My Trip Down the Stairs

Funny Story of the Week:

Earlier this week I fell down the stairs. Seconds later, my companion comes bounding down the stairs to see if I’m okay. I guess she figured I was when she saw me laughing. It was really funny, but my bum hurt for a few days. Oh well… It’s better now!

Another Funny Story of the Week:

One day we were calling an investigator who lived in a care center. When the operator answered the phone we asked if we could speak with Judy. The phone rang longer than normal, and another nurse answered the phone. She asked who was calling we said The Sister Missionaries. Without even letting us finish she said, “OK I’ll put Fred on.” Sister Peterson and I look at each other and said, “Who’s Fred?” So Fred came on the phone and we ask him how he’s doing, he says great but they make him exercise and he didn’t like that. And then my companion says, “Well that will help you get better.” After continuing the conversation for a while, Fred asked, “Now, who is this again?” We once again, introduced ourselves. Fred obviously thought we were Nuns. He thanks us for calling and hung up.

My Compadre:

My companion is the strangest companion I have ever had! She makes weird noises and facial expressions. If she saw me writing this she would probably deny all of that but deep down inside she knows that she is weird, and I love her! BEST TRAINER EVER! On the plus side, she makes yummy smoothies and she, too, has a fetish for ICE CREAM. So we buy a lot of ice cream!

We are suppose to have district meeting last Tuesday, but there’s always a storm coming… so hopefully we will have it on Tuesday… However, we attempted to have District Meeting over Facebook, but the was a fail because everyone was talking at the same time, and one of the Elders (Who is waiting for their visa to Brazil) was using a Senior missionaries Facebook account, because his wasn’t set up yet, and it was really weird because it was weird, we always forgot that it was Elder Evans instead of Sister Gerber. So we were all like, “Would Sister Gerber say that?” but it was fun.


I’m so excited! There’s going to be an Ice Palace (I’m gonna feel like Elsa!) and a snowball fight. It’ll be epic! Then we’re going to a potluck dinner at the church. We are making Oreo balls to bring! (Since everyone else decided they would bring chips).


I got a super cute Valentine’s Day package from Grandma. It was just a bag of Godiva Chocolates 😉 to share with my companion. It had a note on it that said: “A ‘special sweet’ Valentine for ‘our missionary.'” I ate all of them! (JK! I didn’t… there are a lot left over)

Other Stuff

I have to thank my Best Dad Ever so much for teaching me how to blow up tires! We had to fill our tires the other day and I am glad I knew how so we didn’t have to pay money to have someone else do it! 🙂

Tonight we have dinner at the Episcopal Church. They serve dinner to the missionaries and foreign workers in the area every Monday night. Then we are going to the singles game night. Before I came here they started a singles game night so that we could get more people interested in the church. I am very glad we have it!

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