Longest week of my life!

It was a very exciting week!

Last week, after General Conference the Elders gave us an old record that they found in their area book. Well the family was actually in our area so they gave it to us. Since it was on our way home, we went right away! We were able to meet the mom and some of their kids and we made an appointment for Wednesday the next week! Fast forward to Wednesday: They are the nicest people! they even gave us dinner! We had duck, I’ve never had that before so that was fun! Didn’t really taste much different from turkey. We had a good lesson with them, the Dad really wants to be baptized, but his family is still unsure. We already love them! It was such a miracle that we found them! 🙂

We were supposed to have our exchange this transfer next week, but the Sister Training Leaders (they are in Utica), asked us if we could do it on Thursday instead. They told us that they might have bed bug problems so we weren’t allowed to sleep in their apartment, so we got to sleep in the mission home! More on that later 😉 Sister Hallsted went with Sister Pange and I went with Sister Collette!

In the morning we did service at a library, and we painted cans! The kids do fun projects at the library, and so next week, they are planning seeds, so we helped the teacher prepare for that, by painting cans for the kids to plan their seeds! I remember when I was little and went to the library to do fun projects like that! 🙂

A lot of our appointment fell through that day, so we tracted a lot! It was also raining. But what other time in my life can I share the gospel with people in the rain? It was a lot of fun and we met some pretty nice people! I learned a lot from Sister Collette, she is super friendly and nice to everyone! She is also going home with Sister Hallsted!

So that night we slept in the mission home! That morning we ran; it was a nice change of scenery! Sister Rogers is the best and she had breakfast laid out for us when we came down for breakfast! Then we had ZTM! It was really great! We role played a lot. I love role playing! It really helps to get us thinking and find different ways to teach! After lunch, we had a bunch of workshops. It so much fun and I learned a lot! 🙂

Saturday was the most amazing day ever! The hand of the Lord was literally in everything that we did, even down to 8:30 at night!

First we went to the hospital twice this week (I think I’ve been to the library more on my mission than any other time in my life! one of the members of the Branch, Sister Crews, had a sister in the hospital, so we went to visit her! It was a nice visit!

Then we went to a nearby town, and we had the most amazing lesson with a man who has similar beliefs to us! He has already read the Book of Mormon, I guess he met some Mormons while we was away and he read the book while we was in a tent! It was a great lesson and he wants us to come back! After dinner, we saw one of our investigators and he said he did some research on our church. Thankfully, he looked on LDS.org to find things.

Later that night, we didn’t really know what to do, so we prayed for direction. Both of us thought of a person that we should try. They have never really been home when we try them, but as we got up to their door we saw that their lights were on and you could clearly tell that they were home. We knocked but they didn’t answer. It was sad that they didn’t answer, but it was cool to see how The Lord leads us to certain place, because He knows that they need the gospel. but it is their choice to accept or reject it.

We had Stake Conference on Sunday, all the speakers were great!

That night we had a interesting experience. We talked with a man who did not like the church and I think he was trying to shake our faith. He was getting really nitpicky about the church and the things it teaches. Every time he said something he waited for us to react as if we what he was saying would tear us down, but it did not! We hardly got a word in edge wise. They two things that came to my mind was that I know this is the true church and that the man was still a child of God, no matter how mean he is, God still loves him. we bore shorts testimonies and then we left. I hope and pray that one day his heart will be softened! I am so grateful for the testimony that I have and that it cannot be shaken at all!

So that is about all that happened this week! And next week will be even better! We have so many plans already! 🙂

Love you all! Thank you for all your support and prayers! I really do appreciate them!

Loves yas!

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