missionaries, it makes me feel safe to be in that area. And they always make yummy homemade food.

On Fridays we have a crazy workout with a member at her gym. It is supper intense but you feel so good after, so yes, I do work out! Sometimes I even go running…


The only thing to really do in this area to find people, is to tract. So I guess I had a lot of practice in Lake Placid. I am grateful for my companion in Lake Placid… she really pushed me to be confident when I tract. Because of that I want to do some crazy things to find people. The other day, we were tracting and there was this couple who was fixing their car in their backyard. They had no fence and so we could easily talk to them. Well my companion was already up the road and didn’t want to talk with them so we didn’t. I used to be like that.

Later, we were tracting another street and I started talking to this woman who was fixing her door. I asked her if she needed help, she seemed stubborn and refused. We talked with her for a minute and then we left. When we came back up the street she saw us and started calling us. In her hand was a small white book. She gave it to us and said, “My children found this a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t remember which church it was from. It is yours?” It was my companion’s last companion’s Missionary handbook! That’s a tender mercy right there!

We also invited a ten year old girl to church. We first started talking to her mom and we asked her if she was interested, she said no, but my daughter might be. So she comes out the door and yells her daughters name down the street. She started running down the street as soon as her mom called her. She didn’t come this week, but I sure hopes she comes next week!

Church was great!

It was really weird to hear a lot of babies crying. And they actually had a raised stand and chapel benches. And I also forgot how cold real chapels are… So I need to pull some of my cardigans out!

That night we had dinner with the Moss’again. This time it was the whole family. Brother Moss went to Germany on his mission, I thought that was pretty cool! They also wanted to try something new… It was fried bread (aka Western Scones according to Brother Moss). I haven’t had a scone in forever so they were really good.

Well I guess that’s all… It hasn’t rained in a 3 days… It’s kind of weird.

Have a wonderful week!

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