Happy Mother’s Day

This week I did a lot of things on my bucket list…

Although I didn’t know that most of them were on my list until they happened!

  1. On Monday night Sister Hallsted drove to Utica to drop her off at the mission home. And then I went with Sister Pange for Tuesday and Wednesday morning. While I was in Utica I we met someone named Flavia! I’ve never met someone with that name and it’s the main character’s name in one of my favorite books!
  2. On Wednesday, I met Sister Holden and we headed to Corning. On the way there we passed through a place called Chittenago. I guess L F Baum (The author of the Wizard of Oz) was born there. So they themed the town after the Wizard of Oz! they even have a yellow brick road and everything. It’s not to exciting. It’s just part of the side walk, but it was still really cool!
  3. I met Sister Saunders! I’ve been writing her for a few transfers (She was one of Sister Hallsted’s companions) I told her I was going to Corning and she asked me if I was going to be in a trio. I told that no one told me that I was going to be in a trio, but if I am that will be a surprise! Eventually I found out that in fact I am going to be in a trio!
  4. I have a Brazilian Companion! Her name is Sister Nivaldo! She is serving in Temple Square but she came to NYUM for 3 months and then she will go back. Sister Holden, my other companion is super awesome and I love both of them so so much!
  5. We have a red car…I was bored of all the other cars that I have had on my mission and now it’s bright red! We’ll never lose it now!

It was so nice to call my family! I can’t believe that the next time I see them it won’t be on Skype! It will be in person! I am so grateful that I was about to talk with them yesterday!

It’s a very nice area here and everyone seems so nice. It seems very family friendly and we are teaching a few families in the area! I am so excited to get to know all of them more!

I guess there is a story behind the name Painted Post. There used to be an Indian tribe that lived in this area and they were mad when the “White men” came and so they killed them and painted their blood on posts…

Well, I hope you all have a great week!

Loves yas!