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So many good things happened this week!!!

On Monday evening, we had FHE with a bunch of the members from the ward. It was a lot of fun! We talked about General Conference. It was fun to hear everyone’s thoughts about it!

Earlier on Monday

We got a text from Sister Guthrie asking if we could come over sometime before Wednesday. We thought that was a strange request knowing that they lives far away. Apparently we forgot to text her back… don’t know how I missed that. So on Tuesday we received another text from Sister Guthrie asking if we wanted to come to dinner that night. Well we didn’t have a dinner plan so of course we said yes! We got to dinner and they told us where to sit.  On my seat, there was a package! It was from my mom for “Hump Day” It was a pleasant surprise! It made me smile! We also had yummy food! Stove top Lasagna or something like that… anyway it was good!

The next day

October 7th, I opened my “Hump Day” package! I got a chocolate frog! That was pretty cool! I can’t believe I have been out for 9 whole months! Time flies so fast! My mission had been so much fun and I have met so many wonderful people! I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Thanks for all the letters and support!

On Wednesday night

We had dinner with the Talley’s… Somehow we had a dinner appointment every night this week! On Sunday no one had signed up because it was Conference weekend and not a lot of people come to the church for it. I guess you could say we are pretty cool! Tonight we are going to the Talley’s again to have s’mores and stuff over a fire! So much fun!

Nothing to spectacular happened on Thursday…

But I got a package! It was another “Hump Day” package, but this time it was from my Dad! I love getting packages! But that might be because I love surprises!

On Friday we had our Mission Conference!

It went from 10-5! It was so long, but it was so good! I was also able to see all of my companions that are still in the mission! (Sister Gass, Sister Abbott, Sister Hess, Sister Chandler, and of course Sister Hale) Elder Bennett from the Seventy came and talked with us and got us pumped to do missionary work, and to become better missionaries! The spirit was so strong and I loved it! They also had yummy food!

So with feeling pumped about missionary work in mind, that night, even though we got home at 8:00 and it was dark already, we decided we were going to work hard for that hour! It was really cool because we were able to set up an appointment for later this week and we had a lesson with a member!

The next day…

There were a ton of people on the streets! We decided to be fearless and talk with as many people as we could! We were able to over come our fear, and met so many wonderful people! Some of them weren’t interested, some didn’t live in the area, and some of them were just nice! However the case may be, were able to talk with people! It made me so happy!!

On Saturday night

We had dinner with Sister Ligouri, We had good food! On Sunday, we had dinner with the Drake’s! Chicken and cranberry sauce tastes good together… The Drakes are super great!

So overall, we had a great week!

Loves yas!

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