NY Rain, Transfers and Giant Cake

So this week was really fun!

On Tuesday…

We were hit by a huge rain storm! It lasted only 15 minutes! That morning, the sky was clear and sunny, but after lunch it started to rain. It was just sprinkling a little bit, so we thought it would be ok to walk in, and sometimes it’s fun to walk in the rain! (We had our umbrellas of course!) Well we walked down the road (Maybe 50 ft from our apartment) and it started pouring! So we ran under a big tree for protection, to wait for it to settle down. But it didn’t! At this point the road was practically a river, so we decided to run back to our apartment. Well my companion ran through a giant puddle, and her shoes were all wet. Five minutes after we got into our apartment, the rain stopped. So we went out again. And the sky was clear and sunny. 🙂

On Wednesday…

While we were at one of the community lunches we help out with, one of the other volunteers offered us a cake (it was donated to them by the store). It was a giant cake! Almost as big as a Costco cake. Well, I was trying to be polite and not take it, because someone else might need it. But my companion heard the conversation and she ran over and told the lady that we would take the cake. Well, it was good. It’s all gone now. We took it to District Meeting and bible Study AND gave some to the Elders and it’s still wasn’t gone! However there was just enough for us to enjoy and not get sick. I am grateful that we were able to use the cake somewhere. 🙂

On Thursday…

We had District Meeting! It was the last District Meeting that our District Leader would do because he is going home. BTW my companion and I are both staying in Lake Placid, however my exchange Sister is being transferred to Auburn with my old companion, isn’t that cool? Anyway, back to District Meeting… For district meeting, we learned about different people in the scriptures who we wanted to be like. I participated, and used the example of Nephi (he’s the best!) and how he persevered and was obedient. We also did a fun role play where the Senior couples were in different corners of the room and us as young missionaries had to OYM them (OYM means “open your mouth” from a scripture somewhere in the scriptures… so it basically means to talk with everyone you see…We do this a lot in Lake Placid…). So we did that, and it was a lot of fun! Then we ate cake and signed everyone’s books (BTW I have a book too!).


During my personal studies I have been reading about Alma and Amulek and the sons of Mosiah. I have really loved reading about them and about how they have done missionary work. I love how they persevere and are diligent in their work. It makes me excited about missionary work!

On Sunday…

We spontaneously taught Liz in Young Women’s. We taught about how to strengthen your testimony and how we need to do the simple things in life, like reading your scriptures or praying going to church. Because if we stop doing those things we start to loose faith and our testimony will die, and we will fall away! So be sure to do those things! 🙂

That’s all for this week!

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