More MTC Time

So first of all, my quest was found:

I found Building 12M, where my Dad stayed when he was here 30 years ago! During our exercize time one day, we decided to take a walk around the grounds and discover everything. And I wanted to find 12M. So we were searching for it for about 20 minutes and finally gave up because it was dark. We headed back to the others side of our building. Right as I got to the door, my companion says, “Look, it’s 12M!” So literally it’s the building behind mine! (Our building is 5M Erastus Snow…Snow for NY)

Second of all, here is another story about Friday:

On Friday, my companion got sick. So we went to the doctors office and she was told to rest all day! Fortunately, a package from Mom came the day before (although by the time I got the note that I got the package, the Post Office was closed). So I was able to pick it up at the Post Office! We went back to our room, and I opened the package! I also got Dad’s package like the day before… so everyone thought I was super cool cuz I had German Chocolate and a cool picture that Dad painted! (BTW, Dad, everyone likes your Painting of the Arch… I swear Sister Abbott Stared at it for 5 mins…)

After I opened the package I studied and found the answer to our investigators question which was: How are we saved by grace, if we have to work for it? I remember a lesson I had in Seminary about that. So I studied that for two hours and realized that I the Atonement is Grace! That answer would have never come if Sister Abbott didn’t get sick! So even though getting sick is bad (And I would never wish it upon anyone), you can still find blessing in everything!


​This is were I keep all my letters. Dad’s hand-painted card is on the shelf.

On Sunday, my companion and I Sang “I Stand All Amazed” as a special musical number. It was really great! Even if I was really nervous to sing the Alto part. We also got to say hello to the new MTC presidency at the devotional on Sunday! That was cool even though I’m leaving tomorrow.

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