The Book of Mormon is important

Last Sunday In primary while my mom was teaching the lesson, an adorable little boy was hitting his head with his Book of Mormon (I guess since he couldn’t read he wanted to pound the scriptures into his head). I turned towards him and asked, “Is that how you should treat it?” pointing to the Book of Mormon. He nodded his head, I replied “No,” and shook my head. He had a blank stare on his face, obviously he didn’t understand me. A few seconds later I saw him throwing his Book of Mormon on the ground. This time when I asked him if that’s how we treated our scriptures he shook his head, We made progress! However it didn’t last long. After that the book when through several head bangs, floor hits, it was stepped on, bent in every which way, and rubbed between the knees. Through all of this I, very patiently, asked the four year old if that is how we should treat our scriptures. Finally it disappeared, I guess he lost interest in throwing it around so he thought sitting on it was a better choice. Later, when we were sitting in a circle on the floor (I know it sounds weird, but we were having singing time…on the floor) I noticed that his Book of Mormon was neglected on a chair. I started to think about how we can treat our own Book of Mormon with respect. Now I know that most of you reading this blog wouldn’t bang your heads with a Book of Mormon, or sit on it, however, we can show our respect for it by studying it often rather than leaving it on a shelf to gather dust.

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