Trios are Cool

It was a pretty good week!

We had district meeting on Tuesday in Elmira, It’s a pretty big district! I feel like I’m in a zone or something! It’s fun because there are two sets of sisters in this district!  It was a good meeting, we learned more about how we can help people fully repent.

On Wednesday we had lunch with a member and his friend who is from Brazil! Sister Nivaldo was able to talk with him in Portuguese about the restoration and such! He was very nice and he even gave us some Brazilian treats!

One of the members here has a photo studio in their basement and so when we went over to have dinner with them, he took our pictures! It was fun but I wasn’t looking my best especially since it was windy outside and our hair looked bad from walking around all day

We helped out at a Food Pantry in town, it was fun! We were able to meet lots of people and help them get their food. I guess that was all there was too it, we get to go back there again this Thursday as well!

On Saturday, we went over to a less active’s mother-in-law’s house, because she has a terminal disease, so we prayed with her. She is a super sweet nice lady and she wants us to come and do service for her house. We are excited to go back!

We had a really cool experience on Sunday night, we started tracting and everyone was either answered their doors or they were outside. Last person we talked too was interested in what we had to say. He said that he had studied different religions over the years, and he believes in God and aliens…anyway, he said we could come back next week!

That’s about all this week! I hope you have a good week!