Spring is Here!

Hello Everyone!

It was such a good week! The weather has been nice these past couple of days, it was so warm on Saturday and Sunday I didn’t even have to wear a cardigan!

We had the most epic miracle on Monday night! It was just a normal night except we forgot to bring a GPS. Sister Hallsted knows her way around pretty well so we weren’t too worried about getting lost, but then we did. Eventually we made it to the main road! And we drove passed a place we had tracted before! So we stopped and talked with a family we had already talked with before, they told us that we could come back another time. Then we went to the next door, a women answered, we taught her and they said we could come back. Then we went to the next door, it was a family, we taught them and they said we could come back! By then it was time for us to go home! When we put our trust in the Lord and have faith, miracles will happen! And these miracles help us to strengthen our testimony in Jesus Christ!

Nothing to out of the ordinary happened on Tuesday, except we got chase by a dog…at least it was friendly! 🙂

We had District Meeting on Wednesday! We learned more about the 42 points (In Chapter 3 of PMG there are 42 different points that we teach ex. 1. God is our loving Heavenly Father 2. The gospel blesses families 3. dispensations and prophets etc.). So for District Meeting we played a little game that helps us to memorize all of them! We had to recite one of them and the pass a ball (or in this case a crumpled piece of paper) to another person and they said the next one, and it went on and on! Once I mixed up the words and I said, we can be cleansed through sin, instead of we can be cleansed from sin through Jesus Christ…this is why we practice them! Also for all my missionary friends, there are 42 days in a transfer so you can study one a day! (Sister Hallsted taught me that 🙂

On Saturday, we saw a couple members of the church in a nursing home. One is recovering from a broken knee and she goes to our Branch. She kept telling us about how she was converted to the gospel! You can tell that she is so grateful for the Missionaries who found her and for the gospel! It’s super sweet! The other is recovoring from a hip replacement, she goes to the Greene Branch (Right next to Binghamton)! We sang to both of them! they are both super sweet and we love them!

We had a wonderful day on Sunday! Once again the Fast and Testimony meeting was awesome! (Oh yeah, it was fast Sunday because of General Conference and Stake Conference) I love hearing the testimonies of other people, they are all from the heart and I felt the spirit from all of them!

As we were walking around town on Sunday afternoon, we saw one of our investigators, she was just out for a walk saying hi to all of her friends around town, and she saw us and was overjoyed! we walked with her to her friend’s house and talked with them for a while! After that we walked with our investigator back to her house and she told us to come back to teach her on Wednesday! We didn’t even have to ask if we could stop by another time! It was so cool!

That night we had a lesson with one of our investigators, he has been going through some health issues and hasn’t been about to come to church, he agreed to have a priesthood blessing. Priesthood blessings are so amazing! I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves us so much, that He gave us multiple ways to have communication with Him!

I am so grateful for Spring!!! I love it so much!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Loves yas!

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