Transfer Week is Crazy!

It was a long great week!!

On Monday…

We had dinner with Sister DiNardo. One more time we for I or I should say WE left…more on that later… We also had Lunch with the Talley’s on Tuesday, they gave Sister Hale and I stockings for Christmas! It was very sweet of them! 🙂 I really do miss the Binghamton Ward; however, the Oneonta Branch seems pretty nice although I’m pretty sure I scared them my first Sunday there (More on the later too).

On Tuesday Night…

Sister Johnson and Sister Abbott (My MTC Buddies!!!) came to stay the night for transfers. They helped me pack, I don’t know where I got so much stuff! It was fun to have a “sleepover” with them! The next morning, we all got to transfers somehow. Really long story. but we got there! We also found out that Sister Hale was going to Owego. It almost turned into a walk area because there were going to be two sisters there who didn’t have driver’s licenses. So now Sister Hale is there!

Cooperstown is a very cute place! It reminds me a lot of Lake Placid, but that’s mostly because it’s a touristy place 🙂 The main street is cute, our apartment is pretty old but it’s well kept so that’s a plus! and the beds are really comfy!

We had our Christmas Mission Conference!

It was really fun! We each got a recommend holder with New York Utica Mission on the front and a quote from President Rogers. During lunch there was a talent show, and there were good talks about Christmas and I really enjoyed it! I also met a lot of new people and saw some old friends! It was great!

On Saturday…

We did service at a church in Oneonta. We served food at a soup kitchen! It was a lot of fun because there were a few members of the branch there that I got to meet! I met two of our investigators later that day, we did service for them and then we had a lesson. they are a cute old couple! I really love it here already! It’s a great place to be 🙂

We also a dusting of snow on Saturday! It’s gone by now though… 🙁

On Sunday…

We went to church! It’s about a half an hour from Cooperstown in Oneonta the branch is really nice! there was a lovely Christmas program in Sacrament Meeting with the choir. It was nice! We also taught Young Women! I’m pretty sure I scared them because I was a little sick (ok a lot sick) with a cold and I had been blowing my nose so much that it started bleeding! they probably think I’m the weirdest Sister Missionary ever!

Well I thought there was more news than that…but I guess that’s it! I love you all and have a very Merry Christmas!! (and I hope you get snow!)

Loves yas!