Pizza and a Tracting Miracle

On Monday night…

We had dinner at Pizza Hut with a member family. Did you know that Pizza Hut has sit down restaurants? Well I didn’t. One of them recently returned home from his mission in Brazil. I thought that was kind of cool. We also went to the Greenwood’s home to play a game of Skipo with a Sister Greenwood’s mom (She was 93). That was a lot of fun she was a sweet lady.

We had Our Zone Training Meeting on Wednesday.

It was about working with members. We learned about how our investigators can have more connection to the church if they become friends with and are strengthen by the members. Not only will it help our investigators we can also help the members feel the spirit in their homes when we go over to teach them. The Liverpool building (Where we have ZTM) was the same floor plan as the West Jordan building. It brought back a lot of memories. It was kind of cool! We also had a Zone lunch. We just picked up pizza (I guess that’s all they have in New York…pizza) and had our interviews with President Rogers. I felt like I was in a doctors office and I was a patient to President Rogers… but that’s OK, he is a doctor by profession. President and Sister Rogers are great!

That evening, we put our skills that we learned at ZTM. We had dinner with an older couple. They are really great, we asked them some questions to get to know them, I could really feel the spirit in their home! Their testimonies are so strong and we could tell that they love their family! I am excited to get to know the members in this ward!


We had a really really cool experience tracting the other day! But first let me get you in the mood of that day. We got up. It was hot! we exercised, got ready, and studied. We got a text from the Elders telling us that we should go check out the Holiday in Homer fair (We actually live in Homer). So we thought it would be a good idea to go so that we could interact with the community. As soon as we walked out side, we could literally eat the air it was so humid, and it was the hottest day yet! So we walked around, checked out the booths. There was one that sold hand made doll cloths. I thought that was cool. There was lots of jewelry. It was fun, however we didn’t get a chance to talk to very many people.

So we went home for lunch and my companion prepared for her talk the next day. It was hot! Our plan was to go tracting, with a little bit of dread and excitement we braved the humidity and went tracting. We were drenched in sweat and humidity bugs were attacking us, but we kept going. We started tracting one street, but not a lot of people were home, and if they were they rejected us. A lot of people looked like they were leaving. Finally I told my companion that we needed to go tract another street. So we did. We went to the next street over. We still had the same results. No one was home. We got to house number eight. We knocked, no answer. We knocked again. No answer.

So we walked down the long path back to the side walk, and proceeded to walk up a long ramp up to the next house. Just as I was about to lay my knuckles on the door. We hear someone say hello from house number eight. We start talking and then we walk down the long ramp up her long path, surly enough time for her to slam the door shut and run away, but she didn’t. We started telling her about our message, then we ask if we can share our message with her. She said yes, I would love to hear a message about Jesus! She graciously invited us into her house. We talk her the first lesson, at the end we each said a silent prayer, she prayed for a long time, we could feel the spirit so strongly. At the end, we invited her to come to church the next day and we set up another appointment. Unfortunately she didn’t make it to church, but we are going to see her on Tuesday. I am so excited! Great things come when you work hard! 🙂 I know that Heavenly Father as a specific plan for each of us, he loves us and he knows what we need and when we need it. I know that it wasn’t a coincidence that we changed the street we were tracting. Heavenly Father has his hand in everything. I am grateful for that!


My companion has been out for 8 months yesterday and I have been out for 6 months today, so on Saturday we went to Hoopla. It’s a frozen yogurt place, the first one I’ve been to since I’ve been in New York. It was super yummy!

On Sunday…

I was asked to give a testimony and introduce myself in place of my companion’s talk (she will give it next week) It’s not as hard as it use to be!

On Sunday night we had dinner with the Tranquill’s and some of their extended family. They are very involved in the Hill Cumorah Pageant (In New York it’s just “Pageant” like “I’m going to Pageant tonight”) One day I want to come back and see it!


I have a new friend, her name is Alice and she is a zebra. A sister in the ward makes and knitted stuffed animal for each Sister that comes into the Cortland ward. I was able to pick, the animal that I wanted and the colors that I wanted it to be. Each animal that she knits comes with a name. Mine is pink and Black, and very cute!

Well today was kind of a sad day for the Ward. Sister Greenwood’s mom, the one that I talked about earlier, passed away this week so we went to her funeral service today. She seemed like a sweet lady even though I only met her once.

Well that’s all that happened this week!

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