Top 6, Barkeater and Some Other Stuff

Top 6 Things that happened this week:

1.We got chased by a dog…TWICE!

Sooooo… One day my companion and I were trying to find investigators and we went passed a street sign that said “Barkeater.” Well she thought that was really funny, so we parked the car and went to go take a picture of this sign. Well, this big black dog starts barking and charging at us! We freaked out because we didn’t know what to do! At least we were smart enough not to start running. 🙂 Well as soon as the dog came to us, it was calm. So we pet it a bit to show that we were friendly. And then the owner called it back and it left.

The second time was not as exciting. We were tracting in a very rural part of town. We were walking up the hill and all of a sudden we heard barking. So my companion grabbed a stick off of the ground just in case AND she gets her camera out so she can document us being chased by a big black dog. So it starts running, but we stayed still hoping it would go back home. Well it didn’t but it did stop running! So we start slowly going down the hill and the dog spotted us and started running towards us! And then all of a sudden, when it was about 3 feet in front of us, it stopped.

I am very grateful that we didn’t get eaten by a dog! I know that is both those incidences, Heavenly Father was watching out for us so that we would be kept safe. Even though it was scary that dogs were chasing us, I know that I will be kept safe.

2. We had ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) about praying sincerely

I LOVED ZTM! I learned a lot, AND I bore my testimony at the end of the meeting (we always have a testimony meeting after big meetings). I am glad we learned about praying as it has helped me to realized how important prayer really is. That is how we can make big decisions and how we can receive revelation, and it is how we communicate with God.

I also met a sister there who had a nice camera! I was able to become friends with her because we have a similar interest. She came out here the transfer after me. So we will be in the mission together for a while! Maybe I will be companions with her 😉

3. We saw one of the best CES Devotionals EVER!

Did you see the Devotional last night? I don’t know if you watch them…if you haven’t, go watch it whenever it comes out on It was really good! It was by Elder Broadbant. It was about having a “Perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ” And who our faith is better than you think. I really liked to visuals he used. When it comes out, I want it.

4. I can’t believe I graduated almost a year ago!

As we were watching the CES Devo, the person conducting was welcoming everyone and the seminary students who will be graduating soon. And I thought about it for a minute, and I realized that a year ago I was watching a CES Devo for the seminary senior testimony night! I couldn’t believe that I had graduated high school almost a year ago.


While we were at our usually service project at the community lunch in Lake Placid, we literally watched the lake melt. By the end of lunch… the ice was gone! Summer is finally here! It’s in the 70’s today. No coat, no boots, no tights, and no hat, not even a cardigan!

6. We watched Meet the Mormons:

As a way to try and find people, a member of our branch had the idea to show Meet the Mormons. I really like this movie! it’s the best movie ever. I’m glad we got to watch it twice. Some of our investigators came and they really liked it. I really like the Missionary Mom part, because I am on a mission and I can relate to it a lot. Also Salt Lake City looks super tiny because the mountains are actually real mountains. New York is so low that most cities in Utah are higher that the tallest mountain in New York. I also love the Candy Bomber just because I really like that story… even before the movie came out.

Other things I keep forgetting to tell you:

The dirt road in front of our house is literally like being on the Indiana Jones ride! It was worse at the beginning of spring when Sister Peterson was with me. Sometimes we would start humming the theme song!

There is sand everywhere. It’s like Lake Placid is a beach! I guess the sand makes the snow melt faster.

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