It was a pretty good week this week!

For the first few days this week, we had really great weather! It was in the 60s and 70s!! Crazy for November in New York, however yesterday it was freezing and we had to scrape frost off our car this morning…

On Tuesday we had district meeting as always, we talked about goal setting. It was a good meeting, that’s about it.

The members in the Binghamton Ward are amazing!

There are three experiences this week that we had with members.

  1. On Friday, one of our investigators almost dropped us! However we had a member with us who persisted that our investigator comes to church. We were pretty persisted also, however, I think she would have dropped us had we not had a member with us being lovingly persisted!
  1. Later on Friday, a member gave us a ride to a referral that lives far away (We have to stay within a mile budget). The referral wasn’t home so we got in the car to leave. A few seconds later the member who drove us noticed a sign in the window of a neighboring house, it said “Thankful for families” She stopped the car and we knocked on the door. There was a young mother home, and she let us in! We taught her the first lesson and she wants us to come back and come to church! Sister Hale and I didn’t even notice the sign! Again, I am so grateful for the members here! 🙂
  1. We were going to have a lesson with an investigator and we were going to take a member with us. Well the appointment canceled. When we called the member to tell her that the appointment canceled, she asked us if we still see our recent convert. We said yes we are seeing her the next day (Saturday). She invited her self to come. We were uncertain if we should bring her because she has trouble walking up stairs and our recent convert lives up 4 or 5 flights of stairs, but she insisted that she came with us! She said she would make it up the stairs with the Lords help! She is truly an amazing women! Not only did she make it up the stairs she also shared an amazing testimony and befriended our recent convert, offering her a ride to church. I am so grateful for the members and the support they give to everyone!

All in all the members here are great!

On Wednesday night

We were walking around trying to talk with people, not a lot of PEOPLE were out but we did see a bunch of deer running across the rode in a neighborhood, for some reason it was really funny. We just turned the corner and here are all these deer running across the street! We laughed!

On Thursday

We had a lesson with a less active member. This time we saw her birds! They were really funny birds, one of them hid from Sister Hales camera and one of them laughed, it was a really funny laugh too! It was fun to see them!

This week we had dinner with the Guthrie’s, Hogan’s, and Drake’s. As always, everything was good! On Sunday, I was matching with Sister Drake that was kind of fun!

We also had transfer calls this week!

Sister Hale and I are staying in Binghamton together! for at least another transfer! I really love it here and I am grateful that I am staying! 🙂

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