President’s Farewell, Moving and More Rain

A LOT happened this week!

And that is why you didn’t get an email from me yesterday!

Let me tell you about black flies.

Black flies are about as big as a grain of rice they are small and easy to squish (when they aren’t flying). And they bite. They bite hard. So hard that they make you bleed. AND they draw blood from you. They are worst than mosquitoes! The North Country (that’s what they call northern upstate NY) even have their own bug repellent because the normal stuff doesn’t stop the black flies from biting you. Thank goodness it has been raining here non-stop all week! The black flies were temporarily gone…

Potsdam and the President’s Farewell

So on Saturday, we went to Potsdam (about an hour and a half away) for a farewell for President and Sister Wirthlin (they are going home in July). On the way there, we literally drove into a rain storm, we could literally see the rain coming down before we hit it! It was super crazy! Well, we still made it to Potsdam safely. The farewell fireside was great. There were several heartfelt talks from the members of the Potsdam district, many of which had a close personal relationship with President and Sister Wirthlin. They will be greatly missed, not only by the missionaries but also the members in #NYUM mission!

On the way back from Potsdam, we were driving home, and we hit another crazy rain storm. It was coming down hard. I am grateful that we made it home safely.

This week our vacuum failed us…

Again… We’ve tried fixing it several times. But it still won’t work so we called the mission office to get a new vacuum and Elder Larson, who is over all of the housing stuff, called us back and said, “I hear that you have a love affair with your vacuum.” We said yes and he told us, “Get used to it, because it will be like that with every boy you date!” HAHA! I thought that was funny…

The Lake Placid Branch is really small and everyone is pretty close, not like in Utah, where you mention someone and I don’t know who you are talking about half the time. So on Sunday, we had a pretty crazy sacrament meeting. A Sister with small children was giving a talk (she’s the branch president’s wife). Her 2 year old was giving her a hard time, so her husband sat him in his lap. Well the 2 year old was pretty grumpy so someone from the congregation threw a blanket across the chapel so the baby would calm down. Yup, that’s what happens in a branch!

We helped one of our investigator move.

She is moving to Saratoga Springs, and she needed help loading up a moving truck, it took us four hours plus three hours today to help her load everything up. I know that she is very grateful for our help (and the Miskins and the Elders). So that is why we are not emailing until today!


Well that’s about all for the week!

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