If a missionary were….

Funny Story of the week:

On Friday, an Elder here had endoscopy and needed to be asleep, so we had to pick him up! He was really funny! First, when he got in the car, and every time my companion turned a corner, he said, “SISTER P!” Because he didn’t like her driving. Later, still in the car, we called our Mission Mother to tell her the results (It was on speaker phone). Well I was the one with the phone and the Elder was mad at me for not calling her yet. He reprimanded me and said, “SISTER TRAPANE!” So I hurried and dial the phone that was really hard because I was laughing so hard! While we were on the phone, Elder tried to say what he was diagnosed with but all he said was Distil (Which is not what that word is) and then he said “I don’t know how to say the next word, nor am I going to try and say it!” Well later he decided to give it a try, and it came out “Distil Esophalogielogie.” That was when I realized how loopy he was from the medication! Well his companion chimed in and explained what was going on. In the middle of his explaining, my companion said, “And the nurse said I will need… oh what’s the word… it starts with an I.” Elder continued, and said “He might need an operation.”

Elder 1, “Oh that’s the word, operation!”
Elder 2, “Yes, because operation starts with an I”
Elder 1, “It that what I said? Well the nurse said I might need- well she said- well what I got out of it was, I will probably need an operation with an O.”
Well we arrived at their house, and Elder Peterson was mad because he wanted to go to a buffet, he exclaimed, “I WANT FOOD.”
Elder 2 said, “Well we’ll go inside an eat,”
Elder 1 said, ” I want some little Mexican to come over and give me food and say here’s your food!”

Well after a nose dive, and a few slips they made it inside. As we drove away, we decided to go to McDonald’s and buy Elder some food. this was our phone conversation:
Elder 1: “Yo yo yo, What’s up?!”
Us: “Hi Elder, do you want anything from McDonalds?”
Elder 1: “MCDONALD’S?!”
Us: “Or we can go to Subway!”
Elder 1: “They want to know if I want McDonald’s or Subway.”
Elder 2: “Well tell them what you want,”
Elder 1: “McDonald’s.”
Us: “Well what do you want?”
Elder 1:”Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Well you know… Big Macs good, McDoubles good, Quarter Pounder is good… you know what just surprise me. OH AND FRIES!!!

That’s when we realized if a missionary got drunk…  So we got him some food. It was really really really funny!!!

Ice Palace!

Well since that took up half the email, I’ll tell you about the Ice Palace (the local’s get mad if you call it a castle).

It was really cool! At night they light it up with different colors, it is very pretty. As part of the Winter Carnival, there are fireworks and a parade, the parade was on Saturday and it was as if Valentine’s day didn’t exist because everyone was excited about the parade. the parade was good, just like any other city parade, except our parade had ladies dancing with lawn chairs and it was during the dead of winter. Also on Saturday, we celebrated Valentine’s day by having breakfast at a families house that we teach, And we read “Beautiful” by Jenny Phillips, It is a really good book!



On Sunday evening we watch the fireworks (With one of the people we teach) they were really cool, they were behind the Ice Palace on the lake! Also on Sunday it was Alex’s birthday, he is turning eight and will be baptized next week! It’s so exciting! So we went to their house and had Cake!

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