Miraculous Week…

It was the most miraculous week of my entire mission, so far.

We had so many miracles, we picked up at least one new investigator every day this week, except one! It was so amazing, and we generally found them all between 8 and 9 o’clock! I someone had told me this at the beginning of my mission, I would have thought they were crazy! The Lord really does bless us when we pray, and strive to find the answer. It just reminds me of the scripture that is repeated multiple times in the Book of Mormon ” Inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land;” (2 Nephi 4:4) It’s such a great promise, and we should each strive for it 🙂 We had some really amazing and fun (And sometimes funny) experiences this week! And we were able to meet a lot of families.

On Monday night we were able to actually have a lesson with the “Family across the street” (That’s what I’ve been calling them 🙂 with the mom and the husband, it was a really great lesson, because they have been looking for a church that involves children, (Because they have three sons). They seem like really friendly people, and I am very glad that I met them!

We had a really great experience on Wednesday. We had a lesson planned with a returning member of the church, going there we thought it would just be her. Well, her friend was there, and she seemed really open to the church. When we told her about the Book of Mormon, she really wanted to read it because she likes reading, it was amazing to see the glow in her face as she felt the spirit from the things we taught.

on Wednesday night, we went to a house that we had previously knocked on, and she let us in. She was really friendly (like everyone else in Cooperstown) and she took us on a tour of her whole house. We also told her that we sometimes sing to the old people in the nursing home so she requested us to sing to her. So we did! She took a video of us and later posted it n Facebook (that information will come in handy later 😉 We found out that she is a mother and has her two kids living with her, they were not there that night, but she told us that we could come back on Sunday to teach them about Jesus.

We didn’t think we would find any investigators on Thursday because we were leaving to go to Hamilton that morning. Well just as we were about to give up and eat lunch at home (Instead of in the car) we passed by one of our investigators houses, and decided that we would stop by. the women let us in right away and invited her kids to come join in the lesson. Well the kids were on winter break (Yep, just like spring break but in the winter…they also have spring break later too) So her kids had been sleeping in. It took a few minutes for them to come, but they finally did, and we were able to teach her kids about the church. the oldest was really interested about missions and he thought it was cool that we come out here to teach about Jesus. I just love teaching the gospel! Also we found out that she knew the investigator we saw on Wednesday, because she saw the video of us singing! so funny! Everyone knows everyone in Cooperstown…it’s not very big 🙂

Sister Hallsted and I actually went to Hamilton together and then we both worked in Hamilton with the two Sisters. On the way, we made lunch in the car, (Well I made lunch and Sister Hallsted drove) It reminded us of long road trips when our moms would make lunch for everyone while we were on the road. So much fun!

Our exchange was pretty good! I was with Sister Holden, she actually started her mission in Cooperstown! It was really fun to get to know her! AND she also lived in Germany when she was younger and knew what Schnitzel was!! That made me super happy for some reason… We ate at a cute pizzeria while I was with her. I believe they have one in every town in NY especially by Utica.

We had our talent show and chili cook off on Friday night, it was really fun because the missionaries sung a song for it! One of the Elders has an Ukulele, and so we sang a song about how we want to be like different people in the Book of Mormon! (It’s a popular song among missionaries…everyone knows it!)

Saturday was the most gorgeous day of my life! It was 50 degrees and beautiful! We went to the Farmers Market, I guess a lot of them know the missionaries so we wanted to support them (Also one of the members of the branch works there) It was really fun and a good atmosphere!

Sunday, was really great! It just seemed like the whole branch was so stoked for missionary work! I guess the branch mission leader told everyone the success we’ve been having; by the end of church everyone knew how our week went. Some members have invited us to bring our investigators to their house for dinner, and people have been volunteering to come with us to our lessons, It’s so great! I love it here! 🙂

We went back to that mothers’ house to teach her children! And of course one of the members came to the lesson with us and she also brought two of her kids (And cupcakes) it was really fun and they made a great connection! The work here is moving along fast here! I am so excited for this week, we have lots of plans to see you new and old investigators!

One quick funny story:

We went to the Jones house for dinner on Wednesday, and their son and daughter in-law were there (They live in the branch right now) and their year oldish granddaughter. Well, the baby likes attention and she started singing to us. She would sing to us by opening her mouth really wide and just say “maahhhhhh” It was the cutest thing in the entire world!! I was laughing so hard I was crying!

We also went to the young Jones house yesterday. And Brother Jones made Brazilian food because that is where he went on his mission! I was really fun because both Sister Hallsted and my dad’s went to Brazil on their missions!  It was really fun!

Well this is the longest email ever! I hope you enjoy it!

Loves yas! 🙂

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