It was a pretty slow week this week!

However, I did hold a tarantula this week! There is a less active member in the ward who has a lot of creepy critters and she let us hold a tarantula and take pictures! I was really scared but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

According to Sister Hess

Wednesday was a really weird day. We didn’t have any plans. Too me, it was like being in Placid again! No set appointments ever (ok sometimes…)! But to Sister Hess it was weird because that has never happened before. We sent out a text to the members and less active members asking if there was anything we could do for them that day. A lot of them said no thanks because it was the first day of school. A Sister from the ward actually invited us to dinner…So we asked for help and instead we got dinner! For the rest of the day we tried to see potential investigators, OYM, and see some less active members. BTW it was the hottest day of the year! We finally found someone that was home, she is a less active and she has 3 sons that are younger! It was really fun! Well we were running out of things to do so we decided to got to the Drakes and teach them a lesson. After that it was time for dinner, We went to a a hibachi place with a member! She is one of those that demands us to get dessert! Well that was our day!

On Friday

(Yes, a little bit weird this week) we had district meeting! We had a guest speaker come. He had a great story! Our district leader knew him from another area so after district meeting we had lunch together (Since the Elders were our ride home) It was super fun! Well district meeting was about our purpose again. That seems to be the theme this transfer. As always it was pretty great!

Other Stuff

We were able to see Danielle a few times this week! She is still doing great and she can’t stop talking about how she can feel the spirit so much more in her life now than she did before! She is still smiling big and I am excited for her to continue to progress!

Last night we had dinner and the Drakes as usual! They are really great! Sister Drake makes really good food! And she is like my “mom” in this area!

So on Wednesday it was the hottest day of the year, but yesterday I considered getting my coat out! The trees are changing colors and it smells like fall, and pumpkin flavored everything is coming! I am so excited!

We have a Zone Conference tomorrow! I am really excited for it! I will also get to see Sister Gass tomorrow! I am so excited!

Well this is about it for this week!

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