The Town of Doors and Doorknobs


It has been a good long week!

Sister Frisby made it home safely and I love and miss her! And so does Cooperstown! It was raining all day the day she went home! 🙂

Sister Hallsted is amazing she is so “cute” (A term she uses all the time 🙂 And she is a great missionary! I love her so much and we are going to have a great time together!

Our first adventure was on Wednesday, we went to Oneonta to see a member, and we could not find her house! We were finally able to but all we had time for was to say hi. Then we had dinner with a cute young couple who have little baby girl. she is so cute!

On Friday, we found a cute little outside library, it was a little wooden box full of book you could add to or take from, so of course we had to stop and put a Book of Mormon inside 🙂 So that’s what the picture is from, that I put on Facebook!

Saturday, was one of the best days of my mission life! So many people opened their doors!

So remember how I told you that Sister Frisby and I both had a thought to see a family we had met a week before? Well, we were finally able to get in on Saturday! Sister Hallsted and I both could picture her in the temple! She is an amazing women and she has an amazing story! We are so excited to continue seeing her!

Sometime we run into rejection, but that doesn’t bring us down! We were so excited to meet the family across the street that we didn’t even want to go in for lunch! But our stomachs thought otherwise.

On the way home from lunch, we talked with a lady on the street, she said she had met with missionaries before and she would love for us to come back! So many miracles happened all one day! I couldn’t stop smiling!

Sunday was pretty great we had dinner with the Jones’ again, this time it was the younger and the older Jones’ 🙂 it was very fun!

On Sunday night we committed someone to be baptized, it was a very awesome lesson! We read from the Book of Mormon, that book is amazing! I love it so much! The spirit is so strong when we read it!

so basically I had the best week of my life so far, I’m sure there will be better, but thus far it is the best!

thanks for all your support, I love you all!

Loves yas! 🙂


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