My Companion is a Mermaid

You probably noticed that my subject line was not a hashtag.

I will explain. My companion uses the word human in place of people so she’ll say “Let’s go OYM some humans,” or “Humans!” When she is frustrated with drivers on the road. Or things like that! And I told her it make it sound like she’s a mermaid! So I guess mermaids can go on missions! She is the best mermaid companion I ever had!

On Tuesday…

We had our district meeting and our district activity. For district meeting, we learned about how to have a good study. I learned a lot and I even said something awesome. I said that we need to study so that we can prepare spiritually for the day so that we can have the spirit with us and be able to share that spirit with others.

For our District Activity, we played Volley Ball, Frisbee, and other outdoor games. It was a lot of fun! (And I did that all in a skirt…thankfully it was long!)

This week a Sister came to Lake Placid on exchange

It was a ton of fun! I really like her. We talked about books a lot, and she likes to quote movies! She is going home at the end of next transfer with my prior companion. She told me a few books that I need to read when I get home and they sound really cool.

During the exchange I learned how to take control of lessons so that the spirit is always present in a lesson and so we can get out of a lesson in a timely manner.

We also got our A/C to work in our bedroom!

So now we won’t die of heat in the middle of the night. Except last night we had to put more blankets on because is was cold. New York has some really weird bipolar weather.

On Thursday…

We had a really good Bible Study. The spirit was present and I felt edified. Here are a few quotes I wrote down from the other missionaries:

“As we work in the gospel, we will have joy.”

“As long as we are living what we know to be true, that’s what we need to do.”

“If God can forget it, surely we can to.”

“It’s not about the past, it’s about the present and what we can do and become.”

On Sunday…

Two of our investigators came to church! It was really exciting! We also had a lot of visitors on Sunday. It almost felt like I was in a ward. I couldn’t believe how many people were there.

Today, we tried washing the car at home

Well, I was trying to fill up the trash can with water using a dustpan. It didn’t work very well, and  my companion was out washing the car.

Time Flies!

I got a letter from Mattie (Or I should say Sister Mortensen this week!). I’m excited to write to another missionary! I can’t believe all my friends are now old enough to go on missions!
My prior companion is going home next transfer and that is really weird! AND President and Sister Wirthlin are going home! I can’t believe I have been out for almost six months now! On Saturday, we get to meet the new Mission President, President Rogers and his wife. It’s also the Fourth of July parade.

I’ve been studying all the war chapters in Alma

It’s getting pretty intense! I love reading the book of Mormon. Not only is it a book of scripture, it is also a very intriguing book full of amazing stories. Sometimes the language is a barrier but there are also some funny parts too, if you look closely. I love it!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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