Tracting in a NOT Winter But Still Wonderful Land

It has been such a good week!

Get ready for a long email!

On Tuesday…

We had lunch with the Bruneou’s. After lunch we followed Brother Bruneou to one of our investigators houses to have a lesson. Since Christmas was coming up, we read the signs and the birth of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon. We shared it with several other people this week also. Every time I read it, I still felt the joy of Christ’s birth, the story hasn’t and will never get too old! If you haven’t read it already, I encourage you to read it (Helaman 14 and 3 Nephi 1). It’s a great story!

A couple times a week…

… We help two of our investigators with whatever they need and then we have a lesson. this week, we helped feed their sheep! It was kind of fun because I’ve never done that before. the next time we went over we helped clean out their garage a bit. Then we had our lesson and she fed us some squash soup, it was very good!

We had District Meeting on Wednesday…

We talked about the Book of Mormon and then we role played answering questions about the Book of Mormon. Sister Frisby and I were teaching one of the Elders and he decided that he was going to be himself when he was being taught by the missionaries. It was a very cool experience because we used the same stories/scriptures from the Book of Mormon, that were used to answer his questions when the missionaries were teaching him! It was definitely guided by the spirit. The only way I can describe it is that my soul smiled

On Christmas Eve…

We went to the mall and wrapped presents as a service project! It was a lot of fun! Especially since I like wrapping presents! We met so many cool people and it really made it a memorable Christmas Eve!

We had dinner with the Zvirsdins…no Idea how to spell it 😉 they have us over every Thursday for dinner. They just get all the good Holidays! They gave Sister Frisby and I pretty necklaces for Christmas. And lots of Goodies!

That night…

We went out tracting. We decided to tape some of the #ASaviorIsBorn cards to some movies we had (Like Joy to the World, or other ones about Christ) as Christmas Presents. We were a little weary that no one would let us in, however, we were able to give one away to a lady who was very nice! She wished us a Merry Christmas and we went on our way. Yes, we may have run into people who didn’t appreciate us going around on Christmas Eve, however, I am grateful that we were able to see at least one person who was friendly, and who knows, maybe we made an impression on her!

Christmas was really fun! We went to the Bruneou’s for Christmas breakfast! We had french toast, bacon and sausage! Then we opened our presents. The Branch gave us a huge box of gifts! Most of them were really practical things like tooth paste, tooth brushes, hand sanitizer, food (Like oatmeal, cereal, can good, etc… and a giant box of Chocolates!) And I got lots of nice things from family! It was a really nice Christmas Morning!


We Skyped and called our families! It was very nice to hear everyone’s voice and to see their faces! It made me very happy! It made my Christmas special!

We went back to the Bruneou’s for Christmas dinner! We had ham, and lots of good food! To finish the night, we went out to work! We met a lady who used to do family history work at the Church, she seemed like a nice lady and we are excited to go back and talk with her again!

that’s about all of the exciting things that happened here in Cooperstown, NY! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and that you will have a good New Year!

Loves yas!

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